1. On my cell phone I can "add" the word "vivitrol" to the search bar at the top and it finds all vivitrol posts in this

  2. Huh TIL you can do that. I had no idea you could search subreddits! Thank you!

  3. The trauma angle might be one to pursue too. It seems pre-existing psychiatric conditions (like PTSD) can cause compliance problems with TSM. Ketamine seems to help in some cases and there just happens to be a sub for that:

  4. I’ve done therapeutic ketamine for my PTSD and it helped a ton. Just not enough I guess. Thank you!

  5. How long have you been off of it? It can take months before your brain adjusts to not being on it anymore.

  6. No I’ve never heard that? Where did you find out about that?

  7. I heard it first through an MD I follow on Twitter - here’s a good paper on it which provides good references

  8. Interesting, I never heard of this. But antidepressants never worked for me. I was talking to a friend of mine a few months ago questioning if I was given antidepressants & anti anxiety medications since I was 14, could that have any issues with a developing brain? How if someone if given a medication (although often very much necessary-I have a son with a disability-a brain injury), when they are so young, does it affect how our brains develop into adulthood? I don’t know, but I asked her what age she started taking medication, & it was into her late 20,s, early 30’s. But she has A LOT, of trauma in her past. I hear her, & so many people I know, just say the antidepressants don’t work (didn’t for me), & coming off them (brain zaps & all), is awful. Makes me wonder. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh haha I just realize you’ve posted there before! Excellent. That sub has great resources.

  10. It started working for me only in 1 week for my paranoia but more like 4 weeks for my depression. Good luck! I hope it works out for her ☺️

  11. Sometimes I get mad when people bring me juice because I feel like they’re trying to make me go high

  12. Interpersonal effectiveness, starting page 133, may be beneficial too.

  13. I can’t get this link to work even with some finagling - could you repost?

  14. I think the peeing could be elevated blood glucose. I’m a type 1 diabetic (the autoimmune kind) and I pee a lot when my blood glucose is high even if my water intake is the same. Latuda doesn’t frequently cause hyperglycemia but it certainly happens. You can ask your doctor to check your glucose, they should have the proper equipment, and it’s good to get this done ASAP. I experienced restlessness and fatigue at first too but it went away after a few days ☺️ hope this helps.

  15. Gotcha! Have an appointment in two days and I’ll definitely bring it up :)

  16. As I go through the challenge of enrolling in the islet infusion clinical trial this is exactly the risk Im assessing. A working pancreas that’s my own, but permanent (probably) immune suppressants. Not an easy choice.

  17. Oh hey, I’m enrolling too! Yes the choice is definitely difficult. The nurse I spoke to said I’m a good candidate so now I’m weighing if immunosuppressants are worth it if I’m accepted to move forward 🥲 let’s hope we get our calls this coming week about our eligibility. Good luck to you man and remember you can still make a choice even after talking to the research doctors, if what they say about the suppression meds is too risky for you.

  18. Yeah, that’s been my attitude. I’m interested enough to move forward and if I need to make a choice at some point, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

  19. “I’ll cross that bridge when I get there” is my attitude right now too. But it’s comforting we’d likely be on the lowest dose of immunosuppressants possible (the facility I’ll travel to uses tacrolimus). There’s another trial happening soon tho with encapsulated beta cells that are allegedly immune to our immune system destroying them. A few type 1s have received the islet transplant with immunosuppressants and report no side effects but I guess it’s also what the rejection meds do to your body secretly with no indication of something going on. I dunno, maybe we just need more cinnamon and anti-diabetes charged crystals.

  20. For sure for heart failure. I have over 30lbs of fluid in my body when I was in the hospital. My hand was so swollen and my lungs where so packed I started to cough up blood. 0/10 would not recommend.

  21. Wow, I’m sorry. That’s terrifying. I hope you’re well now!

  22. Doing much better thanks. I was at an ejection fraction of 12% when I was diagnosed. I'm around 50% now. A normal ejection fraction is around 55%.

  23. LOL that’s exactly why my stepdad named him Khan! I’ve actually been spelling his name wrong (Kahn) the entire time but have been too embarrassed to correct myself 😭

  24. Well, what did he have to say for himself?

  25. He was very happy about all the attention and food, but quickly became annoyed about all the attention

  26. I upvoted your post on the title alone. One thing I will never forget is being part of a study, and I was sitting next to a T2, and she said to me, "Well, T2 is worse anyway. If you wanted to eat that cookie, all you'd have to do is take insulin.

  27. The correct answer to this is "At least you got to live a major part of your life without it" or, in case of overweight "If you wanted to not be sick you could just lose weight", accompanied with a friendly smile.

  28. Y’all making me laugh so hard. Also, kinda similar to what you already said but “at least you have the comfort of weight loss making your condition less demanding”

  29. Everything about “all you need to do is take insulin! It’s so easy!” Is straight up ignorant, and it shows how little people know about this condition. I say their opinions do not matter to me unless they know what it’s like to be your own pancreas 24/7 for the rest of your life. Take a big dose of fuck off! Lmaooo I love that

  30. you know how crushed stink bug smells? to me it’s like that smell becomes a taste

  31. the “pet me” pyr pressure stare! i got pyr paw right after i took this

  32. Mine just Pyr pawed me to death because I was eating a cookie on the couch and HOW DARE I not include her?!

  33. haha. they’re so sweet! mine thinks i’m a monster because i won’t let him drink out of the same glass as me

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