1. YUP. it felt like a highschool drama club tried writing a pompous villain group. Ben was so cringe it wasn't even coming off as "badass"

  2. I hate what the world has become and why the fuck we have to follow these fake ass rules WE DONT HAVE TO DO THIS THERE DOESNT HAVE TO BE ANYTHING PROFESSIONAL GOD I HATE IT HERE

  3. I had food poisoning for about a week. Couldn't smoke bc i would vom if i coughed at all.

  4. Barnyard. That movie made me SO angry. Stupid conservative idiots. At the end of the movie the boneheaded protagonist fails because he works alone and won’t accept help, and instead everyone comes and helps and saves the protagonist’s butt. And what does he do next? He freaking pulls himself up by his bootstraps and says “this is something I have to do alone” and goes off to fight the villain alone. GAH!!! Because the freaking conservative idiots who made the movie… that is how they view life. They can’t imagine a life where people work together to solve problems. It just made and makes me angry that they made that.

  5. like the animated movie with kevin james as a cow? that's a conservative prop film??

  6. I wish we got anything other than training from Klaus...they keep teasing that he's important and powerful only to never been shown it.

  7. my cat comes running when I start my torch for a dab! he loves to watch me do it. I blow the cloud up into the light and he stares at it. Our nightly routine 😆

  8. Went to the new dr. Strange high and my friend started vaping in the theater. Told him to not do that since there’s cameras and he said no one will see. We were back row, middle seats and the vapor went into the lens a few times making the movie look foggy 😐

  9. bruh I was next to a few guys where looked as high as my buddy and I are and they were blowing clouds in the theater...right below the projector... 🧐

  10. Just tell him how you feel. Don’t hold that shit in cuz that’s what’s driving you mad. See how he responds. And if it he doesn’t respond the way you hope for of just beats around the bush, fuck him. You played all your cards. And hopefully it’ll be easier to move on.

  11. Thanks for even reading it man I appreciate it. Idk if I'll ever be ready/okay enough to tell him the truth but we did have a heart-to-heart last night about how we'll always be friends and all that shit. I feel a bit better but like you said it'll drive me crazy lol one day tho i hope.

  12. I'm in the same boat, down to the 3 years. I'm so sorry you're going through this. It is a pain no one can describe. N when I try to talk about it no one seems to care. If you need someone to talk to, I'm all ears.

  13. I completely understand. I've been hopping from job to job trying to find a shred of happiness at one of them. There's nothing I'm passionate about nor am I handy or very smart at 1 particular subject. I've done food service, retail, and delivery, and now I'm in an office job, which is by far the most depressing job I've ever had. I'm desperately trying to leave this place but there isn't anything that seems promising.

  14. endlessly swiping on tinder. just got my hear broken but I'm not trying to settle. it's been rough!! when I was 19 I had nooooo problem finding people but now it's definitely different

  15. idk much but don't feed it bugs from the outside bc Matt Watson killed his by doing that

  16. I'm sitting here drunk and high as well but I'm the third wheel to my best friend and his new girlfriend. they're Steve and Nancy S1 n I'm barb rn lol it sucks but I can't leave

  17. I was honestly kind of depressed after watching their 10th anniversary video and seeing no mention of Jon or the first year of Game Grumps. I was even more depressed when I saw the reactions to people who mentioned it on

  18. Ross def carried any mention of the old times. he's a sign of them. but r / game grumps / rant grumps are honestly some of the most vial subreddits on this website imo. the fan base is what turned me away from watching the grumps tbh

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