Turns out r/TaylorSwift doesn’t allow jet tracking…

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  1. We love you. <3 Who you are is always more important than what people think.

  2. AHHHH, as a "gay man" who has been feeling more like a woman over the past few years (since COVID gave us time to think and I got out of a toxic gay relationship), this resonates soooo hard. I really, genuinely feel different than other gay men, especially the masculine ones.

  3. I’d say parts of Asia are the most accepting, especially Thailand and the Philippines. But everything should be taken with a grain of salt. I live in San Francisco and last weekend I had a man throw a cherry soda at my head while yelling at me for being trans. I was entering public transit with a friend downtown. I wasn’t dress provocatively, didn’t engage with the person before, and didn’t do anything that should make me a target other than simply existing, which seems to enrage some peeps. Nobody came to my aid, reported to muni station agent and they didn’t care. This in what everyone thinks is the most accepting city in America.

  4. Agreed! Coincidentally enough, Thailand and the Philippines are the only two Asian countries with Drag Race franchises. The culture of the contestants on the shows (many of whom are trans or NB) really seems to embrace gender fluidity and saying "fuck you" to traditional gender norms, much more than any of the other countries' franchises. Hell, it literally took RuPaul like 12 seasons before he would finally accept femme trans women on the show.

  5. It makes sense that she would want to highlight work she already owns on this tour - and only add in the unowned recent big hits (1989 & rep) because those are what the GP knows.

  6. Yeah... I just hate to think how much 🛵 is profiting off of songs like Blank Space or Don't Blame Me being so popular right now. But we just have to remember long term Taylor will eventually own everything, both the stolen and re-recorded versions!

  7. My friend from home is going to his concert & T. Swift’s and she told me that Morgan’s ticket prices are crazy more expensive than Taylor’s. How? I thought she broke Ticketmaster and he was racist

  8. From a quick Google Search, they're similarly priced to Taylor's tickets. But lots of Morgan's shows have plenty of available seats (whereas Taylor's sold out basically instantly), and he doesn't have as many tickets to sell in the first place.

  9. Anti-Hero at #7 after all this time. She's still in the top 10, which is noteworthy.

  10. Miss Miley really is slaying the charts with Flowers! Which is ironic, because I feel like there are even better songs on Endless Summer Vacation.

  11. Exactly! As sad as it is, Colleeen's raising F to be a narc just like her. He can say or do no wrong - she will literally lie to validate him, instead of gently correcting him when he's wrong.

  12. Yay! I know it sucks at first, but it's for the best to see her toxic and exploitative behavior for what it truly is. Thankfully we all have gotten away from that horrible environment. <3

  13. I'm really good friends with a Swiftie and when this came up, it was probably the first time in the 20 years we've known each other where you could tell that if we didn't stop talking about it, someone was going to say something we couldn't take back. She's normally so great about social issues, we can spend hours railing on environmental damage but as soon as Taylor was the one under the crosshairs, her entire belief system went out the window. It was kinda scary, to be honest.

  14. Yeah! I'm not a Swiftie but definitely a big Taylor Swift fan, and I can also say that I think Taylor's tours and overall lifestyle are extremely destructive to the environment. And that's not good.

  15. Weirdly enough, I'd love to hear The Great War acoustically! I feel like it would sound surprisingly good, the melody is nice.

  16. Ran a half marathon first time in 5 months yesterday (shit time around 2:40) listening only to Taylor. Was hard but doable. So I guess it’s not impossible if she works out consistently. Also remember that she takes about 5 days off between shows to rest the voice I guess.

  17. She also has infinite time to dedicate to this and little “daily” stressors that most of us have.

  18. This is the correct answer! Taylor obviously has worked insanely hard to get her voice and body in tip-top shape for this tour, AND she also is in the perfect environment with ample resources to be able to focus on that wholeheartedly.

  19. They probably get a lot of joy out of connecting with people and audiences more than anything, is my guess! At some point it probably becomes less about the music, and more about the feelings and shared experience behind it.

  20. Sigh. Love Madonna and her iconic legacy, but she just doesn't seem to give a care about professionalism like she used to. When she got sued by fans for being hours late to her most recent tour dates, her response was "the queen is never late"

  21. I mean, kind of badass too if you think about it. Imma start trying to say that whenever I am late to see the sideeyes as an experiment :D

  22. Haha, maybe it's badass or something. But don't expect anyone to like you after that!

  23. “It would’ve been really good but I’m really disappointed she didn’t perform my personal favorite ________, which is ridiculous given the amount I paid for a ticket”

  24. Literally! Like, how delusional to think Taylor's not doing enough for YOU PERSONALLY in this tour. She's performing for 3+ hours straight, 44 songs... I don't even know how her voice is going to survive 52 tour dates, but I sure as hell won't complain that she needs to do even more.

  25. Do we think each show is going to be three hours though ? Or was it was longer bc it was the opening show after a good few years of not touring.

  26. I'm assuming it will be the same three-hour show throughout the tour. She wouldn't just charge the same ticket prices for all shows, and then give the majority of them less than what she had already performed previously.

  27. COMPLETELY AGREE. That bridge reminds me of my dad and it would be so magical to scream it while sobbing.. the way music connects us is one of life’s simple pleasures 😭

  28. Seriously, the bridge… all the times my dad took us (me and my siblings) to these cool places and tried to explain the history of locations he was passionate about while we as kids just complained that we were bored. What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and not take those moments for granted.

  29. Yeah... and it's so hard, because we were kids and didn't know any better. But as an adult, I really mourn what I could've learned from and about my dad, especially going through certain formative experiences as an adult and learning so much about where/how I grew up. I wish I could talk to him about everything and what life was like back in the day when he was young. 😔

  30. To a sponsored family therapy session... of course, so they can be told how amazing and perfect they are as parents!

  31. Ok, but it's blowing my mind that we're currently witnessing the biggest and most successful concert tour we'll likely ever see in our lifetime, by one of the most popular pop stars of the century at her peak.

  32. Does someone know which songs were shortened? I know there are a few where she skipped verses and just did one verse transitioning into bridge, or maybe she started a song and then went to another song

  33. In addition to MA&THB, Bad Blood, and illicit affairs, I believe Style, Wildest Dreams, Enchanted, Ready For It, and marjorie were also shortened, among others.

  34. Not me driving a convertible while blasting Blank Space followed by Anti Hero

  35. If this is the last song, she'll have performed (either in full or shortened) FORTY FOUR songs.

  36. This is honestly unbelievable. And I thought Ariana performing 29 songs at the sweetener tour was a lot!

  37. Imo it's kind of a shitty move, cause she doesn't have anything else to prove. Speak Now standard is self-written and that's all that matters. After 13 years I would've expected that she wouldn't care anymore 🙄 I think that's what bothers me the most. It's been 13 years. Let it go

  38. Sometime next year probably. Depends on if it can survive the Christmas wave of songs. It could decrease for parts in December but then increase afterwards. I suspect sometime around the date of her first concert next year but it could be earlier

  39. Anti-Hero ended up making it to the top 10 just as you predicted it to! At this rate, it could easily reach top 5 by the end of the year.

  40. Yep, this new crop of her target teen audience is too savvy for her bullshit.

  41. This is disgusting! It's like they think of disabled people as less than human.

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