1. Suho has been in some musicals and afaik he got good reviews for The Man Who Laughs and reprised the role 2 times, i think that musical made him shine and gave him a confident boost on his abilities and yeah he has proven he is good, especially considering the other names on that role, I hope he does them again, it suited him so much

  2. I'm a 2019 shawol who biases him ( also a meU ! And an exol) and i tell you that it is hard to bias someone who isn't there anymore ( and tbh in 2020 it wasn't really hard for me as much but when they came back in 2021 and he wasn't there it actually hit me he is never going to come back and it was hard for me because i was happy for them to be back and was because he wasn't with them ) but he is a huge part of SHINee even after his passing, all the members always remind you they are 5, you'll always feel him there even if he is not, and for me, I'll always have the MVs and content of the group as 5 and that will always help

  3. Why was she hated? I started following Kep1er recently but when I watch her but she's nowhere near a "black hole" in a way Hyewon or Minju were considered in IZ ONE.

  4. As someone who is outside of the whole reality/ fandom so i think I'm a bit objective, people said she didn't deserve the spot in kep1er so from the start she was hated, especially by the fans of the other contestants who thought their respective fave deserve it more and the fans of the other girls who got it but were below her, comments about her being a Nepo girl because her brother, people saying she was ugly / untalented/ a filler, i as an outsider felt it was a mess and completely unwarranted ( and i mean idk how she sings or dances or anything about her but she is a kid and a person and nobody deserves all that hate for simply existing ) i can only imagine how her fans felt

  5. They're all over Twitter, and swarm up from time to time. I bet Nayeon would have literally told these akgaes to go take a bath if she knew what they were doing lol

  6. And with pop outcharting TTT they probably got even more toxic because it always happens and also why it's good for artists to get solo work, when they do the akgaes multiply and get super nasty

  7. If you think Ronald Reagan is as right wing as you can get I have some very, very bad news for you.

  8. Idk what this is trying to say because Ronald Reagan was very much right wing so yeah it's a fair assessment to make that someone who admires him is also right wing, are you an elf wanting to defend that awful man ?

  9. I’m saying he’s not the most right wing you can get, ESPECIALLY when you count Asian leaders.

  10. I was talking about Siwon i said that Siwon is as right wing as you can get being a Ronald Reagan stan and again what that has anything to do with what i said ?? It seems like you are deflecting lol and nitpicking

  11. I did say "one of the worst" lol, Blackpink is the worst for sure. But in 2020 it was pretty dire akgae wise, I think DFTF, despite all the hate it gets from multis, really did help a lot to unite the fandom/bring in new OT9 fans.

  12. You are right but it's that everytime I think exo is bad in that department i see BP members akgaes and i realize we could have it worse lmaoo so at least we have that, plus yeah DFTF definitely helped to unite the fandom and bring ot9 fans, we just need another cb and one where they actually perform the song and where they act like a group again more than just for exo arcade

  13. this year is pretty terrible too tbh, I can't believe how little music we've gotten. 2020 was bad fandom wise, 2022 is bad SM wise lol.

  14. Yup but at least this year is for the lack of music not scandals and the fandom falling apart plus Junmyeon got discharged and Chanyeol will be discharged in a few days , we are 6/8 finally ! And we have had some group appearances, I'll take this year over 2020 any day lol

  15. Blackpink has done the exact same song for years now, HYLT was DDDD part 4 and lbr, Booombayah follows the same pattern, pink venom does too, pretty savage, Typa girl, shut down and LSG are different and that's why I think they stand out, and this last album proved they can give more than that

  16. There are several reasons : They are popular They are women Other fandoms feel threatened by them Blinks are deranged and have been even more deranged lately

  17. If the group is rich enough to live comfortably and have longevity for me they made it, SHINee was never the top seller but all of them are rich and have their own solo career and are doing their own thing after 14 years of being on the industry, some kpop stans would call them flops because their sales ( that are good especially considering they are a 2nd gen group but you all know how kpop stans are ) but all of them are rich enough to have apartments on super expensive neighborhoods on Seoul and super expensive cars, etc

  18. I think sales are inflated because all the versions and PCs because they don't do that well on SK either ( 2 baddies is 80 on melon daily and like 60 on bugs and 44 on genie ) and only dream charted once on Spotify with hot sauce and it was at the bottom of the chart

  19. I think even their UL on melon is like significantly lower than other BGs. Not sure why maybe the public just doesn’t listen to their songs or like their songs.

  20. More than 3M ULs because Growl is close to the 5M Uls ( I'm sure it will get them this year, it was at 4.9 M ) but I've discovered nctzens are very delusional people

  21. You're going in a tangent. The question posed here refers to popularity within fandom, and how that contrasts with GP reception and the idea that non-fans may have.

  22. Moving the goal posts lol but within fandom he is still the most popular, his fancams have the most views, his teasers and pics get the most engagement, his IG posts get the most likes

  23. Because you are wrong. Everyone tried explaining to you repeatedly that we are talking about within the fandom as this post specified. And you kept going on about solo stans and casual fans ( and non-fans! what even..)

  24. All of them have had views from ads, Taemin started to get them until Idea but i don't think he got them for advice, also downplaying Taemin's streams on Spotify when his ML are way better than the others and sometimes even par to SHINee, he has had a 7 years career but his discography hasn't been on Spotify for that long, "shawols" really love to discredit Taemin and then say they are OT5 lol

  25. EXO... So i got into kpop in 2019 because SHINee, I heard RDD by mistake and I liked it but it was Lucifer who made me a shawol so i decided to explore other groups and because BTS was ( still is of course ) the most popular one at the time i decided to give them a chance, i didn't like them so I thought that it was only SHINee for me kpop wise

  26. I tried with BTS because they are the most popular one but i didn't click with their music and if i don't click with their music i don't care about them as people so yeah, after that i tried again because a friend is an army but again, nothing

  27. God Jihyo and Jisoo, both are so gorgeous I swoon everytime I look at their pics

  28. *ahem*, I am bi, but yeah Suho really spins my world around.

  29. Came here to say the same. A member from my ult group said a really racist comment about another member recently and it’s got me thinking about whether he’s actually a good person or not since this has happened on many occasions :/ I’ve ulted them for 4 years so it feels wrong and foreign to unstan them so idk what to do :(

  30. Feelings change and if you don't feel comfortable with them then maybe you should unstan them, he didn't even apologize

  31. They have performed this song more times than all their releases since 2018 combined

  32. I'm a shawol, EXOl and a meU and one of my favorite songs is breakthrough by Twice

  33. My absolute favorite group is BTS but my favorite kpop song ever is Sherlock by Shinee.

  34. That EXO is done / is disbanding, the group is going through a hiatus because the members are enlisted, they are going through something that ALL boy groups have to go through, so idk why and how it became a drag that they had to enlist when they as Koreans are just fulfilling their civil duty, all the members have said several times that exo is not done, that exo is coming, etc, so stop with the narratives, they sold 1.4 M with a 5 songs mini album with zero promotions and even lesser budget, they have gained new fans while on hiatus and very few appearances, they have more ML on Spotify than currently active kpop groups and their streams on YT are very good too, they aren't the dead group a lot of kpop fans want them to be and they will be back

  35. They are really committed and like him a lot but are very cool ! Also you never watch them fighting with other people except if they hated on KD first, i remember hyping up Paranoia a lot ( i adore that song/ MV) and i got like 20 likes and few rts and i barely have followers too lol

  36. SHINee is the group that made me discover loop 3 years ago and until this day they are my ults, other groups have more content and are way more active lol, but they don't give me what SHINee gives me : incredible songs, fantastic choreography, great lyrics, catchy songs, amazing performances, 5 guys who are so cool and so charming and so funny and great and talented and intelligent and i could go on, i love them so much and I'm so glad I met them and i want to be with them for way lote time

  37. EXO with Wolf and Growl making a/b/o popular in asian countries 😭😭😭

  38. I hate to admit that it took me five minutes to figure out that a/b/o is alpha/beta/omega. At least I hope 😫

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