1. The real question is can they get into the Sky Club with it?

  2. Ooh I had no idea this was a thing. Seems a little dead though :/

  3. Same. It's pretty stupid that they'd rather deal with the costs and logistics of returning an opened device and shipping me a new one rather than saying "okay, here's the $20 difference as a credit"

  4. I think they're coming from the top of that golf cart police car. Probably there just to oversee the whole event and maybe control the traffic lights to stay on red.

  5. It only works for iMessages. If it’s SMS you need to report it to your carrier.

  6. You can also report regular SMS as junk if you have an extension installed such as RoboKiller

  7. If there weren’t as many cars on the road there wouldn’t be a high demand for diesel and unleaded, as a result the prices would drop. Prices in 2020 didn’t drop because we had more oil, it’s because no one left their homes and the demand dropped to the point that we pumped millions of barrels that weren’t in demand.

  8. What's the alternative? Everyone crammed into high density high-rises in mega city? Does that really sound appealing to anyone?? It's not a crime to want some open natural space and a little privacy and distance from your neighbours.

  9. This is a valid concern as not everyone wants to live in Manhattan, Shanghai, etc. There's a real phenomenon called "the missing middle" that you should look up.

  10. Huh? Politics aside, this happened in Canada lol

  11. Just went down a 30 minute rabbit hole reading about these and other ticks. Never going outside again.

  12. The sad thing is that the LA area is still actually very dense compared to other American cities in terms of single family homes. I'd love to see this map redrawn with the lot sizes you can find in less desirable cities like Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, etc.

  13. I still have these! Worked great 15 years ago for pretending to be spies as kids, still worked great on a ski trip earlier this year.

  14. I'm fine with it. It's way better than the Sam's Club experience. I'll take a smile and a line down my receipt any day vs someone miserably scanning a barcode on my receipt and then several item barcodes in my cart.

  15. Only reason to go is perfect north and to buy beef

  16. Don't forget crossing the border to place a sports bet, and immediately leaving afterwards.

  17. Totally with you. It's been like this for months and been getting worse. I'm so tired of all the ads, especially since most of them are for Ohio anyways. Watching this on the outside though, it feels like each candidate is in a pissing contest over who could drop their pants and bend over for daddy Trump the fastest.

  18. Just like Hollyhock Manheim-Mannheim-Guerrero-Robinson-Zilberschlag-Hsung-Fonzerelli-McQuack

  19. This is definitely one of the things that frustrates me about this shutdown. Even though it's slower, I'd rather have that than no service at all.

  20. Uhhh.... one of them is an iPhone 11 or 12 (look at 0:35 in the video) and the other one is at least an iPhone 6, it not newer (0:57). Both are still fully supported by AT&T.

  21. Dude is just mad because he didn't get the airdrop from Ukraine

  22. imaging having to go up a pedestrian bridge every block just to get something from the grocery store

  23. Ever been to Las Vegas? There are a couple of blocks that are literally like that, and it sucks walking up and down them all the time

  24. You don’t walk up and down them. They all have escalators and elevators. I love the overpasses, beats having to wait at a light and shove your way against 100 people crossing the opposite direction when it’s walk time.

  25. Lmao you couldn't pay me any amount of money to take one of those elevators, I can only imagine the smells that comes out of it

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