1. Back scratcher. Electric heating pad. A good stretch after a nap. Opening the door to get a breath of cold fresh air in the winter.

  2. We love you Katie! I’m so sorry for all of your pain.

  3. Bonnie Day on Westminster has a cafe menu from 8-2. Great coffee and beautiful scones and banana bread.

  4. Snipping paper? That does make some sound though. Draw a picture with washable marker on plastic and then drop water on it until it’s gone. Squishing kinetic sand. When my daughter is mad at me she closes one eye so I look tiny and she pretends to squish my head between her two fingers lol.

  5. So sorry you’re going through so much agony. I hope you’re able to make it to the hospital next week and they give you some relief. Even just a morphine drip to let your body rest. Are you able to tolerate gel ice packs on your head?

  6. I think Yumi Nu has some ethereal essence!

  7. You can totally go for that style with your gamine essence. black combat boots and an oversized tee would look so good on you! Or pair the boots with a slinky slip dress. I think you could pull off grunge styles sooo well!! I feel like a dark, smudgy smoky eye would accent your features really well.

  8. Love it! I’ve been thinking about this too! I totally agree with all of your placements. Here are a few more:

  9. I’ve been on LDN 2 years now. I started at 0.5 mg and titrated up to 3 mg. Found no difference between 3 and 2 mg so went back down to 2. It hasn’t had any effect on my fatigue but it makes a dramatic difference in my pain levels - body aches and brain burn. I was taking Advil all day every day before LDN and now I only need Advil once or twice a month. If I skip a dose I can tell the difference.

  10. Okay, this is coming up a lot. I feel like I should make one post and copy/paste it to save time!

  11. Wow that seems like a high starting dose! I started at 0.5 mg and titrated to 2mg. Happy it’s working so well for you!

  12. You look a lot like Dita Von Teese! And people argue about her having ingenue or not too lol. I believe she’s either romantic-dramatic or romantic-dramatic-ingenue. I do see classic in you as well.

  13. Ugh I’m so sorry. That’s so infuriating!!

  14. A random thought - if sounds and video screens are not possible for your friend, I wonder if he would be able to do therapy via email. I have never heard of someone doing this but I’m sure there would be a therapist willing to try it.

  15. Maybe a chow chow or an Akita? Both would have to be thoroughly socialized to strangers coming to the shop during the day.

  16. I don’t know about the Argentina jersey in particular but Adidas has a everything 50% off sale online right now. Including outlet items.

  17. Do you get a lot of evaporation? How often do you top up/with what kind of water? I’d love to do something like this but I live where it’s dry half the year and I feel like I’d be constantly adding water.

  18. Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your joy with us!!

  19. Absolutely. And my doctors look at me weird when I tell them I can feel stuff moving around up there. There’s no sensory enervation inside of the cranium, but idk how else to describe the sensation

  20. I know verrrry little about this but it makes sense to me that if there’s inflammation you’d be able to feel the pulse pressing against the meninges or the inside of the skull or something? Like how you can feel your pulse in a swollen sprained ankle.

  21. Agreed. My Dyson works better than any other vacuum I’ve tried at picking up pet hair, but they are not built to last.

  22. Did you get the diagnosis just like that, or did you have to do tests? If so, which ones? I'm in Canada too.

  23. We tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, thyroid levels, and a few other things. But I have textbook symptoms so it didn’t take long to get diagnosed.

  24. I write a few sentences in a yearly journal at the end of the day. I’m on year 4 in the same journal so every day I get to look back and see what I did on that day for the past 3 years. I include funny things the kids said, first snow of the year, birds I saw at the feeder, little things like that.

  25. Foxmeadow aka Candy Cane Lane. The neighbouring streets used to be good to but we went down a few last night and people aren’t decorating like they used to

  26. There’s a house in the loop at the end of shorecrest drive that went ALL OUT. lights synced to music and everything. My kids were screaming with delight.

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