1. American here, I would much rather just be told to fuck off yank

  2. I work for a government contractor. I’m sorry I had bills to pay.

  3. No not worth it. I know some people who’ve bought cars that are a huge chunk of their monthly spending and as a result they’ve got these huge car notes that feel like they never get lower. I make nearly double you and just bought a $38k car and I still feel like it’s too much money. My boss who has to make at least $150k drove a 97 Corolla until last year. Putting yourself in a compromising financial position just to make yourself feel better about the car you drive isn’t worth it.

  4. That’s like asking “who was the best player from 1995 to 2007” you’re going to get a lot of varied answers (and that’s a good thing). Messi and Ronaldo’s dominance has spanned such a relatively long period of time that there are multiple correct answers.

  5. Chaos FC. Can’t wait to smash Leicester this week while this goes on in the background, but once it’s resolved take a loss on Sunday.

  6. Hate to tell you this but you’ve got to let them win. It would be too good if a storyline not to.

  7. My wife got one once, we’re the only people that the other has slept with so she hasn’t seen many dicks in her life. She proceeded to tell him it looked like a pinky lol

  8. I’m definitely getting the radiant greninja to add to my collection

  9. First instinct is to tell you to save it, because I’m a saver usually. But honestly, I’ve had days where I’ve spent over $250 on stupid stuff (I’m in the position where I can afford to, so no harm done). Honestly, buy something stupid. Have some fun. Save some if you don’t know what to spend it on, the money doesn’t expire so buy stuff that you really want.

  10. Started out very well, and collapsed mid season (not unlike the team as a whole), and seems to be finding form again.

  11. Defense lawyers that specialize in getting people off of DUI’s.

  12. Defence lawyers are there for check and balances. Without them, you would have everybody being prosecuted with little to no evidence.

  13. Most defense lawyers aren’t bad, I’m talking about the ones who specifically handle DUI cases.

  14. This was a great midfield, not at the level of any other mentioned.

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