1. The best luck I’ve had lately is booking on partners instead of United metal for the old “saver” award pricing. You should ask this on flyertalk- I’m sure the folks over there will have some advice.

  2. My body is responding better to whatever they are doing now. I’m faster, stronger and leaner than ever. I’ve been a member since 2018.

  3. In addition to going to a running store - before they fit you, tell them what you plan on doing with the shoes. It may change the recommendation. When I told the person at Road Runner that I go to Orangetheory, they went to a slightly different shoe.

  4. This is the right advice. The best shoe for running is not the best shoe for OTF. I really find specialty running shoe stores don’t have the best shoes in stock that work best for OTF.

  5. Exactly. I actually followed the advice you often hear in these OTF shoe posts and went to a specialty running store. The problem is, those specialty running stores know how to sell running shoes. They don’t always know how to sell HIIT shoes. I ended up buying two from them after a custom foot fitting, but the problem is, most running shoes at these stores have a very high heel and make me feel very unstable on the floor compared to my lower/zero drop shoes. I’ve been wearing Nike Free’s for about 10 years And love the simple feel, but thought a “recovery day running shoe” with more cushion would help. I started alternating shoes every other class depending on how my foot feels.

  6. Those and the On Cloud X are the best shoes for HIIT style workouts in my opinion! I alternate between those at OTF. I run outdoors in Hoka or Brooks.

  7. Our studio has stickers that say do not wipe the screen.

  8. Right wiping the screens is a no-no. Especially the massive screens on the new treads.

  9. But we touch the screen why would we not wipe them????? Gross

  10. They are cleaned with special cleaner and wipes by the staff between classes (new treads). The wipes we use in class aren’t good for the actual screen apparently.

  11. It’s nice for someone to ask but they’re not really “my” weights and I’m mindful that people have needs other than the weights at their station. I wouldn’t care about this honestly.

  12. Agree with this. They don’t belong to anyone. It’s nice to ask but not necessary. It’s a weird thing that really varies by studio. The odd/even thing is even studio specific. People have to be adults and share + communicate what they need.

  13. It’s definitely not ok to go around taking peoples weights, just as it is not ok to hop on their tread just because you feel like doing an extra tread block. That is their station to use for the duration of their workout and you can’t just help yourself to it.

  14. Studio dependent. My home studio coaches literally say the weights are to be shared.

  15. Will our 1 mile benchmark time now be slower? If you Push @9 instead of 10, will it take longer or the 9 speed will be as fast as the old 10 speed?

  16. If you ran at 10mph on the old tread and 10mph on the new one, your mile time will be 6 mins on both. The 10mph on the new tread will feel faster/be harder to run with same perceived effort, but it’s more accurate.

  17. They are much better. Flexible but less bounce. If your studio had old treads/didn’t calibrate them often you may find your paces are off. I alternate studios/travel for work and the newer treads feel much more accurate… but you may have to adjust speeds down.

  18. So...I'm curious if other gyms have their weights set up the same as the one I go to. There are 12 stations and the benches are sort of between two racks of weights. One rack will have 8, 10, 15, 25 and the other has 8, 10, 12, 20. In any event, I have never looked at the weights on the racks as mine, I've always considered all the weights to be shared. Is this how other gyms are too?

  19. This is how most studios I frequent are- I’ve been a member for 5 years. The whole idea of “my weights” was foreign to me until I found Reddit. Now I still ask bc it seems like a reasonable thing to do

  20. I wish coaches would occasionally remind the class to ask before taking others weights. I can’t lift heavy for medical reasons and was very upset someone took my 8s and 10s the other day

  21. When I joined OTF years ago the message was the opposite- basically told weights are to be shared. And to ask if we can’t find what we need. I think the culture is studio specific.

  22. I wanted to do this one year and my studio manager asked me not to. I explained that I can power walk faster than some people jog who were doing the full/running. She didn’t allow me to do it.

  23. Why would you want to cheat yourself and not do the full distance? Someone walking 5% at 4mph for half the distance is a lot easier than 8mph for the full 5k. Now if you’re normally a PWer and that is pushing yourself, that is completely different.

  24. I find running easier than power walking. For me running is just momentum - power walking takes constant work.

  25. At high inclines after a certain speed I agree. Jogging 4.5 is easier than walking it. I PW one class per week and it’s very much just as much a challenge (and I’m a runner outside of OTF w a base of 9mph). But at a long distance PW half the distance at that incline is much easier than running the full distance. At a higher incline maybe that changes.

  26. This mentality really irks me! Have you not seen the dozens of posts about almost every exercise engaging the core? And that's how strong cores are developed (through the transversus abdominus). Those with weak cores should not be doing ab-centric exercises: personally, I skip those days!

  27. This! Almost everything we do on the floor engages and strengthens core.

  28. Try to still get in 10k steps per day. Do body weight exercise circuits a few times per week. Eat slightly below maintenance. You’ll be okay! 3 weeks will go by fast.

  29. What about your morning poops?! 😳😳😳

  30. 🤣 my body is so efficient now I poop right away after waking up. So I can wake up at 440, poop, brush teeth, get dressed, and make it to class at 455 to the studio I live closest to. Sign up as I’m walking in.

  31. If you go to a studio that only schedules classes with little time between classes, there used to be options in the template for coaches to trim 3-5 mins off the class so you’d be done at 50-52 minutes vs the normal time of 55-57 minutes. I’ve only seen that at a couple busy studios that only have 5 mins between classes on the schedule.

  32. The tread block needs to start with a minute or two in base to warm up the legs. Every time. I usually start on the floor or rower; when I get to the tread block, my shins/ankles are LIVID when the very first instruction is a push pace.

  33. You don’t get a few minutes at base while the coach is giving floor and/or rower instructions?

  34. Umm we’ll get that occasionally if base is part of the template. So often it seems like by the time everything is wiped down and we get up there, we have about 20 seconds to get the tread moving and then suddenly it’s “push pace”

  35. So interesting. My coaches ask us to get to base pace and then does the floor demo/explains the floor block. By the time they do that and then give an overview of the tread block we’ve been warming up for a couple minutes.

  36. Yikes. This is absurd. Why pre book someone who didn’t ask for it? I’m hoping this was a mistake.

  37. You can buy a used monitor if the cost is a barrier. I personally only think the unlimited plan is worth the money (on a cost per class basis at 4+ times per week)… unless you are doing other exercise outside of OTF, the 4x and 8x monthly are supplemental imo- which works for some ppl.

  38. Oddly, during that time of the month I generally feel bloated and icky for a couple days, but feel better after my workout (less bloated, more energy). I don’t notice anything during other phases of the cycle.

  39. Based on the contract language, If you canceled yesterday you wouldn’t be charged again, that would’ve been your last charge.

  40. It’s good advice to switch things up occasionally. A higher calorie burn doesn’t always mean better results (fat loss, muscle gain, endurance, speed) long term though.

  41. This is the first time I’ve heard of a studio not requiring booking. I’ve done studio classes like barre, yoga and CrossFit and I’ve had to book ahead of time. The only time where I roll to class is if I take a Zumba class at a gym.

  42. People are booking before the class starts, just not significantly in advance. I book on my phone once I arrive at the studio.

  43. After the fact yes but if you only have 3 ppl in the class at the start of the day it could still get canceled when 5 ppl are waiting till the last minute to sign up.

  44. For that day, If someone is booked, they are still supposed to run the class. In general, classes may be removed from the schedule due to lower utilization- but that is retrospective.

  45. They have to manually count classes not taken at that studio. It doesn’t “restart” … just takes a bit more effort to get a total… assuming you are using the same email, they have access to this info.

  46. I really wish OTF would just include it as an app feature 😣

  47. They are generally overstated. If you’re trying to lose weight ignore the calories/don’t factor them into net calorie goals. If you’re trying to gain weight/muscle… you may want to add a little more calories to your diet to offset the cardio we do at otf.

  48. It does. Just star them as favorites and it pulls up schedules at all of the favs

  49. You can star the studio as a favorite but not the coach… unless there is something new…

  50. True. Just studio but the you can scroll LOL

  51. Since they work across studios and you may not know which studio- there are a lot in the denver area, it would be so much easier to have a daily or weekly view for one coach.

  52. For those who haven’t taken class yet I would say go tread first and then floor. Also Austin’s tip comes in clutch today.

  53. I disagree with this. I actually prefer all those lateral lunges before running and after coming off of the rowing warmup.

  54. I spoke with a few SA's and coaches in my studio. What they told me is they prefer for people to pre-book so they have a better idea on numbers. They really don't like surprises when it comes to people in class because it helps them plan better.

  55. They prefer pre booking so they can maximize late cancel/no show fees.

  56. What do you suggest as a lower body move replacement? Lunges and squats are great movements. We do lunge variations not the same thing in every class (front, lateral, static, split, reverse, jump, curtesy, speed skater, add a step up) + weighted, single weight, med ball, body weight…. there are only so many lower body exercises that exist. Lunges work the legs, glutes and core.

  57. We do a lot of upper body and compound movements. People complained for weeks about chest and shoulders being destroyed. Sounds like you just need to cut your attendance down to 3-4 classes per week

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