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  1. If it took the severing out of severance, would you still watch? It’s a flawed premise because it’s purposefully the backbone of the show.

  2. Always shocks me how conservatives never realized they were not only liberal, but as far left as they come. Their lyrics aren’t exactly subtle.

  3. Everyone knows that lol. You can like a band and disagree with their politics

  4. You’d be surprised how many people have freaked out on Reddit and Twitter about rage going woke. It’s hilarious.

  5. Imagine Selina taking Gary with her on vacation like Tanya and Portia lol

  6. One shoulder shirts. They aren’t sexy—they’re weird. They never sit well. They are by nature asymmetrical and ugly to the eye.

  7. Double feature was good. It wasn’t what people wanted or expected but if they were stand alone and not officially AHS, people would have been more positive and receptive. They were fun. Just different.

  8. Sharing Babylon Bee content. Lack of decent humor always a sign.

  9. The plus side of things. Think of the all the years the Allman’s played multi-week runs at beacon. This became a a destination that’s easier for the band as the get older and let’s us keeping having fun.

  10. Spend tons of money on crazy billboards that will only be seen by republicans with the same crazy brains. On the bright side, media companies tend to lean more liberally so keep giving them the money.

  11. Anyone else get overwhelmed? Somehow felt unhinged and brilliant all at once. The intensity!

  12. When your house gets broken in what will you do? Not call the police?

  13. Not inherently good ≠ inherently bad. Though if all that policing worked, maybe my house wouldn’t have been broken into in the first place?

  14. In all seriousness, I feel like only 2% of CEOs know what they are doing. Not saying those 98% overlap but just don’t feel concern. The news just seems to want recession so badly so that they have something to write about.

  15. No pick. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if it was

  16. As a New Yorker, I can say 100% this was George’s spot. This is one of the biggest holes for me. New Yorkers, despite what tv tells you, are not assholes who’d go head first.

  17. It was def a style in the 90s but disappeared and highly recommend you don’t look back.

  18. Straight male in NYC and loved. Not sure why the hate. Think people just want the exact same tricks every season and get cranky when things don’t play out how they want.

  19. You’ll have no problem getting the train, but check for your line/station to be sure.

  20. Done it a bunch of times. In front is ideal but behind is better than the side. You’ll still get a bit of CK5 action usually. Solid sound. You’ll just miss out on most of trey’s faces.

  21. 100%. Captured the funk that made the whole 97 tour prior to ghost’s release.

  22. Phish covering Ween’s “Roses are Free” GNR covering “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

  23. Utter lack of empathy. Very little interest in the WE and only a focus on ME.

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