1. Because a lot of people are interested in filmmaking generally and A24 has a lot of fans.

  2. I remember reading this when you first posted it ! It was freaky then and it's still freaky now lol 😂😆

  3. If you guys don’t jive with this podcast (I didn’t) thank you should check out the superior Celebrity Book Club.

  4. It’s beautiful but I found the transformation to be so awkward.

  5. Girl this isn’t the “high value queen energy” flex you think it is.

  6. Most of the people awake in the luxury building are probably household staff.

  7. Taylor Swift and her private jets. 8,293.54 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

  8. I was listening to ‘Karma’ the other day wondering what she considers her karma for that amount of environmental harm.

  9. The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

  10. Honestly, as someone autistic, this is my nightmare scenario - not understanding what’s going on because there’s just not enough context and people getting upset with no one clarifying what the issue is. I wouldn’t have thought mascara was a coded word for sexual assault - there’s an entirely different scandal revolving around mascara on Tiktok and that was what my mind went to, initially.

  11. We did similar exercises in school. It’s how you learn.

  12. If they did, that only points to the fact that the societal power differential is in favour of men, so being spoken to like this isn’t loaded with disrespect, treat, and objectification.

  13. I was raised in one of those fundie houses. Thank you for doing better for your child. I look at my own son sometimes and literally start tearing up with rage about how anyone, let alone my own parents, could see age appropriate baby behavior as worthy of inflicting pain and suffering. Sometimes his crying is triggering to me because I suddenly remember being little and crying the same way and being punished for it, with spanking/beating or mom reaching back in the car and pinching me with her nails until my skin turns white. The need to heal will never go away. But at least I can keep my son safe from them, and root for the other fundie children to leave. That is why I'm here. I need to see the hope that they can break free too.

  14. My heart hurts for your little baby self to have gone through that.

  15. Very highly co-morbid with ADHD and Autism in my understanding!

  16. I’m mad her while I eat my peanut butter toast….

  17. Thanks for sharing this article. It’s so ghastly. Canada’s reckoning is due.

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