1. I'm mid-30's and consider myself to be "post-transition" for about 3ish years now. For me, the shift happened once I was passing enough as a man that I felt comfortable growing my hair longer or wearing clothes that might be considered feminine because I knew people would still see me as male. I had top surgery 6 years ago or so and have been on HRT for I think over 8 years. No bottom surgery and I'm not planning to do any at this time.

  2. This is the future I want for myself. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. From the Philippines! Japanese desserts like cheese tarts and ube everything! Also sourdough brioche donuts with local flavors like mango cream with palm sugar syrup, or sweetened coconut,or caramelized sweet potato, or even durian cream (love it or hate it kinda flavor)

  4. I had durian for the first time recently. Sadly I’m not a fan…

  5. Like others said, my day to day is pretty normal! I go to work, sometimes see friends or do activities like visiting a museum or park, play board games, watch period dramas on tv. Relationships were tricky for a while but now I’m dating another queer/trans person and it’s great! Sometimes we talk about trans stuff, but mostly we spend our time cooking or going for walks or playing games together. It’s nice :)

  6. Not the point of the thread, but I wanna know where these folks live that OP can be like “go do a therapy, here’s the number” and her BF can apparently get in with a therapist that very day. Over here you’re lucky if you get an appointment within a month lol

  7. It’s to contrast it with other forms of breast surgery. Cosmetic breast surgeries (augmentation and reduction) are far more common among teenagers, at least in the states.

  8. My psych was reluctant to prescribe stimulants without a formal evaluation/history of dx so wanted to try Wellbutrin first. I didn’t like it at first bc it was strange to feel so calm, even in situations where I knew I was stressed but my body wasn’t having the physical stress reaction I was used to. I realized that I’d gotten so used to a baseline of anxious panic that I assumed it was just how life was, I guess. At this point I’ve gotten used to that and am starting to find a new normal. It hasn’t really helped with task initiation, but it’s been helping with task avoidance a lot, so as long as I’ve got a routine/schedule I’ve been much more able to get through my day.

  9. Just think of all the things he could have said to communicate his values: “if you’re rude to wait staff, I’ll be disappointed” or “I would feel so uncomfortable” or even “I might not want to continue our dinner and would go home early.” Why did he escalate all the way to hitting as if that was a perfectly normal response?

  10. Not Vegas please. I had a conference there earlier this year and it was miserable. The hotels are very far apart, the distance from the hotel rooms to the conference center area is often very far (my first day at the conference I walked over 3 miles and never left the building), you constantly have to run a gauntlet of cigarette smoke and slot machines. Just please not again

  11. I think it was so smart they put a character on the council, as councils took on more of a role in shaping london communities. Eg council flats replacing older housing. It’s easy to imagine that no one wanted those changes bc of how much the old ways of life changed but clearly some people thought it represented progress! As much as I disagree I think violet is a good representation of a social current that otherwise wouldn’t have a voice in the show.

  12. I’m concerned that this is your first foray into sex, and you’re not 100% enjoying it.

  13. At first I got big swings - I’d be HUNGRY then I’d eat a few bites and be totally full. Now I’m basically back to normal. I’m doing less mindless stress eating though which is good!

  14. Hi there! It’s great that you’re thinking about taking care of your skin. Teen hormones are tough, but keeping your skin clean and moisturized can help. Do you have a routine that you’re already using?

  15. I’d been thinking/fantasizing about it for a long time but it always seemed really daunting and scary. When I started hearing about non-binary people doing low dose T that made it seem more accessible. I also started seeing a therapist for other things and got more comfortable with the idea of accepting myself instead of represssing my feelings.

  16. It's currently believed that these are for knitting gloves.

  17. a brand of gender neutral period underwear is TomboyX ! i’ve never tried them myself but i’ve heard they’re good

  18. Cold Heart by Elton John & Dua Lipa 😂

  19. i’ve only ever dressed up once for halloween and that was before i realised i was trans, and that was as a ghost lol. but since then i’ve wanted to dress up as either lucifer from the show lucifer, or kaz brekker from shadow and bone (tv show) / the grishaverse (book series)

  20. Blackbeard both freed a lot of slaves and brought slaves to the mainland to be sold. His crew also included a number of freed slaves.

  21. I’ve been curious about this, but have worried about the logistic hassles of navigating times when your id needs to match something else, like airplane tickets. Any insight into this?

  22. glad this is being dealt with. as someone dating a trans woman i felt very uncomfortable by trans women being brought up constantly and seeing all the posts recently has made me think of leaving the sub. it's nice to know that the mods are making sure things are civil and respect is provided :)

  23. Thank you for commenting - my partner is non-binary but considering starting feminizing HRT and all the negativity was really screwing w my head!

  24. Hey OP, it sounds like your adhd and impulsiveness are starting to really affect your social life and self-esteem. On the one hand, you are definitely worthy of understanding and friendship on your town terms. On the other hand, if you frequently find yourself thinking “god why did I say/do that, I’m so embarrassed” it might be a sign that you need more help managing your symptoms. Do you have a therapist (in or out of school) you can talk to? Or a teacher you like? Lots of people w adhd go through similar things and it’s okay to want to feel proud of yourself and how you act around your friends!

  25. Pro Tip from my doc: The gel has to be dryd 6h before you can shower. Originally its applied in the morning yes BUT. If you put it on before you go to bed, you could sleep 6-7 h, get up shower and not have to wait until its dry every fucking morning. I hated it when I was on gel for 2 weeks. I am already extremly short on time, now I have to get up earlier to apply stuff that has to take a while to dry. Not fun at all.

  26. Sorry to contradict your doc, but this is the first time I’ve heard 6 hrs. Mine said 2, and I’ve also seen 3-4, but never more than that.

  27. Does your uniform include a jacket or sweater? If you can wear something open over your shirt it can camouflage curves.

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