1. Has anyone suggested that there might be two smoke stacks visible in the flying twin video? There is no mention of this theory on the skinnybob wiki or in this sub. Looking at the sped up version of the

  2. You know I think now that you mention the smoke stacks I do see the same thing.

  3. I think it’s much more compelling in the video loop as you can see the motion of the “smoke”

  4. Wow the other front picture showing the eyes is very creepy for some reason

  5. The US government actually provides free currency readers to the blind and visually impaired.

  6. his issue seems to be the way time zones are drawn. i don’t disagree

  7. Yeah understandable. It’s mostly state lines with a few exceptions on borders for like major nearby cities.

  8. They’re edibles are great. The delta 8 carts are okay

  9. Interestingly, these are not uncommon at all - I've seen them on several cathedrals. Not sure of their significance.

  10. Could this be related to the royal order of jesters?

  11. Big tough guys when they go into the woods instead of an elementary school

  12. Worth every moment of 7 days in Jail just to land one on that fuckers face.

  13. Honestly fair. I wish the father could go to town of the guy but that’s pretty lenient and deserved leniency imo

  14. Mysterious universe is the best I’ve come across. Definately worth the money subscribing to get access to the back catalogue. Years worth of podcasts

  15. Is a dollar less than when Penn bought them which is significantly less than competition

  16. She isn't a Penn hire. I would imagine her days are numbered as soon as they can figure out the optics.

  17. Nobody is a Penn hire. If anything she got stocks in Penn like Dave and the rest of them, because she fostered the deal.

  18. Your entire comment is full of false attributions, d hominem attacks and general expression of pent-up hate.

  19. The Warren Commission (JFK) and the 9/11 Commission Report were both congressional investigations...

  20. The warren commission concluded there was more than one shooter though right?

  21. Anyone here interested in this/Terrance/psychedelics and high strangeness and ufos, I HIGHLY recommend his book archaic revival. Really interesting read

  22. Very good mysterious universe podcast from season 22 about this and how some have actually witnessed portals during migraines, like those same phenomena but they’re stationary in space and don’t move with your eyes. Theory could be you’re seeing something in this reality we don’t normally see because your brain is operating differently

  23. 🧩 would be if he had to take them in a certain order or something. Not figuring out a way to spin it into a reason to consume 1,000 calories

  24. Not true there’s a lot of sensitivity in texture and taste etc. not sure that’s what’s at work here but either way it’s so uniquely frank i fucking love it

  25. Just wanted to share a resource Ive been using to look into Louisiana locations.

  26. I looked at the photos on his website and they look doctored. No saying if he did it, or nasa did it, but the images he presents don’t look right to me. Looks like someone airbrushed stuff out or added in shadow

  27. I’ve been seeking out some for a while. I wouldn’t mind an online community that met regularly and featured speakers or something. I’d pay for a subscription/membership for something like that

  28. I’m up near 135 and I also love my building. A lot more options north of 110 depending what your commute demands for trains

  29. I have to imagine a lot of younger people are getting help from above. My current apartment is ~$2k and about to increase to $2.5k, and my building is full of young adults fresh out of college, some seemingly still in classes. Though most of them also have roommates, which I do not.

  30. I found a great spot in Harlem last year under 1900. Never letting go

  31. Sunday is race day as well. The racers tend to capsize a lot.

  32. I wouldn’t hand the phone over but I’ve made a hot spot one time when a guy in a bodega like yelled at me to do so so he could call his ride.

  33. No, not at all. Just first-time nerves, lots of cash to drop, only the THIRD apartment I viewed and my family is here all week to help look

  34. I suggest still looking around. I live more north near 135th which is a bit more “calmer” than down near you but I’ve never felt unsafe. personally feel like it’s very convienient for work as it’s on my train to work, so my commute is easy. But there isn’t many options in the area for places to go or bars/restaurants etc, so expect to be going downtown or out for a good time. In my opinion

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