1. It's alarming, but regarding the title - it is nowhere near the world's largest power plant, I wish people would stop saying it is.

  2. I should have. But I waited until I got the 3rd stimulus for $1400. I was going to the bank to talk about my nest egg of stimulus checks, but I stopped at a strip club and spent it all on lap dances 🤣

  3. It's based on an estimate of $13M / KH-101 but as far as I can see that's a figure that lacks any reasonable validation.

  4. It's really an odd figure, given a few of us tinkerers could probably build one for a fraction of the cost. I'm puzzled because it doesn't stack up.

  5. 😂 Kansas hasn't changed since Dorothy.

  6. I wonder what it would take for Georgia to block transit?

  7. That route is horribly precarious, block that and Azerbaijan's income dries up.

  8. Something about this guy just looks familiar to me. Not like I’ve met him, but that I can see his humanity. I think the scar on his lip is what did it.

  9. ^ This. The drain of lost experience is even more important than lost equipment.

  10. You gotta love Google Transmogrify 🤣😂

  11. Which means it is, and if they do, it's everyone else's fault.

  12. The strategy was effective in the 2020 war and probably always will be despite how childish it seems. Nobody can corroborate claims by either side, so the side with more money and political influence wins.

  13. They certainly have a huge army online. I noticed at the end of the 2020 war, dozens of Wikipedia articles had been changed where culture, cuisine etc... that originated in Armenia, to Azerbaijan. The moderators never even blinked.

  14. Unfortunately, where needs must, sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Not sure how Aberzijhan is involved with the Turkish Genocide of Armenians last century, though.

  15. Really? They were part of it and participants.. I really hope Ukraine doesn't accept this offer. At very least, it will alienate a lot of Americans.

  16. No it won't. Also, Armenian troops killed more Azeri civilians in the last war than the other way around.

  17. Hi Ma, you missed my stash, 😂

  18. Don't forget the massive amount of damage done to the Amazon forest.

  19. Which he's blamed on American actors that own land in Brazil...

  20. Please tell me you mean literal Hollywood actors. Need a good laugh

  21. Yes, he accused some of them as being personally responsible. Google is your friend.

  22. I can't stand Pelosi, even as central left myself. But anyone that stands up to China, and works towards repealing One China legislation anywhere in the world, has to be at least okish. It's an evil travesty in any case.

  23. Stops their soldiers sitting down 😂

  24. Considering all the flat earth people worldwide, not very shocking.

  25. Who obviously make up the other 65%, in Russia.

  26. By my count, this means that 81 HIMARS have now been destroyed by Russia. Out of the 12 systems that were originally sent to Ukraine, Russia estimates there are only 148 left, of which over 200 have surrendered.

  27. It reminds me of Chemical Ali, one of Saddam's ministers, who because known as Comical Ali, because he continued broadcasting that the invaders had been defeated even once they'd reached Baghdad.

  28. I can believe the ratio. I've seen the demographics of active Russian troops. I hold no sympathy for them, though, at this point in the war.

  29. I've been on to a Russian Army & radar base several times, in Armenia, they were mostly blonde. It might depend what region they're in.

  30. I think it's regional too. More Caucasian Russians in the far western regions. It's been said that the Siberians and the Yakuts get the shit jobs. Hence them being called cannon fodder, maybe.

  31. Re the base. My friend was the chef, they just waved me through. I would wander around inspecting stuff. He lost his job after the Russians discovered he'd been smuggling boot loads of food off the base, in the trunk of his Mercedes and selling it from his flat.

  32. Hezbollah, Hamas, he's grieved with them all. He's not wired quite right

  33. Ouch, that's harsh coming from one. Good on him.

  34. You gotta wonder then, was he controlled by the Ayatollahs when he was in office?

  35. He was pretty random, I thought driven more by hatred of Israel than anything. He apparently reformed a lot more than any of his more moderate successors. Coming back to your point, the influence of the Ayatollah seems mostly relevant at election time.

  36. Wankers. I suppose the hospital had some missiles in the intensive care unit?

  37. There seem to be a lot of clowns in that car, but we should all be worried about what happens if Putin dies suddenly or if there is any attempt at a coup of some sort.

  38. Chances are Kadyrov will go down with Putin.

  39. Slightly misleading article, in that it means gas not oil.

  40. Mormon, hes going to start wandering around with a little name tag calling him Elder Vlad

  41. I think that’s Putin-speak for: “I checked the inventory and the bastards sold off all the rocket fuel and components!”

  42. Or, the discovery that someone on the inside has been selling off the odd suitcase 😂

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