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  1. The landlords didn't get paid for two years.

  2. Reddit thinks that all landlords are billionaires with money to lose.

  3. Nice projection there, but it is the exact opposite. The fact that NPR twists and spins every goddamn story about race, it is legitimately shocking to see one from them that doesn't specifically try to race-bait it's audience.

  4. “the policy issued to D.R. Roofing contains an exclusion for property damage arising out of an open roof condition.”

  5. This is how mass shootings happen. Like for real, imagine someone slightly less stable and with a lot easier access to gun goes to their home, sees this and then the company won't repair the damages. This could easily push them over the edge.

  6. It's a perfect Falling Down scenario.

  7. "They were just sightseeing!1!!!!!!!!"

  8. I would use two pieces of rectangular molding to create an "L" shape that sites over the vinyl corner. One of the pieces of the "L" would sit flat against the door frame. Then the other piece would sit on that and cover the sides of the vinyl.

  9. I feel like there should be other subs that this should be posted in what with it affecting soooo many people.

  10. I have a poverty spec 22 Rogue and the front part of the dash and the top part of the doors are chocolate brown. The door panel has this gray fabric that looks like a fancy suit. It's so much better than just all black.

  11. https://cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/pmn/4Q2AUKTTIJFDJKQP3VGLW5E6OQ.jpg

  12. The picture you linked is one of the higher trims I'm pretty sure. That looks awesome actually, the pattern in the seats is really cool.

  13. That $10 change makes the interior looks more expensive by many hundreds of dollars. Infuriating that such a simple and cheap change isn't being done. I don't need (nor want) leather this and leather that, I just don't want more goddamn black seats and black plastic.

  14. Assuming this isn't another one of the countless fake stories on here, you know you CAN argue with your boss and fight for your side, right?? This isn't the army or some cult where the directives from the top can go unquestioned by the people below.

  15. I'd be willing to bet that the blue part is fiberglass. Buy a fiberglass repair kit. You might even be able to use the piece that broke off and just bond it back into the rest of the lid. The fiberglass will give it a lot of strength.

  16. The Senate just passed a major gun bill last night. Nothing died down, we didn’t move on.

  17. Riiight. I'd love to believe that the anger over these mass shootings and gun laws hasn't died down, but I don't believe it for a second.

  18. You’re making up a narrative. THIS post trending right now, people are on here engaging. We are TALKING about it. We are still mad about sandy hook. What a handful of turds do on the Supreme Court doesn’t mean people have moved in and don’t care. I’m happy Congress is doing something. The news cycle ebbs and flows all the time. It doesn’t mean we have moved on.

  19. You're deluded. No one is talking about this anymore. Even the story about Uvalde has shifted from the mass shooting itself and how guns are the problem, to the corrupt and incompetent police department. As always, Americans give a tragedy 3 or maybe 4 weeks tops and then move onto something else.

  20. I know someone is joking but yall know that is a painted cast iron chair right? It’s stupid heavy. You can tell it’s not the plastic chair because of the ornate siding climbing to the arm rests

  21. It is weird to see one of those just sitting there in the middle of the grass. It wasn't secured down to a cement base which means it was still loose. Heavy, just loose. So if an entire building goes flying by at the 0:07 mark, it is still unexpected that a chair - even a heavy cast iron one - wasn't moving around a little.

  22. When you don't have time to do it right, you'll find time to do it twice.

  23. I'm surprised the information wasn't hand-written on some rice-paper scroll.

  24. Thumbnail throws the scale of the photo way off.

  25. Is there a parkour event in the Special Olympics?

  26. Thank god. The current Pilot looked dated immediately after release with its dreadfully minivan styling

  27. Well you're in luck! It looks like this new one will also look dated immediately after release just like the old one!

  28. Ozone generator. But read the instructions and watch some videos before you use it!

  29. One percentage point is considered "major jeopardy"?!?

  30. Absolutely call a local window company. 90 minute presentation sounds like Renewal by Anderson. Stay far away from them for sure!

  31. You got a hell of a deal. I hope you have shared the name of that company with friends and family.

  32. For all the praise Toyota gets for being reliable, they sure have the wildest recalls. Taco frames from 2 back to back generations they forgot to rust-proof, and now they forgot to make sure these wheel hubs, possibly the most important part of the car besides the engine, are secure?

  33. Toyota's quality these days doesn't match what it was years back.

  34. Take some degreased and wipe down that entire engine cover. Make sure the cap seems nice and secure and doesn't have excess oil all over it. Also check the dipstixk to make sure the oil level is where it is supposed to be.

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