1. My partner has a “control” parent app on his pc/phone….

  2. If he's triggered by Facebook he shouldn't be using it. My PA &many others just uses messager app. No insta, no snap, etc.

  3. I think that biggest tell is if they get decent when you ask to se their phone or ask questions about them using. Now that my H is sober he is doesn’t get angry or defensive. He wants to make sure I feel safe and he is open. But I will say if he isn’t in recovery he probably is still using. Ask if he would be open to an accountability app on his phone. If he has nothing to hide he will probably do it to help earn your trust. If he is using he will be angry and accuse you of being controlling.

  4. This. So much this. I wish my husband was in recovery. I'm done with his accusations of me trying to control him. As if I WANT to babysit a grown ass man.

  5. I don't know for sure, but I'd bet my life that my husband is still using. He guards his phone and carries it with him everywhere, all the time (which is saying a lot bc we seldomly go out, WFH, so we're basically always at home together).

  6. Ok I did a lot of digging on this. I ran all these sites through to find out who owns the domains to get to some answers.

  7. Would you mind sharing the online tool you used to lookup the email address for #3?

  8. I planned my own wedding but hired a day of coordinator. I recommend this for 2 reasons:

  9. Get all the couples on the dance floor, have the DJ ask couples to stay on the dance floor if they’ve been married for at least 1 year, 5 years, 20 years, etc until the oldest married couple is remaining. Then they get to give advice to the newlyweds

  10. I just walked down the aisle to VSQ's acoustic version of '18th Floor Balcony'. It's always been one of my favs.

  11. I love almost all trends, i hate things that are veeery dated (bouquet of roses, very unnatural hairdo's, very intense eyeshadows, ties instead of bowties, old fashioned Wedding dresses, colourful lights during the first dance, and wedding dress belts )

  12. YESSSSS. This entire list YES! Especially the bowties. My husband made himself and my twin boys matching

  13. I was planning to wear costume jewelry but my husband gave me 2 pre wedding gifts

  14. I think with the black, people's gaze will be drawn down to your feet. But the white makes it a matching ensemble so people will look at your dress as well.

  15. In the end, I went with the black. Added rhinestones and script...

  16. I definitely prefer the black, but I'm also into this look and was considering doing something similar! Would you consider

  17. Probably a bit late here but anyway lol, I'm planning on wearing my ox blood Dr martens and buying a deep red leather jacket for my wedding. We're going to be outdoors for the ceremony and photos in the autumn so definitely need to be comfy. If you're planning on wearing shoes you've had for a while and wear all the time they can count as your something old!

  18. Did you wear your docs and leather jacket? The combo sounds badass!

  19. I wore docs for my wedding a few weeks ago! Did you end up going for it?

  20. Wow, many redditors were WRONG. Love this so much

  21. Urgh please that is such BS, what trend? I know a lot of my friends who opted for sneakers or ballet flats when they got married and most of those weddings were between 1995 and 2000.

  22. Right?! If there's a "combat boots with wedding gowns" trend I'm totally unaware of it. 🤣

  23. You don't date potential, you date who the person is now. Behaviour is extremely resistant to change, especially not when you literally give the kid dessert without finishing their supper by rewarding their behaviour by giving them the relationship they want without them actually having to change their attitude. This is effectively positive reinforcement to continue doing what they're doing. This is why when I date, I give it some time, I usually notices red flags and warning signs real quick, I give them a test to see if they'll resolve conflict or express feelings honestly, and if they don't, I play along for a bit then dip when it's most convenient for me. Without. Exception. I have a saying that I've developed for myself, which is that being an adult isn't about making the right choice in hard circumstances, it's about being wise and smart enough to not put yourself in hard circumstances in the first place. Right now you're agonizing over the difficult decision of what to do about your blatantly manipulative girlfriend who you clearly do not want to commit to as a partner. The problem isn't that you're finding it hard to figure out what to do right now, it's that you should have anticipated this would be the situation if you continued dating her and you shouldn't have let things get to this point at all. So, knowing that you already fucked it up getting here, think about the future. What situation do you wanna be in in 6 months? Who do you want to be? Who do you want to be with? What kind life do you want to lead? IS this woman going to help with any of those things or make them harder? You already know the answer. Make life easier for future you. He'll appreciate it.

  24. I like your strategy. Willing to share an example of one of the "tests"?

  25. Replying to top comment for visibility I said YES to DRESS 2! Thank you all for your input, it's been so helpful, truly. ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Aww. Thank you! I decided on 2 and it'll be here in June! 🙌🎉🥳❤️

  27. Look at these designers as they tend to be under $2k: Morilee Stella York Rebecca Ingram Allure The dress shop I visited yesterday carried these and I didn't see any dresses over $2k (although I didn't see every single one obviously 😆).

  28. Firstly, they are all beautiful so whatever you choose is the right choice. Personally, I prefer 1 or 3. You seem very confident in those.

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