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  1. These eat cockroaches. I just had to get one out of my daughter's room this morning. I never kill them, and usually relocate them to my garage.

  2. How do you catch it? They are so fast

  3. They’re usually on walls. Just cup hands around it until it walks onto my hand. Then I just make sure it doesn’t fall off my hand until I’m where I want it to live.

  4. Is there enough room to cram the Mac mini into the same enclosure? Might get warm, tho.

  5. I'm an adult male, but got the 41 because I just thought it fit my arm better. My teenage son has a 44mm s3 and it looks huge on him but he likes it, so whatever.

  6. Jimboy’s. Idk why people hype it up so much! They are bland and gross! Rather eat Jack in the Box tacos over Jimboy’s any day of the week!

  7. I don’t care for it at all. Every meal leaves your table and napkins absolutely soaked in orange grease.

  8. I was utterly shocked to see it survived the pandemic when I went back to my office recently. So many coworkers used to go there and I didn’t understand why given so many other better options.

  9. I've always imagined the dumpsters behind that strip joint on Richards Blvd has some sketch shit going down

  10. Usually 3 years. We trade in a phone every year and my wife and I alternate between who gets the new one. My son gets a hand-me-down, which lasts him one year before he gets an upgrade. We just got my daughter a phone, so I’m not sure how we’ll do it now.

  11. I can't believe no one mentioned turmeric. I've used it in plenty of dishes, but I think people are mainly using it for color. The flavor is weak and kind of muddy. Definitely the most muted spice used in Indian cooking.

  12. I don’t either. I know he’ll be by at 3.30 or 4am to say what’s up and wake me up to pet him.

  13. Order it from a Thai restaurant from the stir fried section of the menu. It’s always great.

  14. Beefeater with brine and olives is cheap and wonderful.

  15. One needs to buy an engagement ring in order to ask another for their hand in marriage and don't get me started on that "two month's salary" nonsense!

  16. I asked my wife to get what she wanted. It wasn’t extravagant. Her friend with a “rock” was jealous of my wife’s manageable ring. My ring is a $10 tungsten band.

  17. Mine is Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning! Gotta love MSG! 🤓

  18. Msg by itself on popcorn is also interesting. It changes the flavor.

  19. I'm a budget analyst at CalTrans and we're getting into the permanent telework program.

  20. We were asked to come in 2 days per week and the division chief can’t come up with a justification other than “at least it’s not 5 days a week”. It’s really hard to justify any time in the office while other divisions are at either 0 or 1 day per week in the office.

  21. First: Atari 2600 tanks Most: Street Fighter V

  22. Blood Orange is not a good fruit. It’s dark and pretty, but the bitter taste seems to overshadow the nice presentation.

  23. Isn't there a movie about this? I can't remember the title, but it's about people intentionally infecting themselves with diseases their favorite celebrities have.

  24. There’s a movie called The Gift about people who seek HIV, as a way of not fearing it.

  25. The market isn’t gonna do down for a VERY long time. As long as crypto stays relevant the market will never go back down

  26. That’s what they said last time. There was a lull when I bought my 2060 below msrp. Before and after that crypto idiots had bought up the market.

  27. Dipped in beef gravy! Ala Portillos in Chi-town!

  28. I had one of those “wet” and regretted it. It was just a mushy mess.

  29. Try this: Apply your Mayo spread as you normally would and grate Parmesan (the good stuff not the pre-grated crud) over the sandwich.

  30. That works with any cheese. You’re building a frico crust.

  31. 😕 Not sure how I feel about obscenity's being displayed on the public road.

  32. This is political speech and would not be found obscene.

  33. Who the fuck is actually prescribing it???

  34. A girl I grew up with is a NP and is all the way down the antivax rabbit hole and has been prescribing ivermectin to people. This is insanely unethical but so are the whole frontline docs and they’re still doing their thing.

  35. If this is allowed to go on, there’s no point.

  36. Whatever you, don't look at our vehicle registration prices compared to other states....

  37. We've chosen to tie our state police funding to vehicle registrations. It's not entirely equitable, but if we change the funding source to something else, we'll pay the same thing in other way.

  38. I never played it until I got a PS5 and it was free as part of the playstation collection and I didn't really get all the hype around it, Was an alright game nothing groundbreaking I can't see why its so revered.

  39. I’m same as you and most of the way through. It’s a good game, but I don’t get the same sense of amazement and awe that I got from playing the first GOW games, which I thought were a level above anything else I’d seen at the time.

  40. Not sure if it is genes or anything I have never met a westerner that like Durian... So funny when (asian) friends and I are enjoying so much, the western friends stayed away like plague

  41. I’m white and love it and my Korean wife can’t stand it.

  42. It’s like the vegetable form of tonic water

  43. We're not even boycotting Russian oil yet. If we do, expect the prices to spike higher.

  44. There's someone on here claiming Gief vs Sim isn't a bad matchup. I'd like to think they're trolling, but they seem to really believe it.

  45. I main Gief and it's easily my worst matchup. I spend the whole round trying to get in close, and he's lobbing fireballs and pokes the whole time.

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