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  1. Yup, definitely won't be people abusing that to cash out of shitty real estate investments.

  2. I don't judge people based on their housing situation so I can't comment on the strawmen but the alternative is to keep doing nothing. the LEAST we could do is provide better mental health services besides jail for these human beings.

  3. I'm not saying every one, but a significant fraction? Doesn't take much looking at existing services and other countries to see some of these side effects are very possible. Can we do better? Absolutely. But flippantly saying we can just buy some houses and toss them to people and that will fix homelessness everywhere, like its that simple, is laughable.

  4. But I have to vote blue no matter who and that blue can only be corporate. No progressives! If that means anti-choice dems, fine!

  5. When the choice is a bullet in the head vs someone stealing $5 out of my wallet every day for a year, I'll pick the thief and spend the next year trying to hide my wallet better. Why TF does everyone seem to think the answer to a choice of two bad options is to complain the least bad one doesn't taste good enough, so its that options fault they are choosing the worse one?

  6. Infinite mulligans without discard because we're a very casual group and trust each other not to abuse it. If you miss 4 land drops in a row you can scry til you hit a land.

  7. We're similar but a but more restricted - one free mulligan, then proceed as normal (this is usually fine), but with a "break in case of mana screw" rule - if you are below 4 total mana sources, you can exile a card from hand to search for a basic land and put it into hand (on your own turn, obv). We strongly discourage planning for that land search rule so that people don't get greedy keeping bad hands or building excessively rickety decks - its just there to avoid non-games where someone never sees their 3rd/4th land and gets stuck watching the rest of the table for an hour.

  8. We moved to unlimited proxying, but as part of that shift we also sat down and fixed the banlist (to our tastes) by making a cEDH and battlecruiser format with their own lists.

  9. I think you could achieve a similar effect (without putting things in hand, so, reluctantly, not freeing Phage) with a very simple rule. You amend rule 903.8 (the commander tax rule) to the following:

  10. Very interesting. I haven’t seen this one yet and that’s pretty unique. But I think that would reset commander tax each time tho right?

  11. I wouldn't think so - you still count how many times it gets cast as normal, and anytime that you didn't activate that ability before casting the commander you would pay the full tax as normal. If you do pay the tax in advance with this, you'd pay only regular CMC for the commander when you cast it next ("as if it had not yet been cast" being interpreted by rule 903.8a as being cast count = 0).

  12. What is the slinn Voda/animate dead combo?

  13. There isn't one - the writing in that section is a bit unclear, but what he was talking about is [[Kederekt Leviathan]] and [[Animate Dead]], which works because you target the Leviathan in your yard with Animate, which brings the Leviathan back with Animate attached. The Leviathan ETB goes off and bounces all other non-lands to hand, including the Animate Dead. When the Animate leaves, you are forced to sac the Leviathan. Then you are free to repeat that play as many times as you want.

  14. Demonstrably false - I am. We don't want kids but I wasn't in a rush to get it done. Now I am.

  15. ...Yes? And? I was loosely planning to get one in the next 5 years, now I'm getting one sooner. That change is being driven entirely by this decision, so, yeah, I'm getting my vase tomy because of the Roe v Wade decision being overturned.

  16. $65/mo for centurylink 1000mbps fiber. Wa state.

  17. Same - and yet somehow people bitch about Centurylink as if it isn't a great deal. Looking at this thread the only better rates are outside the US.

  18. For international relations, sure, but I don't think this carries through for internal divisions of a civil society. Does it make sense now, with how bad things have gotten? Sure. But if your baseline stance during peacetime is "Have to be ready for Jimbob next door to breach my hedge with a tac team" then you aren't ever going to get to a peaceful society, it'll just be self-fulfilling prophecies of civil war all the way down.

  19. This already happens, under more or less thinly veiled circumstances. Theres no one going around to churches and listening to every sermon, so there is no enforcement of "cannot specifically advocate for political candidates or vote a certain way".

  20. The US isn’t world police. We have this same damn argument every time anything remotely violent breaks out. Ukraine could’ve joined NATO years before but didn’t. And now taxpayers worldwide are footing the bill for that fuck up.

  21. Yeah, notice how thats "worldwide" and not just the US? And how there are no US troops there (except independent volunteers and some training officers)? Yeah, this is not the world-policing people complain about, this is supporting an aligned nation against aggression. If people were lobbying for us to get directly, militarily involved I might agree with you more, but sending munitions is about 1 step away from neutral.

  22. “Supplying weapons is one step away from neutral” is madness. We have the literal peacekeeping forces created to police the world, so why does Ukraine needs 54 Billion (that’s the new number)? They could’ve joined NATO a decade ago and avoided two different dumbass wars. But no, they wanted to play both sides and now we have this shit storm. Literal neo-nazis getting US weapons, a world-wide food shortage, US officials calling for direct military aid. What the fuck is this shit?

  23. Why are you not wearing headphones? The fuck is wrong with you? They come with most phones if you don't want to buy Bluetooth headsets you would hear clearly through one ear while the other ear hears your surroundings and they would save you from having to take your calls on speaker

  24. Sometimes, and I know this is a wild and foreign concept, sometimes I just don't want to have earbuds in. Its shocking, I know, but you can actually just turn the sound off on your phone and use it just the same as if the sound was on.

  25. Totally and completely disagree-

  26. You'll be waiting a long time to show us a society made of angels then. The rest of us in the real world are going to work with what we have.

  27. Exec pay at that hospital. I only copied the people over $300,000. The hospital brings in about $250,000,000 a year.

  28. Gotta love the CEOs and College Presidents on the list WORKING 0 HOURS PER WEEK and still pulling mid-six-figure salaries.

  29. If all cases are taken to court, then all complaints require a criminal charge.

  30. There's a very clear, already present midpoint that negates your entire concern - an INVESTIGATION would be required, with documentation of why or why not charges are filed. Making every accusation against someone automatic criminal charges would, indeed, be ridiculous, but thankfully we don't need to do that to do better than what we have now. If someone feels the case was not well handled, you take the cops to court and review their investigative actions. If those are found to be reasonable, great. If not, legal redress should be available

  31. It’s the way I want it to go, and I’ll keep fighting for the future I believe is best.

  32. Perspective from someone who lived in rural MN for many years: most rural MNs are more upset that 35/94/694/494 are constantly undergoing construction and being upgraded to accommodate heavy traffic, while there’s tons and tons of roads outside of the metro area in dire need of fixing. They get it, the freeways see a TON of wear and tear, but so do country roads- roads that transport our food. That’s what my conservative/rural relatives were most resentful of. And I get it, if I drive back “home” some of the highways I take are crappy, and in the winter especially with ground blizzards, can be very dangerous.

  33. But then they fight and refuse to take federal money to do infrastructure repair because they don't want to compromise on using the massive pile of money we are getting:

  34. Maybe you missed the part where I said "Fuck Centurylink." That includes their fiber. Their customer service, internet reliability, and speed are all shit tier.

  35. I've had CenturyLink Fiber for the entirety of COVID, its reasonably priced even compared to USI and I've had no complaints about the service. I don't even need to use their modem, I can run it straight into my own router on Ethernet from the conversion box. Regularly hitting max speeds over my older Wifi gear, stable connections, and ripper up-speeds that match or exceed my many hundred MBs downs.

  36. You showed that person without a home who has to beg wealthy children for scraps.

  37. When it becomes organized grift, repeated over and over, you lose my sympathy. They aren't begging for scraps, they've made a system out of it and are probably doing just fine with it, otherwise theyd be doing something else.

  38. He offered to create a COMMITTEE. An entire COMMITTEE just for police issues. After a year of deliberation, that committee could write an action plan. The committee could then deliberate on the action plan. They could appoint a task force. The task force could spend two years soliciting public opinion in a series of charrettes. The task force could compile that information in a REPORT. The committee could then present that report to the city council. Then they could create a subcommittee. The subcommittee could write an implementation recommendation based on the report... What do you mean democrats can't get anything done? This is real ACTION.

  39. So I don't disagree with the critique at all, and am beyond frustrated with Frey myself, but... Isn't the whole problem with Minneapolis governance that a lot of people are getting ignored/not being involved in decision making?

  40. I'm willing to believe this, but the article itself is hearsay as the guy posts no testing or source for his claims. It could be that your article is fudd-lore, or maybe I was the fudd all along. I'll look into it more though.

  41. Thanks bb. Here's my findings after some digging and trying to verify:

  42. Huh, TIL. Final answer seems to be "its complicated" which is both unsurprising and unsatisfying. Thanks for sharing your findings, and watch out for your thumb if you do succumb to the Garand buying urge!

  43. Sorry for your heart, but here's the real kicker - I'd bet my house, car, and retirement savings that about 30% of men you'll ever meet could quote identical feelings to you. This is not just one lonely kid per school, this story repeats, over and over, every day. I have the same story, and so do almost every one of my friends.

  44. 400 rounds!?!? It's almost funny people act like that's a scary number and should be traced or something. It's the clearest sign the person doesn't know a thing about guns. I could buy a couple thousand rounds of 22 for 40-50 bucks, or for that same price maybe get a box of 50 6.5 rounds. So number of rounds mean nothing, it's just a scared tactic for the ignorant.

  45. Unlike the guy you replied to, I do know all these things. The guns themselves and the tiny amount of ammo isnt the issue.

  46. So you object to paying for the doctor before taxes? You want to pay for that with after-tax money?

  47. Bless you for trying to talk him through this - you got way deeper into that thread than my patience would have lasted. For anyone else wondering, its just itsyaiboi being a moron the whole way down. Guy clearly doesn't understand how money and taxes work.

  48. I wish I could say it's just Republicans, but Texas just voted Mike Collier for the democratic Lietenant Gov primary, founder of an oil company and associate of Exxon. Pay attention to both sides when looking for those who need to be excluded from having government power.

  49. I mean, its Texas. I'd be running oil execs there too, its what the locals seem to want. Doesn't mean there aren't better and worse options.

  50. I love the bitter-to-the-bone sarcasm in this post, except for one part - why the vaccine hate? Is your point that health workers were pushed to take it first, before data was available? I get that stance, but I'm less on board with saying it

  51. Yes, that is a huge factor here. We gambled with the lives of essential workers. That pressure is not without emotional cost.

  52. I can respect having caution for the possible impacts of new medication (though I really think you are overestimating the risk associated with the mRNA products, using a framework that is informed by poor results from very, very different products on the market).

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