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  1. It seems these requirements are being put into contracts. If you don't agree, no contract. Thankfully, that is above my pay-grade. I just make the shit work 🤣

  2. This exactly this. When MDM first came around, a large amount of time was used explaining to employees that the company phone belongs to AND CAN BE CONTROLLED by the the company. I spent a great deal of time informing staff that their personal/ business usage should not cross- don't go shopping on the company phone, for example. When MFA rolled out, and the suggestion was made to install the app on personal phones, the staff (rightly so) pointed out they were previously told not to mix business and private usage. As a result, hardware tokens are being deployed.

  3. Some integrations do not support hardware tokens though, that's the issue I'm running into on Duo. They either have to use a Push notification or a phone call for things like the RDP Gateway integration at least.

  4. Maybe they thought they lose, this at least saves them the money and leg work to run get it on there. Republicans fight this in 22 hard as possible and probably drag it through courts out of fear that Ryan could beat Vance if young people are motivated to vote.

  5. That's the issue, expecting the younger generation to do something productive. But yeah I did later read that They are able to keep their signatures next year that was the deal they cut. It's still bullshit next year it'll be something else. Mark my word!

  6. We could always do what the French do and go stand outside their homes and bitch.

  7. I have a feeling even that wouldn't work LOL. Maybe if it happened over a long span of time. Maybe. But then it would be too late or some other excuse I assume.

  8. Michigan will gladly accept the money from the idiots in Ohio who keep re-electing these bigger idiots. Fucking idiots.

  9. I can't believe I ever supported this shitty state for anything.

  10. The times I had just GMO Cookies from 2 other producers, it tasted almost nothing like the RC Garlic Cookies. I assume it's a difference in cultivation methods/environmental and probably a slightly different pheno or something. I don't think it's known which cut or if Riviera Creek did their own pheno hunt, etc.

  11. Please tell me you don’t work for them 😂😂 On the contrary, it does matter. I dont care how many terpes and stuff are in it. You won’t use a 2% thc with the same terpes as bud with 20% thc or higher and if you say you would, you’re a liar lol Secondly, I’m clueless as to what your comment has to do with my comment. Do you understand how high times and other places give awards? Because in that sense, THC does matter

  12. I would be interested in a garlic cookies that is 2% THC with the same terps to see how that works. lol. They claim that terpenes are half of the healing power...

  13. You shouldn't believe the propaganda around him. If you read about him from factual less biased sources, you'd be surprised how much of what you know about him is just bullshit.

  14. Translated: "If you read from my chosen sources, the truth will be revealed!" 🤣🤣🤣

  15. That's not what I said. I'm open to discussing and sharing my sources if you wanna have a discussion in good faith, but what you're doing isn't helping anyone.

  16. True, you said unbiased. I'll give it a chance. Can you send me reliable info to tell me the good/bad about Stalin? I only know the general "he's bad" type stuff. I'll reply back with my thoughts after I read it.

  17. Nice. I just decommissioned my 3CX server this week. Not a moment too soon I guess ;)

  18. I've never dabbed. What's the appeal in it? It seems wasteful.

  19. Not wasteful, it's concentrated so you get more for less effort. It takes so much for me to get there sometimes with flower. A dab and it's done. They both have their places though for sure.

  20. Right but is it normal for packages to be on a truck 6 times and never get delivered? LOL. And then end up in Florida randomly (From Ohio)? 🤣🤣👍

  21. I was told to stay away from putting a square living soil bed in my square tent. I settled on a 65g grassroots round living soil bed for a 3x3. I have not yet put it up yet as I'm still waiting on fedex to unf*ck their logistics system.

  22. Sorry I got off on a rant and forgot the reasoning LMAO. They say that the corners dry out too quickly in the square grassroots beds.

  23. I’m gonna feel really dumb if this is not CGI…. but WTF, Uncalled for dude.

  24. I honestly thought it was fake just based on how it acted when it hit and the camera perfectly backed up and zoomed at the perfect time. IDK It was cool as hell either way though.

  25. Yeah that was what got me thinking it was CGI, the dirt hit and the camera movement. and then I watched it again and was thinking there would be a lot more environmental reaction (most noticeable the grass would be quite effected by a spinning blade of that size right) anyways yeah it is still really cool and super well done if CGI.

  26. He has some more videos on his tiktok but generally the same stuff. There was another view but it excluded the wreck or maybe it was after he repaired it. There was a language barrier based on the comments potentially.

  27. And you can’t get your $$ back. It’s good to be king isn’t it?

  28. I was just told that I could get it back but I would have to file a claim to do that.

  29. interesting, as I already filed a claim and when I asked I was told no.

  30. I was told that by the person handling my investigation just like 45 minutes ago. We got tired of waiting on our dog food and cancelled it and got a damn refund so I can go get some at the store (it wasn't available 2 weeks ago when we put the order in locally). Ugh. Worst of all, the fucker wouldn't ever let me take it to a supervisor. In their script, they tell you they are not allowed to transfer to their supervisors and there's nothing you can do but just wait until it shows up. lol......seriously? Nah, i'm good.

  31. In fairness to the driver who delivered it, he might not have known that I wasn’t some idiot who recycles biohazard boxes for personal shipments. The FedEx screwups came before he ever touched the package with the label, and after with the shitty customer service and the lack of pickup despite multiple calls and escalations.

  32. I still would have had so much goddamn fun with that inviting the media to do a story on it 🤣 I hate FedEx with a passion because they screw up my deliveries SO much. I only use them when forced to.... I have 4, almost 5 packages that are about a week overdue. Keep getting put on the truck, driven around ohio and then dropped back off. 1 package has made 5 trips back and forth, the other 3 have made 4 trips. 2 of those packages are over 40lb total lol.

  33. Oh yeah, have spent hours and hours on the phone, cases opened, claims filed - nothing but misinformation and unfulfilled promises. I’ve even been to the ground facility it Salt Lake City in person twice (that’s how I was able to recover 2 of the 5 bags I originally shipped). I’ve contacted PR&R search at overgoods as well. The only thing any of it has produced so far is frustration.

  34. wow that is horrible. Apparently their systems have been down over the past week (at least everybody keeps telling me that). Eventually I got one of the support reps on Twitter for FedEx help to tell me that they've been having unprecedented issues like more than they've ever had in a long long long time and that they're playing catch up and this is their way of doing it. IDK.

  35. My 4 packages (soon to be a fifth) have been riding on a truck between Columbus, Ohio and my house for 4 days in a row. Tomorrow will be the 5th. I've had so many conversations with FedEx promising "Tomorrow". Then tomorrow is tomorrow again. They created cases for mine and one is a medical device that keeps me alive at night. It was supposed to be overnighted last Wed and delivered on Thursday. Still riding on the truck and collecting with other pending packages. They never attempt to deliver (security cam footage) and the tracking literately says operational delay no delivery was attempted. One of them is dog food I ordered 2 weeks ago. Were out after tomorrow! I hope they get on it. LOL

  36. I'd be shocked if they even attempted it. They always pull that crap here where they say they attempted delivery but magically they were never on camera doing so LOL. That or they just ouright ignore your packages and don't deliver them for a week or two of "delaying without attempting to deliver".

  37. Yikes it’s a medication delivery so I really need it

  38. If this starts going on for too long and they pull something, make sure you call and let them know that it's a medical supplies package still they can create a case for it. Not that it's done anything for me but they said it would deliver before the other packages they are trying to steal from me.

  39. LOL Because for some reason at 1pm they know they aren't going to deliver your stuff. I've been dealing with it for almost 5 days now. My 4 packages (soon to be 5!) just ride around on the trucks around Columbus, Ohio, come to my area, then return my packages to be sorted again and placed back on a truck for "tomorrow".

  40. wasn't really asking anything just posting information in case anyone else stumbles upon. seems to be related to hardware acceleration as another user posted. not sure if it's a browser issue, amd issue, or what exactly. but hardware acceleration on chrome or rimworld + any browser can reproduce the issue consistently with my setup.

  41. I'm, still having this issue. I just re-enabled hardware acceleration because, well, it makes Chrome run faster. That said, it makes it have all of the issues stated above. What GPU do you have by chance?

  42. Josh D is the seed provider and source of the genetics for this cut of Motorbreath. Klutch is the grower.

  43. Now what cut is the stanbaugh garlic cookies that RC sells? haha. I will have that someday!

  44. Fiona is old news! Joey Burrow is the new talk of the town! Who Dey!

  45. That some kinda shitty sports reference? Who cares!? 🤣

  46. What’s your name supposed to get you political points?!? No one cares. 😂

  47. Nah man, fuck that twat. We share a last name. Lol

  48. My specialist talked me into trying clomid when I had a very low count and my wife and I were trying to have a child. The shit you are saying is real! It made things SO much more messy 🤣🤣 I felt bad for her at times there was so much 💦

  49. He was born with Holoprosencephaly, and is considered on the Autism Spectrum as well. Also ADHD.

  50. Neat little python script! I've been messing with scraping certain websites for trending of data over time or to find deals and send myself push notifications, etc. I also admire your effort and your story for your son. I love to hear these positive stories. I almost think we need a post flair on this subreddit so we can see these positive influences that Cannabis has had on peoples lives -- especially cases like this.

  51. My American bully ate one . Started shaking his head. Must not have tasted very good.

  52. Yeah! She does that too but continues to do it LOL! I don't know how many she eats when she goes outside but I sure hope it's not a ton. Her doggy mom looks at her like "Where did I go wrong with you?" 🤣🤣💀

  53. My boy wants to kill anything thats not a dog so he can be a tad crazy lol. Killed a skunk. Ate all the spray , got sick and face irritation. 2 weeks later he did it again 🤷🏻‍♂️. ( this has nothing to do with weed or this post I know, ...whatever😊)

  54. LOL omfg!!! Yeah they can be a bit crazy but they are so worth it... Minus their hip issues ugh.

  55. I'd be down for developing ubiquitous public key signatures or something.

  56. My mind instantly goes to some sort of blockchain as well. I don't know much about it in depth but a ledger like that sounds like it might be something along the right lines? PKI is good too (until it isn't, I hope I'm gone when that happens LOL) 👍

  57. It's been 20 years. You think it's never been thought of to update this requirement? Or perhaps it's more convenient that it's difficult to do so.

  58. The group TRIED to be allowed the ability to electronically accept signatures last year (or 2020? I forget) but they were denied even with the pandemic.

  59. 6 TOTAL per household only 3 flowering is shitty at best, but it would due for the short-term. No path for expungements yet leaves me weary but maybe we can expand that later.

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