1. Little high is pretty good. My go to at my local shop when I am between HC8 orders.

  2. I ordered some carts on Friday from HC8 and got them Monday. Fastest iv seen, and if the carts are good I'll probably switch to them exclusively over Harbor City Hemp since they are cheaper.

  3. Fantastic!! Harbor city has been my go to for the past 2 years.

  4. What brand did you get? If it does not have full labs to show what's in it you could be vaping unknown shit, which could absolutely cause headaches.

  5. I would prefer to fill my own tank. From what I read, the liquid is rather thick, and a ceramic coil is needed? Thx for the advice

  6. For the Nord pod systems you will need a 1.2 ohm quartz coil for delta 8. Simply heat up the disty and a glass syringe and fill up the pod.

  7. How does the slurricane taste? I see that flavor a lot, but rarely see anyone talk about it.

  8. I got slurricane in my Nord X pod right now. One of my all time favorite HCH flavors.

  9. Harbor city hemp. Their carts won’t disappoint. They would make the best first impression for a newbie I think when it comes to Delta8

  10. I fucking love Harbor City Hemp. Tried many different brands, always come back to HCH.Got some Slurricain in my Nord X right now, it's fantastic and the pod system is the way to go!

  11. The quartz 1.2 ohm coils are what works for disty, also make sure its the RPM pods.

  12. I think the younger you are, the less damage you do.

  13. Awesome thank you I didn't think to vote on it for obvious reasons haha nice to know though I'm looking at site now!

  14. Slurricaine and cereal milk are fantastic.

  15. Nice, I just got my order in of mellow runtz last night. Super excited to try it out and use my Nord X for the first time.

  16. Heck yeah!!! My math on my snow Montana shows it as 4g short!!! That is with out lid. With lid would put it almost 5g over. Hmmmm

  17. Man now I hope mine is all there.

  18. you need the quartz 1.2ohm coils

  19. Thanks! I'm seriously considering making the switch from carts.

  20. If the filling part intimidates you, buy 3 or 4 identical 1mL dripper syringes of terped disty (or raw if you prefer that) for the first go at it. Then all you have to do is heat the syringes and pod+coil and squirt it in. Some vendors are selling prefilled 5mL syringes, now, too.

  21. Mine finally arrived in the mail today!

  22. I saw a 3Chi cart at my local shop for $25.

  23. Fun fact, 2 grams of whatever is exactly the same as 2 grams of candy... or big macs... or doofenshmirtzes.

  24. It's longer than 3 weeks. It's posted other places that it's 6 or 7 weeks. There's more than eggnog challenges... Eventually... The event runs until the end of April. EDIT: enough, not eggnog.

  25. I wish i had eggnog challenges.

  26. I haven't played halo multiplayer since 3. This game is free and I am enjoying it.

  27. That's what I love to hear. People being brought because the core of gameplay feels so much like the classic Halo, cosmetics be damned.

  28. Bro I miss the old school shotgun 😪

  29. HCH BDTs are my favorite flavor wise.

  30. THIS. Their Lemon Pound Cake, Orange Creamsicle, and Slurricane are the most flavorful experiences I’ve ever had. I use a Vessel Compass and fill PCKT ceramic carts.

  31. Orange Creamsicle and Slurricane are fantastic.

  32. What voltage do you usually hit HCH carts at? I go 2.2-2.4v

  33. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  34. Try checking out the BDT carts from Harbor City Hemp, cheap prices, good flavor and the effect are 🔥. My favorites are cereal milk and key lime pie

  35. They have no noticeable weed tast at all. The BDT are the way to go for me personally.

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