1. At least flashed him a pic of his wife’s colossal round titties

  2. Resetting your phone resets it, ie erases all your content and settings

  3. I know that, but they are saved in icloud backup and logging in with the same icloud account would resort it back to the way it was before the reset. However my question is if I use the move to IOS app and only transfer the messages, would icloud still retain the backup previously created, or would it not since the move to ios app was used.

  4. I think the messages in your iCloud would override and replace the move to iOS transferred messages if you did iCloud after, wouldn’t they? This is putting my brain in a mental torture chamber lol sorry I can’t help more

  5. The edit is the only way to do it, gotta do it every time I get a new phone

  6. I was trying to view my ICloud on the google app. It say my browser isn’t supported and won’t show me the website

  7. You update your phone or use a browser compatible with the website

  8. You're within probably a month of harvesting you'd be a big dummy to just toss all that money and time in the trash

  9. Yeah, at this rate wouldn't it cause bud rot? Idk if it will make it that long, never had this issue but it's only my 3rd grow but this is frustrating

  10. What is rotting? pH issues don’t really cause bud rot. Is there mold somewhere? It’s never going to look like new again if that’s what you’re trying to get to, regardless if you correct the issue or not

  11. Under other networks there is an iPhone with a lock and link icon; I would have thought there would be a wifi icon?

  12. Volume up volume down hold power til you see Apple logo

  13. I swipe down for spotlight type something in and it comes up

  14. Yeah drives me crazy, been happening since pre iOS 16

  15. No. You risk the light burning your plants with water on the leaves


  17. Mintzy is on a private jet to Swampscott as we speak to spread the word. No worries

  18. It’s not a dark mode thing, it’s just a dark app. No way to change

  19. Not even some accessibility setting? I’m trying different combinations but nothing 😞

  20. thanks, appreciate that. to be honest tho something like that never happened to me before!

  21. Me either haha iOS just spazzes sometimes

  22. Haven’t had an instagram account for years and I’m better off without it. Same with Facebook 😉

  23. That feels irrelevant and doesn’t help OP at all

  24. Sas got annoying at times but I very much enjoyed the episode

  25. I laughed so hard at the Trump helium impression.

  26. His bit in his special about doing Trump where you just move your hands a second after you’re supposed to and then describe something then say you described it that way is so good

  27. Not downgrading but upgrading we have only had iOS 16 there after either way thank you

  28. My bad. But yeah, point still stands. Apple doesn’t let you pick and choose what you upgrade to

  29. iOS 15.7 old operating system?! It was available a month ago or so my iPhone 6s was updated to iOS 15.7 just today

  30. There’s been multiple updates since 15.7. Apple doesn’t let you downgrade forever

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