1. I would say that he’s at fault, because you gave him a lot of space on inside, and were alongside before the corner.

  2. You will need far more fusions to complete the cup. Take advantage of the current SD crates and get more Honda fusions

  3. Yeah, wtf was that “move” with the flashing lights anyway?

  4. In ACC your lights will flicker if you brake after receiving front end damage

  5. You definitely need more fusions for the BMW. Be patient, open crates, and don’t waste gold on changing cars for tempest.

  6. Yea that’s kinda a problem with it, only good for farming the live racing rewards

  7. What's the green one to the left?

  8. Sadly I put that in my first elite license but now I need to decide which one for my second

  9. An RWB 997? I didn't realise Nakai San had expanded past 930,964,and 993 Porsches.

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