1. In my opinion, Nebbiolo is one of the most enjoyable varieties to age but you only have a few bottles. That’s where I’d focus.

  2. These teams are so different but pretty evenly matched. On a neutral court this game could go either way. Zona got a few calls but Tennessee got the same treatment at home last year.

  3. It’s a shame the best game of the day starts at 10:30 EST, will the east coast stay up to watch?

  4. My company is ripping out pinot noir to plant merlot, it’s making a big time comeback right now. I’m in Napa btw.

  5. UCLA crushes Maryland, Arizona beats Indiana. Big Ten / Pac12 challenge going well for the west coast.

  6. Blue bloods are pretty obvious now.

  7. Is this along a trail? Or at a campground?

  8. Thanks this looks like a great option! Does it book up in a matter of minutes as well?

  9. Forgot about white wolf with its weird opening dates! Thanks

  10. I’ve had mastro twice and both times the aglianico was very bretty, is every vintage like that?

  11. Cabell is a fantastic winemaker and a good dude, highly recommend.

  12. I went tasting in the Hill Country and found one wine I really liked. When I asked about it, turns out it was made from CA grapes trucked over.

  13. Zona at 31 seems way too low, should be in the 10-20 range.

  14. Every mass produced wine in the US has these ingredients in it. And honestly, it’s not that big of a deal, these products are used to make mediocre wine taste palatable to the sugar loving American palate. They aren’t harmful and are in all kinds of foods besides wine. Not sure why you guys find it so controversial. Source: I’m a winemaker.

  15. You should put the forecast up for St Helena, it’s significantly worse. Eventually the entire valley will have shade cloth. I took a temperature gun yesterday to my fruit in St Helena and the exposed grapes were 115F, while the shade clothed grapes were 95-100F.

  16. Wow I will no longer buy from Happy mug. What’s my best alternative for roasted? Located in NorCal.

  17. Oddball varieties in California are the most overpriced wines, even worse than Napa cabs. If you knew how little the Malvasia Bianca grapes from Contra Costa cost, or skin fermented Chenin blanc from Amador, your jaw would hit the table at the markup. These wines typically see only neutral barrels too so there is no winery cost there. In comparison, Napa CS grapes cost 10x (literally) and typically get new barrels, so the Cab markup is actually considerably less.

  18. The biggest impact will be the decoupling of sugar ripening from phenolic ripening. Sugars skyrocket with the heat and lack of water, while phenolics require a set number of days post bloom to mature. There are farming techniques to combat this but overall it could mean some unbalanced wines mostly due to green unripe tannin.

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