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  1. All the difference in perspective I need to see if that they mentioned "wife" before "air force veteran"...

  2. Shit movie. Shit friends. Dodged a bullet there.

  3. 10 bucks says he's back with another u/ inside a week.

  4. That's it. Republicans looooove to argue that they were the party of Lincoln and that they freed the slaves while the Democrats created the KKK. Technically, it's true, but it ignores the fact that the Republican party was the liberal party at the time. So it was always the conservatives sticking up for racism and the liberals trying to progress into a society of equality even though it was Republicans who were the liberals at the time.

  5. Thank you navigating that twisted thought process

  6. Multimillionaire. And you're clearly missing out so STFU. /s

  7. No big deal. There are synonyms for that

  8. If no big deal then why ban in first place?

  9. Just because redditors don't have friends, doesn't mean it's the same for the rest of the world.

  10. So if there are 4 members in a family, then ncome is 60,000 per month.

  11. Yes Crittu, my 6 year old didn't put up his share this month though. He better get those LPG cylinders or he goes to bed hungry.

  12. Nobody expects a 6 year old people to earn. That is not how per capita works

  13. Hint: it's because the top guys, who are the only ones who could get a union off the ground, are way more like Dana than they are like you

  14. Exactly. They know that losing their top prospects would hurt so they keep them happy and greased. If the top 5, say, from all divisions simply decided to unionise, they would face repercussions. Even though it would help the bottom 5, no one is willing to take that risk.

  15. We don't want a terrorist organisation interfering in Indian democratic process. Rightwings are trying to illegaly influence democratic process. They are trying to make regime change here. Like their founder, they will be forgotten with time.

  16. What does he think "fighting the system" means?

  17. Obadiah Stane. Without the suit lol.

  18. It was an eventuality , the big bang is basically a part of a big cycle , eventually the entire universe is gonna collapse into a black hole which should ideally be stable , but we know that black holes explode so the universal Black hole will also explode , spewing particles everywhere , these particles when coming in contact with other particles of some other universal Black hole ( other? , Sure why not after all the universe is infinite , don't you think that some particles may be attracted somewhere else to another black hole ?) that has exploded , react and explode further giving masses....

  19. You can't believe that. It's a hypothesis at best. All the info we have currently is

  20. Umm that's exactly what I said. Let me expand:

  21. Note, oxygen is combustable but needs a spark even when mixed with hydrogen. And even then its, as long as its not under presure, just a very loud but mostly harmless explosion.

  22. Yes you're right. Which is why I said it supports combustion. The Alien planets atmospheres have gases that due to the presence of oxygen, immediately combust. I'm an Engineer, I know the science. Was just trying to think of some spaceorc shit and this came to mind. Can we do some creative writing and suspension of disbelief here lol?

  23. Sorry, didnt mean to i sult you or anything just wanted to point that out to people replying to this story

  24. Not taken as an insult at all. I just thought maybe you meant this isn't a plausible scenario hence the reply. You're absolutely correct about everything.

  25. Whoa. I've tried to explain twice now. Didn't mean to offend. Agreed with everything you said. Added some more to it.

  26. The likes of you are too common here on Reddit, where they virtue signal without a proper understanding where one is coming from. I wasn't even talking about women protesting, nor anything in the effect of women shouldn't/should do that. The way that you phrased it came across as if you are trying to play the devil's advocate, or the person who has the high moral ground here. Please, try to understand a comment before engaging in any further misinterpretation of it. Both of us don't live in that society and we don't understand what's necessary or not. All what I left as a comment was based on my experience being friends with Iranians, alongside with wanting to know more context. Your comment was utterly needless, misplaced, and desperately seeking for upvotes.

  27. Nope. "Way you phrased it came across as..." Those are your assumptions. And yes, i desperately needed these 7 upvotes. My life is made. But I can see you desperately need to fight today for some reason lol. Won't be replying further. Peace.

  28. So obviously this means women can’t smoke, drink coffee or alcohol, since those can all damage a fetus.

  29. I didn't even know "Schrödinger's Foetus" was missing from my vocabulary.

  30. It seems as though muslim minds revolve only around sex all the time of some of these idiots are to be believed.

  31. I don’t know how the UFC could be looking at anything other than Adesanya Pereira and Oliveira Islam at MW and LW. I definitely think Usman Khamzat is in the future but Khamzat definitely needs another opponent before he gets there.

  32. Yeah, the only fight actually left for Khamzat is Colby and he isn't taking that fight. I say let's do it.

  33. Hahahha. Halal and anime don't mix.

  34. No! This can't have been just a year ago.

  35. That label is free speech of others

  36. Legal rights are not the same thing as social acceptance and we all know it. The first step towards social normalisation is normalisation of vernacular and language. In that case don't they have the right to be "married" in every sense of the word, including colloquial?

  37. That fish would've been a problematicus if alive today.

  38. They even struggle with simple ideas! You give them too much credit

  39. Yeah, what could be simpler than "If I am kind to others and respectful of their rights, we'll have no trouble living together". I mean this is what they absolutely refuse to understand.

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