1. His actions are inexcusable, but the CTE isn’t his fault. The NFL needs to stop brushing this under the rug

  2. Ninguno. Mercadona vende a una secta de tontos que creen que es más barato contra todo evidencia al contrario. Son los mismos que tienen termomix.

  3. Los tribunales no son el sitio para manifestar discrepancias políticas. Que dejan ya de denunciar todo cuando no son de acuerdo. Más política de verdad, menos postureo y obstrucionismo.

  4. Nothing sneaky about Knicks failure. It's more of a dependable life constant.

  5. In the west the Lakers more than the Nuggets.

  6. You find it weird that one of the most racially diverse counties make it a major part of their culture?

  7. Spain was ruled by fascist dictator Franco, and he would often support/prop Madrid up to further his nationalist ideas/goals—was especially true in early European Cups, etc.

  8. Hoy mismo he discutido con el carnicero sobre la impropiedad de poner salchichas en un arroz ...

  9. The white whale would be a winning poker player that's not cheating.

  10. All those saying how easy it is should explain how to do it. Otherwise they might just be security guys trying to build business.

  11. Before vulnerabilities are released publicly they need to be privately disclosed to the organizers with enough time to resolve them. A lot would be shared for free if the organizers open up channels for the feedback to be received and acted upon.

  12. Bev is just trolling. Gonna love Russ to death. Until Russ breaks.

  13. At 50 one's goal is mainly to keep running/working and to enjoy the hour a day of mental freedom that comes with exercising.

  14. You can get an error in the libro de familia corrected. I did because they put my third name as my first last name (this was before I had two surnames).

  15. According to Hikaru (yep, you can decide how reliable this source is), Magnus has a long term issue with Hans's online record. And the "chess speaks for itself" quote pointed out that Hans had been aware of Magnus's opinion. They don't like each other, for sure.

  16. Cheating at "not serious chess" is a very good indicator for cheating at "serious chess" ...

  17. España no apoya la investigación. Invierte muy poco dinero en ello.

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