1. But the xian lawmakers want to ban books with same sex parents because they are 'grooming' their kids.

  2. Just like the 'impenetrable' wall he built on the Mexican border that has been breached over 3000 times.

  3. Check to see if there is any historical/monetary value to them. If not, burn them.

  4. Turkey should rethink its blockade of Ukraine for NATO membership.

  5. on the flip-side... Every Russian Tank that is destroyed by a German Tank in Ukraine is one Russian Tank less that threatens Germany.

  6. Also, being a member of NATO, Germany will have the full support of its members in the event of an attack.

  7. hmm, it's an idea. just have to try very hard to keep it concentric otherwise it'll be wobbling all over the place xD

  8. Grinding three sides, 120 degrees apart, will help keep in concentric.

  9. There really is no need to. Russia already claims to have destroyed an Abrams tank.

  10. You can buy drill bit extenders for the extra depth.

  11. Her fundraising scam must be working for her.

  12. Democrat lawmakers seek to bar insurrectionists from holding office.

  13. Just ignore them as if they didn't exist. Whenever possible, go out with a friend.

  14. Yeah, just as Twice imPeached donated his the last two years.

  15. The most depraved of the depraved seem to be associated with religion.

  16. What amazes me is that a medical practitioner would jeopardize a lucrative career on a scheme like this.

  17. “Principles” of the idiotic. Stupid people don’t see the consequences of their actions.

  18. He was listed by the government as a "legitimate COVID-19 vaccine provider". He also employed an accomplice to vet patients and charge a $50 fee to those that wanted a fake vaccine card.

  19. I love it when I see secondary explosions after a missile strike.

  20. There is no shame among anyone in the GQP or its supporters anymore. And he and the GQP are complicit in the big lie, the reduction to women's and LGBTQ rights, and the destruction of education in 'merica.

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