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  1. Oi de Londrina, cidade dos leds de Natal

  2. I live in Brazil and I can guarantee this will happen.

  3. Pior o gado defendendo ele pq ele é """"""anti corrupção"""""" ... É foda manos

  4. Because mommy's spent the entire week doing nothing other than hanging out with friends, reading, doing fitness classes, and then strategically timing emptying the dishwasher when dad gets home so she can casually sigh and reinforce her "poor me dealing with the kids" martyrdom and ask for him to cover Saturday so she can rest up and do a little shopping.

  5. Oq falta pra vc e mts bolsonaristas, liberais, direitosos no geral, é conciencia de classe, saber de que lado da historia estamos

  6. A bom ia dizer q tava drogado ou tinha só acordado agr kkkk

  7. Acordei agora, hahaha eu li e falei, cara faz todo sentido, se não fosse do lado errado. Daí enviei e fui ver de quem era o comentário hahahah desculpa ai

  8. Quero ver rodar Crysis nesse Corsa 2008 1.0!!!

  9. I can try do that, I'm in Brazil and consuming coffee from Brazil, not sure if you need someone from outside.

  10. Not Edival, it's "pessoal", so more like "look guys".

  11. Looks great minus the TV being a bit too high.

  12. Post mais low-effort curitiboca que vi nesse sub nos ultimos meses hahahas

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