1. This is a good opportunity to get fit

  2. Winning a big fat multi on Sportsbet.

  3. Smoking cigars in Australia. They start at $45 a stick.

  4. Nah, I like to sit down with a full size cigar. Smoking Padrons, Foundation and Ligas at the moment. Thing is they should cost $10 - $25 not $45 - $75.

  5. That dude getting shot by the farmers kid at the end of all quiet on the western front

  6. Sometimes I just wanna cruise man. Life is short. Don't spend it in a rush : )

  7. One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Does this cause any damage to the wires?

  8. Holy fuck it's been too long hahhhaahaha

  9. He wore the sash he was awarded for heroism saving the kid under his armour at the siege at Glenrowan too. You can still see the bloodstains on it.

  10. Is the sash up for display somewhere?

  11. NO WAY you just wrote this poem for this Reddit post

  12. If you're planning on joining the military for four years & getting out, then I'd recommend infantry.

  13. Yessir. My dad got an op 22 in highschool and thought he was stupid. Went back at 28 after a divorce and got an op 4 and did engineering at uni. Its never too late to finish, and its never too late to start

  14. What a G! What engineering did he finish? I'm hoping to do the same at 30 when I discharge from ADF. Did he finish it in the 4 years or did it take him a bit longer? Any info will be much appreciated haha

  15. Why drop someone's package like that? Why not just place it down respectfully and leave?

  16. Jebote kakav idiot! Ne mogu da verujem kakav je ovaj čovek idiot! Sad je našo da bude sramota. Jebem ti mater da ti jebem, budalo jedna. Jadan Novak

  17. Why are there 3 pictures of this?

  18. Why not get it from every angle. Don’t like it don’t look and by your other comments your just a troll looking for attention.

  19. Lol finish your uni, dont think about anything else right now. And don't fuckin drop out lol finish that shit.

  20. These are the kind of people who shoot cops

  21. Kettle hat. Full vision and being able to breathe is essential in the heat of battle hahahaha

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