1. I dunno the burger shouldnt be smaller than the bun. Smash your burger flatter for these recipes... it looks more like a half pound type grill burger

  2. I'd say you cant really replace the parsley. Wheres the tahini tho

  3. Definitely add mint next time! I always use it, and out of the three herbs, I think it’s the one I wouldn’t replace.

  4. House of the devil is newer but has a really good Hitchcock type vibe and 80s aesthetic. A really slow burn, really tightening the screw type flick

  5. Your hands hurt from chopping peppers?? Do u have open wounds?

  6. I guarantee that doesnt taste great. But you're a keto weirdo so please proceed and enjoy your kidney failure, nutrient deficiencies, digestive issues, increased chance of chronic diseases and stuff. But u lost a few pop ds right?

  7. What a terribly childish response to a reasonable comment.

  8. The winning chess books are good. Play winning chess, winning chess tactics, winning chess strategies all good for beginners

  9. The internet is the best for establishing how dumb people are.

  10. So unfortunate that it tastes better. I have no faith in humanity due to the idiocy of redditors

  11. You know they sell frozen corn year round right?

  12. Centos are good bianco diNapoli are my favorite.

  13. This sub is turning into advice as bad as castiron reddit

  14. I tell people how to actually cook sausage on a pizza and get downvoted. Tear chunks of raw sausage, roll it in flour. It will be good, not like this guys carbonized mess. But morons be morons

  15. Downvotes are hilarious. Reddit is for f ucking morons to circle jerk with idiocy

  16. Gotcha, It’s just not all that uncommon for the cheaper fast food places

  17. I mean yah that's pretty much what they look like everywhere.

  18. U have the lloyd pan but you didnt make the detroit recipe?

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