1. As someone who loves Apocalypse, please stop making threads asking why people don't like it 😭 I'm tired

  2. Might want to put a warning or use spoiler tags for those who haven't watched NYC yet

  3. It's not revealing anything. Just that she isn't the actress.

  4. Only said this because there was a lot of speculation on whether the Angel would be played by Frances or not, plus there's another comment in this thread from someone who hasn't watched NYC about this

  5. First wig would have been Edward Phillipe Mott in season 6. He had to wear a wig for Tate, James March, and Jeff Pfister in Apocalypse because he had bleach blonde hair for Mr. Gallant. I think those wigs were quite obvious. Also all of the cult leaders in season 7 because he had the blue hair for Kai, though he did shave his hair for the later version of Charles Manson that he played.

  6. Adding to this -I think Evan wore a brown haired wig as Austin Sommers for the later episodes of Red Tide. Maybe because he had gone blond for Dahmer at that point

  7. I enjoyed the Asylum-NYC connection, but this side-by-side shows that the two Angels of Death are presented differently. Frances' original angel speaks softly to the dying and appears in their moments of calm acceptance of death. The NYC angel is more of a threatening figure, speaking in a distorted voice and appearing in a moment of danger and foreboding

  8. Can't wait to do a rewatch of this season. I have a feeling it will be great to binge

  9. Sex scene gone fatally wrong - all the people who said this season doesn't feel like AHS can eat their words now lol

  10. I wish they'd sell that tarot deck as AHS merchandise, I'd totally buy it

  11. Jackie Daytona from Arizonia, that’s who. Just like a regular human male. (

  12. Double Feature is the weakest season of AHS to date, but it has its moments. I think certain black and white parts of Death Valley feel more like classic, creepy AHS than a lot of Red Tide does

  13. Lubing up a leg on a stool to take pictures of someone shoving it an ass to take pictures of that isn't too positive. I can see why people are either disgusted or at the very least negative.

  14. Lol we're on 11 seasons of AHS and people still want to be shocked at scenes like this

  15. As a queer Middle aged woman that started her nursing career in a AIDS hospice in the 90’s, I’m extremely happy for this season for a number of reasons. What a lot of viewers are too young to recall or maybe know about is the real pandemic of AIDS. The generations now, 30-0 are going to be the largest and oldest living members of this tribe; my generation and the those before me are largely gone because of homophobic abuse and AIDS.

  16. Haven't watched NYC yet because it's not on D+, but are people really hating bc. of gay? Like really?

  17. The homophobic people are here. In the live watch threads for the premiere, there were some folks complaining that too many queer characters will chase away straight viewers lol

  18. Sometimes it's good to step away from the fandoms every now and then. I don't come here much but as I'm in the UK I got access to American Horror Stories later than the US, and I was quite shocked to see the hate towards it as I quite enjoyed it.

  19. The music score during Billie's scene with Sandra reminded me of 1984

  20. Okay this might sound weird but… does anyone else feel like there’s just too many men and not enough female characters😭

  21. I'm enjoying it so far but I agree with this. It's also very white

  22. It could alienate whatever is left of his "Straight" audience as they still make up the largest section of the world's population..

  23. Lmao. The only straights who are bothered by a bunch of queer characters are almost certainly homophobic, so AHS should not give af about appeasing them

  24. That is some seriously flawed logic. Just because someone is Gay definitely doesn't mean that they're any more interesting entertaining or better at acting than anyone else.

  25. I think the new follower Kai recruits while he's in prison is called Rim Shot

  26. Idk, I'm only halfway through The Watcher but so far I'm glad it's not connected to AHS. I feel underwhelmed by it, mostly because it's lacking a certain "fun" factor that AHS usually manages to deliver - not to mention it feels unoriginal due to various similarities to AHS seasons (thinking of Murder House and Red Tide). Even the acting talent isn't doing much for me, which is a shame

  27. Speaking as another Gallant fan - I haven't been able to find an official source confirming his first name. I think the name on the AHS wiki is a fan headcanon

  28. I’m stoked for this now, no dis to the mainstays, but all the new names and faces to this season is giving it a fresh feel

  29. Same here I'm looking forward to seeing what the new ensemble can do!

  30. Death Valley. I hate it when people say Double Feature because it unnecessarily lumps in Red Tide, which is actually what I believe is the best AHS season

  31. Double Feature is one season and can be judged as such. The fact that the concept structured it as two stories in one doesn't actually make it two separate seasons

  32. Double Feature as a whole is the weakest AHS season to date, though I don't dislike it (I enjoy every AHS season on some level.) That being said, Red Tide is overrated, and Death Valley is underrated

  33. Bartholomew's father is definitely JPM. He is deformed, bloodthirsty, and perpetually an infant due to having a vampire mother and a human father

  34. I'm wondering how much the Dahmer success will ultimately add to Evan's popularity. In the last week or so I've heard family, friends, and colleagues all talk about Dahmer more than any other Evan project from the past couple of years

  35. Came back from Twitter then saw Sandra Bernhard and Patti Lupone being called HAGS by AHS stans. Oh my God they better stay on Twitter.

  36. AHS stan Twitter is full of kids who call themselves "hags" once they hit age 20 lol

  37. Lol c'mon Asylum stans, you don't need to downvote people who don't love your favorite season, damn. Especially when so many on this sub share your opinion anyway

  38. Im excited for the season as long as its realistic and relationships have actual character development

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