A Ukrainian drone dropping a munition on two Russian soldiers doing illicit activities. 03.10.2022. (Reupload)

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  1. There's an active gunfight in the background

  2. Is this the start of their civil war?

  3. Vuhledar is a town mostly made up of Soviet era apartment blocks, which is why its such an amazing town to defend because those towers offer excelent views on the surrounding fields. Now I don't see any indication of those towers in this video nor have I heard reports of Russian infantry actually making it to the town itself. Can anyone ID the location?

  4. It's an old video of the failed assault on the suburb next to Vuhledar. 47.77897670318941, 37.26161395468102

  5. Lmfao at all the butthurt people losing it at even the mention of Russian progress.

  6. Progress? This is an old video of a failed russian assault on the suburb next to Vuhledar. The russians were beaten quickly and the area looks like

  7. I wonder how much of the current Russian advances north and south of Bakhmut is thanks to these SF attacks. And I also wonder how effective they are compared to Ukrainian SF teams. They too must be getting some good night fighting gear thanks to all the NATO donations, right?

  8. None of it. All gains around Bakhmut are by Wagner mercenaries and they aren't the best equipped, and they have taken the heaviest losses by any unit in a very short period of time.

  9. This area is littered with russian corpses for those doubting whether it's actually a soldier or not:

  10. This is a small excerpt from this video which shows 20 minutes of this fight:

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