1. Zona at 31 seems way too low, should be in the 10-20 range.

  2. Every mass produced wine in the US has these ingredients in it. And honestly, it’s not that big of a deal, these products are used to make mediocre wine taste palatable to the sugar loving American palate. They aren’t harmful and are in all kinds of foods besides wine. Not sure why you guys find it so controversial. Source: I’m a winemaker.

  3. You should put the forecast up for St Helena, it’s significantly worse. Eventually the entire valley will have shade cloth. I took a temperature gun yesterday to my fruit in St Helena and the exposed grapes were 115F, while the shade clothed grapes were 95-100F.

  4. Wow I will no longer buy from Happy mug. What’s my best alternative for roasted? Located in NorCal.

  5. Oddball varieties in California are the most overpriced wines, even worse than Napa cabs. If you knew how little the Malvasia Bianca grapes from Contra Costa cost, or skin fermented Chenin blanc from Amador, your jaw would hit the table at the markup. These wines typically see only neutral barrels too so there is no winery cost there. In comparison, Napa CS grapes cost 10x (literally) and typically get new barrels, so the Cab markup is actually considerably less.

  6. The biggest impact will be the decoupling of sugar ripening from phenolic ripening. Sugars skyrocket with the heat and lack of water, while phenolics require a set number of days post bloom to mature. There are farming techniques to combat this but overall it could mean some unbalanced wines mostly due to green unripe tannin.

  7. Jamie Moyer! Such a master at pitching slow.

  8. Thome getting signed was massive at the time. I don’t think the Phils had ever signed such a high profile player.

  9. Jim Bone Kia is terrible, always trying to upsell us on services we don’t need. Anyone recommend another place to service Kias?

  10. Rick Barnes: he was the ultimate underachiever at Texas for soooo many years.

  11. Keep in mind that the more you make yourself visible, the more attention you'll attract from city officials. This isn't the 80s where you could get away with pretty much anything, most cities are going to insist on fire inspections and event insurance coverage just in case something happens. I'm willing to bet that tarps and PVC will never pass inspection in most places, but you have to check with the local authorities to be sure. Be honest about it up front. It'll save you from spending a bunch of time and money and getting it shut down, perhaps with fines.

  12. Thanks for the heads up, I hadn’t thought about the liability aspect of all this.

  13. Farmers are adapting quickly, I was just at a conference focused on climate change and grapegrowing. The use of shade cloth, evaporative cooling via drip, improved rootstocks for drought, etc will all allow wine production to continue in a similar manner in the next few decades. The difference will be higher farming costs meaning higher bottle prices.

  14. How many other programs have a winning record against Dook? Can’t be many.

  15. The 2022 growing season has been great so far in the north coast CA- mild temps, strong canopies, slightly above average crop. Knock on wood no fires and we could have a special vintage.

  16. Red Mountain, WA for single-vineyard Cabs at accessible price points.

  17. Ya doesn’t exist anymore. Average price of Napa CS per ton is $8000 and quickly going up. $8000 per ton = $80/bottle generally.

  18. There is so much grape growers could do but don’t to mitigate climate change because they are so heavily invested in a grape like Cabernet or Chardonnay they won’t plant on a better rootstock or something from the Rhône valley that has better heat resistance.

  19. Grape growers are constantly trying new drought tolerant rootstocks and Davis is producing new rootstocks through breeding for this exact purpose.

  20. My basal leaves on my tomatoes all look like this. Any thoughts?

  21. What do you think of Stag’s leap Artemis on the aging front? I have some 2018 and 2019 bottles.

  22. I also recently tasted at Stag and their wines were pretty tight, I think 5-10 years would probably be about right.

  23. Awesome, thank you. What generally makes a wine more “ageable”? Is it the tannins?

  24. It really boils down to just a few factors:

  25. Because what people love to do in recessions is buy expensive wine

  26. I work in the wine industry. One of the first things to go during a recession is ultra premium wine sales. People trade down, say from $100 to $50, or for the plebs from $20 to $5-$10.

  27. Expensive wine... I can usually find a decent super Tuscan I like for $150-$200 in a restaurant. At home we have a lot of options in the $15-$30 range that we like.

  28. Tignanello is like $150…I think you drink expensive wine ;)

  29. I love young Nebbiolo and aged Nebbiolo. They are completely different and there’s no problem drinking them young. I’d look for modern producers which are meant to be consumed earlier.

  30. I’ve done it and it is somewhat dangerous without clipping in, mostly because you have crowds of people climbing with you and many aren’t prepared for it nor are in good shape. I distinctly remember an obese man above me on the cables who was struggling. It was like a bowling ball above a bunch of pins who would take us all out if you slipped and fell.

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