1. I bought a pair of Columbia boots at the outlet mall and they are the best I have ever owned. Going on 10 years now. I wear them snowmobiling in the U.P. and the windchill there is 40 below zero F some days.

  2. I also have a nice pair of Columbias. Manitoban here and if I wear warm socks in them I’ve yet to experience cold toes.

  3. Batiste!! There’s one called xxl volume or something like that which I find works best for my hair. basically every night before bed I spritz a little on. Then I don’t have to brush it out because it just settles overnight. I find it helps me go way longer without starting to get greasy. If i use it before I get greasy I don’t have to use nearly as much as if I use it after the oil is already there.

  4. Sooo glad to hear things are going fairly well for you!! Learning to manage this illness better is a huge win!! So glad it’s opened some doors for you! Also congrats on the mobility aid!

  5. Wow those are such horrible, horrible things to say. Definitely not a relationship you need to waste your valuable energy on any more!!!

  6. Yes I definitely get this. Neuroinflammation raising the temperature of the head.

  7. My kid has a stomach flu so that sucks. I guess the good thing is she’s old enough to puke in a bucket so there’s way less cleanup!

  8. I like number 3 and 5. 5 made me say wow!

  9. I just don't have the energy. I don't have it. It's crazy that i don't, because so much is at stake and I'm just slowly slipping down the ravine into oblivion while everyone watches and shrugs. My two kids are 4 and 7. The 7 yr old is a high functioning spectrum kid with adhd and sensory processing issues. She's brilliant but she's also more than literally anyone can handle. So I'm into my 3rd year of homeschooling her (it's what she neeeeeds). My husband is disabled (though not ssi approved yet) and is often unable to even move for hours a day (severe generalized dystonia,). I'm pretty much the primary runner of our house (homemaker, doer of dishes and laundry, house cleaning etc) and I'm struggling so hard. I'm losing my ability to drive because overwhelms my senses so badly. I just don't know how much longer i can hold on before i become severe.

  10. Oh my goodness. That is all SO MUCH. I hope you are able to get some increased support somehow!

  11. I'm closer to moderate than mild.... I'm a homeschool mom of my older kid as well. She's 7 and a high functioning spectrum kid with adhd and sensory processing issues. The local school can't support her the way she truly needs. But i don't know how much longer i can hang on. :/

  12. Wow I’m sorry you’re in such a difficult situation!! I can’t imagine homeschooling all the time.

  13. Do a riding pant style legging! If you Google riding breeches they’ll come up. Very classic.

  14. Driven and curious academic who is poring over papers late at night in the library. Supportive best friend who enjoys classical music and is piercingly insightful.

  15. Action hero who is just as comfortable bushwhacking through jungles as she is if she’s infiltrating a Fortune 500 company.

  16. I always get a small panic when I watch Survivor and Jeff Probst takes forever explaining the challenge while the people have to stand on the mat. I’m convinced someone is going to collapse from standing that long! But somehow I can suspend my disbelief for the actual challenge…

  17. Constantly having nightmares about having to walk long distances and then collapsing in public. And then I wake up absolutely exhausted.

  18. I do! Not enough to be officially diagnosed with gastroparesis but I have all the symptoms

  19. Samee:/ I am also not diagnosed. Are you also underweight because of it?

  20. No thankfully I’m not. I dropped a lot of weight at first but I figured out a few safe foods and now my weight is stable. Uncontrolled weight loss is so scary and hard. Hope you’re doing ok

  21. Not goofy at all! I see ethereal natural classic for sure!

  22. Not much energy to comment. But as a fellow believer just want to say no need to feel guilty for fear or any emotions. God made them all. We don’t have control over our feelings. All we can control is our actions and responses.

  23. Yours sounds really intense. Low dose naltrexone helped my brain pain and body aches a lot.

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