1. Yeah people getting 5hrs SoT have pretty much everything disabled, 60hz refresh rate, low quality resolution, limiting the performance of the processor. Honestly if you pay 1400 bucks and remove all the features what's the point lmao

  2. Then I have no idea how I always get 6-8h SOT with absolutely everything on default and everything always on (AOD, data, wifi, bluetooth, everything, I don't care). I just disable notifications from spammy apps and apps I don't need, so the phone isn't constantly waking up. I don't micro manage anything related to my battery. I don't game on it, and I rarely use the camera, I use social apps and browse the web and watch A LOT of youtube on it, on wifi. I have no idea how some of you guys can get such a trash battery life and such an horrible experience. We have the same exact phone but sometimes it really seems that we don't

  3. Thank you. Those are some good pints you’ve mentioned!

  4. I have mine with everything always on (wifi, bluetooth, mobile data etc) and almost every time my battery lasts me 2 full days. I am not a "light user" but I am also not a very heavy user. I browser A LOT of Reddit and A LOT of YouTube. I don't micro manage my battery, I just dont give an F and it just lasts. I don't game on my phone, I have a PC for that, so I don't use battery on thay anyway. I have a lot of apps installed but I keep notifications for them turned off unless it's an app I need. Always On Display is ON. I have no idea how to kill this phone in a single day unless heavy gaming. 256GB Exynos variant here (Europe). So I guess unless you are a heavy user, battery is absolutely not a problem. Also, again, if you don't game, it almost never heats up, it's almost always cold in the hand. Exynos versions are completely fine unless you really push it to the max. They are VERY powerful, but like to heat up when pushed. Unless you are a heavy mobile gamer, just don't worry about exynos vs snapdragon crap. Just enjoy the phone and all its thousands of positive things.

  5. Take any cases off the tablet and try it, any magnets can mess with the s pen. A lot of people have a magnet in their case that can effect the s pen.

  6. This. Sometimes even having the phone down on a metal table messes up the S-Pen accuracy. It seems that the screen on these phones detect some type of magnetism that the S-Pen transmits, and magnetism is easily messed up by electricity, other magnets or metallic things. Some people use cases with metal back planes to magnetically attack them to a car phone holder for example, or have a bank card stored inside the case against the back of the phone, all of these things can affect S-Pen accuracy and many people don't notice and just complain about the Pen itself.

  7. Bonus points if you manage to park your EV INSIDE your living room, open all its windows and full blast that AC. Connect it to your house outlet so it never runs out of energy. Now your house is cooled but it comes from your vehicle, so its not against the law.

  8. After using iPhones, my current S22 Ultra Exynos is the laggiest phone I have ever used in my life, at least recently. Boggles my mind that a 250€ used 4 years old iPhone X is still smooth as butter but my 1300€ S22U from 2022 can't be even half as smooth. There is always some stutter, some micro freeze, some animation glitch, always something. When I see an iPhone 13 Pro with it's 120Hz on iOS I literally cry. I still prefer this S22U, but damn does this get on my nerves sometimes. I sideloaded OneUI 5 Beta 1 (since Samsung is also a downgrade on updates and won't offer betas on my country, never) and I can happily say that it's already immensely better, but still VERY far from good. But it's improving a lot. Hyped for OneUI 5, I hope they don't disappoint. The new gestures like two fingers swipe to split screen are extremely buggy and the animation don't follow the finger movement, so I'm already kinda scared that Samsung devs will eventually think this is "good enough" and leave it like this lol. Only Beta 1 tho, so we will see.

  9. Can't really say no to a new S phone, so yea. Also, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 might finally make OneUI smooth as it should for this price, and it's currently the only thing that still makes me jealous of iPhones, that damn smoothness, especially on the 13 Pro line (120Hz on iOS is pure gold). Hoping for OneUI 5 + 8 Gen 2 to be the ultimate stuff. I always take care of my phone better than myself so I get the max trade in value possible.

  10. Samsung SmartTags had this since day one so its clearly not a tech limitation… It’s literally a button “share the location of this item/tag with the family group”. I would also love for Apple to give us this. Sometimes I think what if somebody steals my phone and my keys, I would really like to grab my girlfriend’s phone and follow my phone and/or keys… or what if I lose both? There are almost unlimited types of situations where this would be extremely useful. I use both a Samsung and an iPhone and sometimes Apple just makes me feel dumb or that I’m missing out for little things like this. For now, my tracker is a SmartTag and this is one of the main reasons, but my gf has AirTags (iPhone-only user) and she misses these features. The other is that it’s actually extremely useful to control smart home or phone automations/bixby routines (like siri shortcuts through the tag button and/or find your phone FROM your tag. I have to use this one almost daily because I can never find my phone in the morning between the panicking and anxiety or getting out the house fast. A double click on the tag button and my phone rings, gold. Apple, let’s copy useful stuff please.

  11. I have a cable like that and mine actually goes up to 42-43W when the phone is bellow 25% or something. After that it lowers to 30-32W, stays there to around 40%, then lowers again to the mid 20's, stays there up to like 70%, then lowers to 12-15W and stays to around 95% when it lowers to 4-5W up to 100%. This phone can in fact charge at 45W (or very close to that) but only for the very few first percentage points of battery.

  12. Look at what Android or iOS is doing, it's 2022, apps shouldn't have access to everything, let them ask for permissions.

  13. Yes finally somebody with a brain. It's 2022. Get Linux on a 2022 level of security and optimization. We need ways to create app stores so devs can finally monetize their work on Linux too. We need security and sandboxing too, like other modern OSs do, and stop giving every app access to the whole user folder and hardware. By default, Linux is literally less secure that any other OS, unless you take huge measures to improve it, because everything is so open and apps have access to absolutely everything. Linux is only "more secure" because it's the least used desktop OS so malware rarely targets it, but when it does, it hits hard. The kernel might be extremely secure but a casual user distro is not, at all. Lets not even talk about storage encryption, all other OSs have it, Linux... PopOS can do it by default and some more rare ones, and almost none in dual boot. GRUB doesnt properly support it too. Yes you can do it, manually. But I'm talking about installers that automatically do it by default so any user gets encryption. A default casual ubuntu install has zero encryption, you can literally use another distro on a live usb and access everything from that user. Linux security is stuck in the 2000s. Flatpaks and Snaps are here to help solve this a bit, but we, as usual, have a lot of haters for them... at least they keep improving it anyway.

  14. Windows safer than Linux ? Yes the security model is stuck in 2000s but to my limited knowledge Linux still does it miles better.

  15. Linux is secure as a rock on servers that's true, but those are not plug and play and that security is usually setup up manually by somebody and somebody maintains it. I was talking about Linux as an end user desktop OS. It really lags behind Windows and macOS in security and "idiot proofing" in the end user desktop usage. A quick .sh execution with bad intentions can render a newbie's distro unbootable in seconds. Heck, a simple broken .deb install can render your whole update system inoperable and unrecoverable without manual intervention with terminal commands. And as I said, physical security for casual users is completely non existent. If somebody steals a laptop from a random ubuntu user at university I'm 99% sure you can access every single file from that laptop just by using a second live usb drive and browsing the disk contents, unless that user got out of their way and manually installed ubuntu with LUKS and whatever. I know it's mostly a community project, but as someone who hates Windows and mac I would really love to someday being able to use Linux as a viable alternative with peace of mind, and great dev support. But I started using Linux around 2006/7 and to this day I still think Linux fails to give proper security in an "install and forget" way to casual users

  16. I didn't use the members app, I downloaded the correct file for my phone version in the link I posted, and side loaded it. Took maybe 15 minutes.

  17. Do your banking apps still work? I read somewhere that some banking apps detect it as if it was custom ROM and don't let you use them, that's why I didn't flash it yet

  18. BuT ApPle is So PrO PrivaCy!! - yea, we can guess so, unless they find it more profitable to skip privacy a little sometimes in some places. Like forcing every app to ask if they can track you (also I never saw that popup again for random apps, is it actually still there or did apps found a way to bypass it?), but Apple apps don't need to. The setting for Apple tracking is very very deep inside settings and, I might be wrong, but I have always seen that setting ON by default. But does Apple apps really stop tracking you if you turn that single setting off? Seems too easy... I mean, Apple is doing a lot by forcing the industry and users to think more about privacy, which is awesome, but let's never cover Apple in gold. For all I know, Apple is one of the top companies in the world and their main goal is to make money, with great marketing moves. Privacy is their current big marketing move. Good for us, but let's not get too comfortable with it.

  19. Sure, but not as the default option. Most new users will use the default. I would like to recommend distros with KDE to new users, but the options are very limited.

  20. There literally isn't any new user friendly distro that comes with KDE by default. None. Everything you think of that might have KDE by default, is not the main flavour of the distro. Ubuntu, Mint, PopOS, elementaryOS, Fedora, all Gnome or Gnome based. Anything KDE needs extra steps on their respective websites, something that new users will never do after searching "how to install linux" on google

  21. Sadly I don't know if we can consider OpenSUSE as a "new user friendly distro". Fedora has a confusing installer but it's not as bad as OpenSUSE one, and once you install it it's a pretty user friendly distro (especially their gnome version, have you seen how good it informs you about updates, how well it installs them and even gives you a summary of what was installed successfully after reboot? Nice touch). OpenSUSE is a great distro, but a first time user would easily get lost. And I might be wrong, but the graph shows that OpenSUSE is slowly switching away from being 100% KDE focused.

  22. Gotta admit, that's a pretty retarded design that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the UI. But on KDE we can't talk too much about it... because when it randomly opens the file picker from the KDE 4 era, I cry. Other times it opens the newer one. Nevermind, what sometimes pops up is a very awkward GTK file picker without any theeming, but thats the apps fault, not KDE. We now have desktop portals to avoid this, but the ocasional gtk app still opens that ugly oldschool gtk file picker

  23. I haven't seen KDE 4 file picker, both from Plasma and using KDE apps from i3/sway though

  24. Yea I was thinking about a very ugly oldschool gtk file picker that appears with some gtk apps, not a kde one. Edited my comment.

  25. i heard it’s gonna have a screen and make calls too

  26. Yes but be careful, some of them increase battery usage or decrease OS smoothness. Try to keep Good Lock plugins installed count to the minimum possible. Some of them are a must have for me tho

  27. Used Arch for many years in a row. Then I "downgraded" to Manjaro because I started to get fed up with having to babysit my OS so much. Finally I got a fulltime job and now Fedora is my peaceful world, I need it to just fucking work everytime I need to work or join a meeting. I also "downgraded" to dual boot with windows again, because oh well, when you need to use your computer professionally you need maximum compatibility with stuff and zero downtime. And I'm sorry to tell you guys but Windows sometimes is more peaceful for me than Linux on certain aspects now that I really need it to "just work" everytime, Linux as much stability as it has, still suffer from incompatibility. And while Linux itself might be rock solid, the apps are not, especially compared to their Windows counterparts

  28. My wife has the 13 pro, my self 22u, she is tempted to get the s22u because the pictures as she says are "night and day". She is willing to jump out of her eco system and get an android, she has the imac, Mac pro, iPad, iPhone all for work. Personally, I don't really see much of a diff, however, when I do switch to a 108mp cam and enable the details setting or whatever you want to call it, pictures are truly unbelievable.

  29. Exact same phones in my house, exact same conclusions. She says my s22u is just "more fun to play with the cameras" because of the zoom and macro, and also says her iPhone makes photos too flat and lifeless, and too "HDR-ish??" (That ultra flat iPhone look). We also share de opinion that Samsung photos look a lot "cleaner", like, iPhone always looks like it has this slight haze on it I can't really explain. Maybe its how Samsung increases contrast or something, and I don't care about these guys that defend iPhones look "more professional" like what the hell I want photos that loom GOOD not photos that look professional

  30. Yea this is insanely infuriating. I bought the Samsung Q95T 75" almost 2 years ago, which is a VERY high end Samsung QLED TV, around 3000€, and it's stuck on the old Tizen OS, extremely lagged and missing features from the new ones. Website says there's a newer version for my TV but it's only for the US market (and even this "newer" version is already very outdated), my EU TV cannot install that update. Gotta love Samsung TV Tizen OS (not). On TVs Samsung really behaves like it did in the TouchWiz era of their phones, where the phone you bought would get a single update in its whole lifetime IF YOU WERE LUCKY.

  31. Some time ago I actually searched for it, there's no real way to force it it seems. It either accepts the update or it doesn't. You can download the firmware update and put it on a pen drive and tell the TV via its settings to try to update via USB, and it will work if it's compatible with the update. I tried with that US version that's supposedly newer that what I have but the TV refused saying it was invalid/not newer. I don't think there's a way to force it and to be honest I also don't want to force it, this TV is extremely expensive and still looks insanely good for me to just brick or corrupt it's firmware by forcing something incompatible into it. When it gets very old I'll just plug an android TV box into it and call it a day.

  32. Yes it does but it's not great. I turned it on when I first got the watch and my wife's phone went crazy with notifications. It's super sensitive and would send an alert unless I moved my arm very gently. I don't know if subsequent updates have remedied these sensitivity issues but I wouldn't suggest using it as the only emergency device.

  33. That seems like an hardware defect, maybe that sensor is for some reason too sensitive. I have it on since I got my watch 4 almost a year ago when it came out, and it never gave me a false positive. I actually once fell from my bike with it (nothing special, very small fall) and it actually detected it and started waning me about it, I had to cancel its SOS activation, so I can confirm it works well enough, at least at that time it did.

  34. I could never justify buying such an expensive backpack. More power to you if you do, I'll just stick with the basic ones I got thank you very much.

  35. My ~80€ HP (the tech brand) tech backpack is awesome, has everything I want, very well engineered pockets and dividers, perfect tech bag for me, and it's almost 10 years old with a lot of use and abuse. It's so abused and thrown everywhere and always so full and heavy I have no idea how it's still in such a great shape. It supposedly (and visibly) has reinforced everything (thick sewing) and I was never able rip off any strap or damage any pocket. It's also water resistant. I have no idea why would anyone need such an expensive backpack and how the fck can Linus and some people completely destroy already good and reinforced cheaper backpacks similar to mine lol. Or are backpacks in the US that low in quality? (Im in EU)

  36. Have you ever, like EVER seen how they handle bags in and out of airplanes? They literally throw that shit around like if it was nothing. Sometimes the bag gets thrown 1-2 metes away into hard floor. I would give up on the pc case (sell it?) and keep only the parts, completely disassemble them, wrap every single component inside many layers of bubble wrap and put them all inside an hardshell bag.

  37. This bug was literally the thing that absolutely everyone and their dog found on the first 5 minutes after trying out Plasma for the first time, and everyone would ask "why doesn't the Meta/Windows key do anything at all anymore?". I am so fking happy that this is finally fixed, thank you devs

  38. Além de já não terem aqueles preços super competitivos como tinham antigamente (agora chegam a ser tão caros como a fnac), cada vez se acham mais "grandiosos" enquanto empresa. O problema é que eles ainda são pequenos para se andar a meter em aventuras destas... se a palavra errada se espalha um bocado, lá se vai a pcdiga.

  39. Situação parecida da última vez que lá fui, a venderem ao Sr. ao meu lado um CPU inferior e mais caro, e insistir que precisava de uma case nova pois aquela "tem um vidro lateral de má qualidade que não permite um bom flow de ar, esta (>100€) tem um vidro de melhor qualidade que permite a passagem de ar"

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