1. My advice to you: stay where you are. Never move again! I'm 55 and I only have one true regret in life and that's giving up my 2bd/2bth rent-controlled apartment in Studio City. I will kick myself for the rest of my life over that mistake.

  2. I got a 2bed 2bath in Westwood for $2400 during the pandemic and will never leave :-) beautifully renovated to boot

  3. You’re sure it’s a replica? This was spotted in one of the richest zip codes in the country

  4. On top of all the other comments, this is a Carrera 4, not a 4S, so the CarGurus “good value” is inaccurate. Also, the seats have been reupholstered and they look quite poorly done.

  5. I’ve had USAA for 10 years. This year my partner got a ticket, 15mph over. Our six month premium went down $60. I also had an at-fault accident (bumped a car while parking) and my rate didn’t change. And a no-fault collision also didn’t affect me several years ago. Not all insurance companies are created equally!

  6. It’s sarcasm. Or Logan just tweaking Shiv to sow some dysentery in the ranks.

  7. Let's Put it This way I Was Going To End it This Year...But Now I'm Absolutely not.that Doesn't Mean I'm not Angry or Sad But I think that say a lot.

  8. The way he was flanderized towards season 5 - you’d get over it him quickly

  9. Yeah this is not a good idea. Following one of the show’s most obnoxious character. Pass

  10. A new base civic was $9600 in 1988. BMW 325i was around $24-28k 1988 mustang gt was $8800 for a base coupe

  11. A bmw 3 series cost ten times as much as a civic in the late 80s?

  12. A bmw 3 series cost ten times as much as a civic in the late 80s?

  13. The hardtop was standard on cabriolets. The only way a hardtop code would be listed on the sticker is if they spec’d it “hardtop delete” which I believe was option code 750 no charge. Car looks great!

  14. It's like a Bill sundae and a little Greg cherry on the top

  15. I had a 981 gt4 and the gearing was really a problem around town. 2nd at 80+ and 3rd we’ll above 100 means you really can’t access the fun part of the rev range. Super fun car when rung out, but rarely had a safe opportunity to do so, which then led to frustration and boredom. I learned that for me slow car fast is better. Some like the reverse. There is no wrong answer. Just have to find what’s right for you.

  16. Those gear ratios are absolutely maddening. And all because Porsche was too cheap to develop a new gearbox. A tone deaf and anti-consumer move.

  17. Huh? Never heard that point before. Possibly, the great box had not been developed specifically for US road regulations?

  18. Many Saints of Newark was so bad because it featured actors doing bad impressions of the original characters.

  19. There were several returning characters. Gus. Mike. Huell. Tuco. The twins. Hector Salamanca. Don eladio. Tyrus. Victor. Etc

  20. As someone footing a surprise $11k bill for an unexpected failure not covered by Porsche or insurance... think about hanging on to the cash for now.

  21. I agree with this. My 996 (I’m the second owner, bought it from Porsche Newport Beach w/ full service records and 43k miles) needed a transmission rebuild this year at 49k miles. All in this year alone I’ve spent $12,000 on service. Leave the mods alone, but keep the cash handy.

  22. It could happen to any vintage Porsche. My friend had to put 30k+ into a 993 C4 cab he bought last year.

  23. Can't wait to see the topless picture of Arabic Jan in Sandals, Jamaica

  24. IIRC when I was a summer intern at CAA I submitted by app in December and interviewed late January/early February.

  25. It won’t get damaged but it’d leave this paint as is. In fact, spend the same money on get it PPF’d, polished and detailed and it’d look pretty sweet ngl.

  26. You can’t polish matte paint. Just a comment in case someone sees this and gets the wrong idea.

  27. What are these wheels called? I wanna Google them to see a full image on a car

  28. The boxster is an amazing car. The mid-engine platform is brilliant to drive. I would infinitely take a 30k 987.2 Boxster (2009-2012) with PDK over a 996 or a 997 with tiptronic which are the only 911 cabs you’ll find at that price point.

  29. And next to him is Doug stamper from house of cards. How random!

  30. Wait - he did? When was this? When he returned to the iron islands?

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