1. What a dumb ass all because he trapped himself into a contract to buy Twitter.

  2. At some point it will be a selling point that a phone does raw shots for the real thing.

  3. Good luck your gonna need it to find 30k

  4. The psyops of all psyops is this dude still having a security clearance

  5. Aww now he's out admitting he's trying to take down the government and the NASA contracts haven't been pulled very disappointed.

  6. Be excellent to each other is like a Bible verse

  7. The timeline switch has been fun for sure. Fun to watch me switch up my Facebook feed for all stuff I enjoy as well.

  8. Matt is paid by the Russians these days.

  9. We're done playing jack we got Samsung tvs son ain't losing them to the north.

  10. Aww well fuck you Putin Dark Brandon is in town

  11. If you put it that way, nothing ever was nor will be an AI. "Oh, it just making up stuff based on XYZ", "See, it only did this, because its programming said so" etc.

  12. You could say the same about humans we only respond with the programing we have in life.

  13. He should be roasted til the end of time.

  14. I hear lawyers love clients that write manifestos. Paging jack Smith confession just dropped ten pages of it.

  15. Why dinner isn't good for you, lose weight with this one simple trick - buzzfeed

  16. Old Marge the audience that listens to your crap dies more everyday it's not canceling it's called compassion we are just putting them down before they break hips.

  17. Aww lovers fighting like this so sad to see in public

  18. Stop going on Twitter it's just a stroke Elon's ego site.

  19. Well the smart ones are sedition as a charge if they don't better to take the deal they are on camera lol yeah fight it at trial you dummies

  20. Yep this is what happens when you let trump lackeys say no and they aren't in jail.

  21. Walsh is a sad human angry that no one wants a traditional life anymore he's the old man telling at the sky. How dare you not have babies.

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