1. Betty White, I thought that broad would live forever.

  2. Don’t buy those. If you are new to wrestling do not buy anything colorful.

  3. Talking about mayweather : “Never have I seen someone get so rich and famous from having absolute wimps throw punches at their face, and I know what you are thinking ‘what about Rihana’.”

  4. It’s hard holding someone on there back when there whole sport is about not getting held on your back. Some of the post on this sub are just so ridiculous

  5. Liam neeson: He makes the same god damn move over and over, he can’t keep getting away with this. Definitely number one on my list

  6. Aw. Come on. Guys wife died tragically. Cut him some slack. Also movie- Ethan Frome

  7. Fuck him, I’m not saying his wife deserved to die but he deserves to have a dead wife.

  8. The government and the media do not accurately represent the people - USA

  9. The southern west coast of Mexico is better than the Yucatán península. I would recommend puerto Escondido

  10. It’s probably good I am a man, because if I was a woman I’d be a whore

  11. This is like a 12 year old and a 16 year old having an argument

  12. I cut weight for wrestling quite a bit and I’d say it’s easier and possibly healthier to clean up your diet, see how much you naturally lose from that and training, and then you can somewhat easily shed another 7-10 lbs within the last couple days of a weigh in.

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