Frothing Berserker cries out for Donald Trump during the events of January 6th.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

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  1. Ah yes, revolution = "sitting around and doing nothing" apparently.

  2. roflmao you ain't part of the revolution

  3. I would ride in the plane full of cats, ngl

  4. Tranformers 3 was one of the biggest piles of incoherent garbage I've ever seen. Wtf

  5. A great example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. If these dudes had any brains they'd eliminate the draft all together.

  6. Some Targets have added in liquor areas as well. Not all, but a few.

  7. Anyone who says yes lives an extremely privileged life. Trump winning would have been a minor inconvenience to them while other people's lives got destroyed.

  8. The problem with this statement is that generally speaking, as people get older their ideals point more toward the conservative end of the spectrum, if the planets still hospitable in 50 years time, we will be the boomers of the Alpha and Beta generations.

  9. A lot of people I know are actually becoming more liberal.

  10. Someone please adopt these babies. 😭

  11. They always use luxury homes and cars and the like in photos, as if that's the goal. Show a shitty little rambler maybe.

  12. This isn’t nearly as crazy as it sounds. As a legal defense it’s bonkers, but the jist of the article is the oath keepers will contend they believed trump would invoke the insurrection act and federalize them as a legitimate, legally valid, militia.

  13. All more proof this whole thing was planned.

  14. All these idiots who thought Trump was gonna be their savior. He was fucking USING YOU.

  15. Is it not the same girl in both pics?

  16. "I don't understand therefore I refuse" - every bigot's justification for being a bigot.

  17. We bout to get a Bitcoin villain.

  18. You wonder about Kagami's mom, I wonder how that film is still good after being kept in a metal box on the roof for years.

  19. I don't know, I am in general not fan of dubbed comics neither song edits, but I might give it a try

  20. Phantom Savage does like, a professional level job, though.

  21. I actually really like him. He's really good!

  22. Lemme just carry this thin blue line flag while attacking cops.

  23. It's so bad I can't even be angry. It's just hilarious how clueless they are.

  24. I can't stand DJs on other stations or commercials, so it's what I listen to.

  25. Can y’all please list some actual stations please?

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