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  • By - 1q8b

  1. Nyoj says:

    I mean, is not the first time something like this is found around, the weapons from the vikings faction expanded, specifically the Crypto ones (the ones with freezing powers) were "pretty similar" to those from somewhere else.

  2. Those were not traced, but directly inspired from ES2 - I believe it was an homage

  3. Video games, contributing to obscure trivia knowledge since forever

  4. Even better, the "Recipe Filter" addon/extension. No need to copy the URL to this site. It just detects recipes on a page and puts them in a window at the top instantly.

  5. Yep, been using it for years, this is what I wanted to recommend too

  6. Kieth Thompson, incredible artist. Go check out his website- it’s full of his monsters and he even writes their backstory.

  7. Loved Keith's work for at least 15 years now, what an icon. I keep forgetting he did the monster in The Ritual

  8. Exactly! I love it because it doesn't try to communicate exactly what it would look like to us, but rather how it probably felt like to the people there, which is something a lot of movies just don't do.

  9. People complained about The Great Gatsby for using rap music, but I liked it for this reason. It's portraying the feel

  10. well not really, the bible never denies the existence of other Gods, the hebrews were actually Henotheists

  11. there's the whole existence of Ba'al thing and the real Egyptian magic in the OT too

  12. Oh, I'm a Disney adult but I'm not a "Disney adult" so I'm very much in full agreement with you. It's a weird discussion to constantly find yourself in the middle of! The hardest part to remember is that there are adult Disney fans who don't fit the stereotype most people think of when they think of a "Disney adult". It's a silent group, because we're not out there making asses of ourselves, we're staying in our own damn lane, but when we mention being Disney fans we're lumped in with the rest of them when believe me, we hate them as much as you do, because they ruin the enjoyment of these things for us, too.

  13. This is pretty much every fandom and hobby really. Most people are chill and keep to themselves and their channels, and then there are the vocal minority of assholes who ruin the image for the rest

  14. Incredible how this would have been so cool in 2010 and is just cringe now

  15. May I ask what all the different symbols are?

  16. I think he is the only actor they had to use a penis prosthetic for not due to his lack of size but due to the fact it is said to be so big it does not look realistic on camera.

  17. well, that movie also features a scene where Willem Dafoe gets bricked in the dick and spurts blood, so you would need to use one for that

  18. I don't think this looks anything like Haring. You never did doodles like this as a kid?

  19. this is completely inspired by Kieth Haring and the fact that people are arguing about this just shows that they don't know about neither artist's work esp when Dr Doodle has already mentioned that KH has inspired his work.

  20. I have never heard of Mr Doodle until this post so thanks for the info 👍🏼

  21. If you've ever corrected someone that's said "Frankenstein" instead of "Frankenstein's Monster" you're a big ole dweeb and aren't fun at parties.

  22. I enjoy the memes and the discussion generated by this argument. But also, I think it's fair that the monster/Adam may have decided to adopt his ‘father's’ surname, thus actually becoming a Frankenstein.

  23. I’ll never understand the hype around A Quiet Place fr

  24. I've got a supernatural anti possession tat on my chest.

  25. The fuckin wild thing is that this is a pentacle and not a pentagram. So even if you did think pentagrams were satanic, you'd not bother with this one. Of course someone that dumb probably also thinks the same of wiccans, sadly

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