1. Dire avengers. They shred pretty much everything.

  2. I always tell new people to look at all the armies and just pick whichever one is the most visually appealing to you. You play the game for fun, but if you don't like looking at the models, painting them and putting them together what the point. I went with eldar for my first cause it was space elves with giant dead robots and jetbikes. Which I thought was cool. Over the years they have been good, then sucked then been good again.

  3. I run 2 in almost every game they ate so good. U can give them the move shoot move upgrade to make sure they survive at least for 2 to 3 turns.

  4. Get some bikes, farseer, troop choices and dire avengers to start

  5. Go to the website and see what army u like. I tell newbies to get what army u think is cool for your first. I choose eldar. Kinda a bad first army as they are a higher skill level but I loved the models. From there u need the army codex and some models. The basic core rules are free to download and u can find the more complex rules online(like terrain rules. Etc.)

  6. A good deal is a good deal. Who cares if it's a recast.... gw is so overpriced you should be happy someone is sticking it to them.

  7. What a rubbish take. Are you twelve? Legalities aside, these sorts of recasts are in no way a “good enough” equivalent to the legitimate product. Fake “PRDAA” bags aren’t sticking it to the man, they’re cheap tat that look awful and just make you seem like you have low standards.

  8. Lol ur prob one of the guys that gets smoked by someone with a printed army and then complains cause they paid less. Over paying for any product whether it's a mini, cloths, etc doesn't make u better it makes u foolish and uninformed. But hey if that little symbol on your shirt or purse makes u feel like a "big man" more power to you, I guess.....

  9. Try putting the models at an angle, when u have a large flat surface it creates a suction on the fep. Or maybe use larger supports.

  10. My anycubic photon mono 4k has been fantastic. If you go that route order the sovol vat because the vat it comes with has a major flaw. The vat works fine but it's basically impossible to replace fep film.

  11. Guard are gay.... why play regular humans when u have so many other awesome factions???

  12. U can use a sof dice on a re roll. Don't listen to these other people.. u played it right,.sof is before you roll. A reroll is a roll. When u go to reroll u elect not to and use a sof dice. U are 100 % right.

  13. I’m not entirely sure this is correct but I don’t know if the interaction between command re-rolls and SoF dice has been fully explained anywhere.

  14. It's nit a continuation, it's a new roll. You can use a sof dice on a re roll Wethersfield it's from guide, doom or a cp re roll etc.

  15. What craftworld are u taking?? I would drop the war walkrrs and a waveserpent. Put bright lanes on the other two waveserpents and max out the dire avenger to square to 10 as well as the swooping hawks.maybe some bikes, bikes are good.

  16. Check ur lift screw. Maybe there's dried resin on it or something. Or maybe more lube.

  17. Does it make that noise when it's at the bottom up against the screen???

  18. Shit, now u got me confused wether it was home or zero after. I'm at work so would be lying to u if I said I was positive. I did what the little white paper said and it worked. Mine was literally making the same noise.

  19. I've got the Photon Mono 4K and I have no complaints. Naturally, with a 6K you're getting a higher resolution, and you're paying more for it. Otherwise it looks pretty similar to mine.

  20. I also got a photon 4k, and I love it. Paid like 220 for it. Haven't had any problems. All though I hear the customer support is trash.

  21. Anycubic 8k is pretty sweet. I am not a software guy and got a 4k and I love it.8k is a little more but he might be able to do more with it. What is he going to printing ot???

  22. I disagree, maleceptors provide and extreme level of damage output and defense for not just themselves but nearby big bugs as well. At least 50 more points feels right for a t8 15 wound 4++ monster that also dishes out a lot of mortals in a turn

  23. Said this last night as on turn five he was still on the board with 14 wounds. T8 with a 15w a 4++.... come on. More wounds then a riptide, higher toughness, and a short ranged rail cannon(mortals). All for 100 points cheaper.

  24. I was also playing tau with 3 hammerheads, longstrike and a storm surge.....

  25. There's a lot of historical factors that go into it, but ultimately in the Year of Our Lord 2022, it's mostly because there are people out there that take Memes literally and thus see "Tau = Bad" and assume it therefore must be true.

  26. In lychee go to settings and make sure ur set up for anycubic. I haven't had any problems after I switched to lychee.

  27. If u need to hollow anything do it on chitubox then save it as an stl and reopen it lychee. From there add ur holes and bam. Ur rdy. I think lychee is more user friendly ne ways.

  28. Try lychee slicer I had this problem with the anycubic software and with chitubox.

  29. Down load telegram. Go to the choas stl forum. On the side bar it will have files. I find all my stuff there.

  30. It's starts with horus being named Warmaster and his fall into chaos. The first 3 are about the luna wolves. If u want chronological order u definitely want to start there.

  31. U have to start at the house heresy. I'm on book seven and it's a great read.

  32. F the website, support a local hobby shop. Don't blow the corporate hq like nautilus

  33. I've had the complete opposite experience. Most flgs I've ordered from have been a week minimum (bearing in mind I'm in the UK) and yet it's rare I don't get a GW order within 3 days.

  34. Blowing GW much???? I never ever order from the site. Support a local hobby store instead. Smh....

  35. Are we sure it isn't a misprint? I can't understand why a carnifex has 4 attacks and a screamer killer has 10???

  36. It's actually not, since the codex officially dropped. Screamers do get 10 attacks base

  37. Kinda like how eldar heavy weapon platforms had 7 attacks. Also in the codex. They have misprints.

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