1. remove vm's from inventory, install new esxi ,add vm's.

  2. I don't see any benefit to remove the VMs from inventory. OP can just leave them registered and upgrade the host.

  3. since you have standalone host the easyest and fastes way to update is to install a new version. and make sure hw compatibility

  4. and they alreade started their old song about "we didnt do it. this is ukraine strikes yourself to speed up weapon delivering". and that shit speading up so quickly just like it was after mh17...

  5. Good luck finding ethnic russian in Moscow. ROTFL. Russian army is full of ethnic ukrainians just as ours is full of ethnic russians. This conflict is not about "nationality" or "nation" - it's about vision of the future.

  6. its about "there are no ukraine or ukrainians" this is putin's words, literrally. all slavic ppl to the east don river -are "ethnic ukrainians".

  7. whats your setup?vm nics, host nics,switches and storage specification and configutation.

  8. is it possible to attach fslogix disk as read only to another session?

  9. хіба можна закінчити поїздку в червоній зоні?

  10. i dont think fake chivas 12 might be much worst then non fake

  11. you have to secure your environment first of all. frontend,backend, network perimeter.

  12. That second one knew it was coming! Must have been shitting himself. Slava Ukraine

  13. i dont think its possible to catch such a moment....

  14. two worlds : in Ukraine controlled villages and cities - starlinks are installing, on temporary occupied territory - red banners,lenins and other shit...

  15. I am Russian, and I know exactly what you are talking about. Still, I refuse to eat your ethnos-based hate. If that's the only thing left in you - I'm really sorry about that.

  16. если ты рашн и не понимаешь,то о чем говорить . крым чей,рашн?

  17. нет,это не понял, пока еще, но скоро поймете. проблема она не вчера взялась и ее позавчера. ничего нового сейчас россия не делает,все это уже было.

  18. To far for and NLAW, RPG, and wrong flight path. What did the use, any ideas.

  19. The more I see from this war, the more I'm convinced Russia's original goal was genocide, plain and simple.

  20. they dont hide the goal. the goal is " to resolve Urkainian question"

  21. they were killed by sudden strike... Many of citizens decided to stay

  22. this is aint politics, this is about the existential "problem" of russia as an empire. russia as an empire cant exist without Ukraine. this war began centuries ago... our entire common history is war or occupation..

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