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  1. YES! Forgot about that, my nails are the longest they’ve ever been haha

  2. I've had this issue several times over the past year, with the latest occurrence being 20 minutes ago. It usually fixes itself after a restart, but it's quite worrying that it happens at all, and in my case, I restarted my watch 2 days ago, so it's not like it's been on for a long time.

  3. Yes! I use it with sleep mode. So it sounds like the exact same issue.

  4. Had the Same Problem a few times, the only solution is to set alarm to a second phone also, so i make sure that i wont miss out to go to work lol

  5. Dude, these guys telling you $40-$45k are giving you false expectations man.

  6. I’d like to add to this though, it really depends on where you sell.

  7. I can't believe people in the comments are willing to pay 20k for a 9 year old truck.

  8. Idk man, Tacoma prices are crazy. I don’t see any other tricks holding value like these do.

  9. Sorry for the confusion, 200, 210,220,230,240, etc. Until 300 it switched to 25 increments.

  10. Ok. You have a new board. Sorry Im out of ideas. Try un/reinstalling again? Give CS a shout. They're responsive at least.

  11. Yea, I fried those things... they are chewy but I am still eating them because I don't like waste. ha.

  12. WE ARE IN A P R I L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. It’s been open since February bro you alright?

  14. based on absolutely nothing but my observations when I've walked my dog by there the past couple of days they look to be wrapping up - no more construction, just clean up crews. So, that's promising, but you'd think they'd make a big deal about announcing a reopening date if they had one, so...

  15. I’m wondering if they hesitate specifying a date. Because while I bet they know when they’ll be ready to open, they’ll be at the mercy of some city inspections and their scheduling. I’m just speculating so take that with a grain of salt.

  16. So your carpet can be filthy, but you won't be able to tell it's filthy?

  17. You agree a engine can last millions of miles, but you think 174k miles is "high miles" looks like the only one delusional is youself, a 20 year old vehicle with 100k or less is definitely considered low, reasonable milage is considered 12k (×) years of age which is way less, again it potentially could last forever regardless of miles, this vehicle could say 400k and wouldnt make any difference, because if the engine is maintained then it makes no difference from a 100k engine, its simple common engine knowledge

  18. So If a car was driven only 5k miles a year for 100 years would you consider 500,000 miles low too? Miles driven per year doesn’t determine whether it’s high or low miles overall. Not to mention the amount of upkeep that a vehicle like this needs begins to increase drastically. No dude, 180,000 is not low. I don’t think I’m alone here based on the upvoted of my post.

  19. You have no knowledge of engines, i tried to explain the basic fundamentals in the most 1st grade reading level as i can, if you can not understand it then maybe your brain is simply unable to comprehend this knowedge, a vehicle driven and maintained over 100 years that only has 500k miles would be considered miracley low miles, again you are basically a dim wit with engine knowledge, just stop because like i already tried to explain it in a way a 8 year old could understand, you have failed to understand, you're on the verge of looking mentally handicapped

  20. Keep it classy dude. Nice, constructive chat…

  21. Spotted her yesterday.. Definitely not the first time this car’s been spotted. Found it easily by googling “Champrius” along with some info about it.


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