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  1. I wouldn’t read too much into anyone not coming necessarily, never know you may not have had a passport before it was planned, other obligations, etc.

  2. Every time I think it’s dying down some new shit pops out hahaha

  3. And on buzzbees end, these leaks are totally by design. He wants to stir it back up. I would bet he has stuff already lined up to drop on the first day of camp, the first preseason game, the first game of the year, our primetime games with both Pittsburgh and Cincy, and probably more.

  4. I know it’s probably coincidence but all week when I come to

  5. More like when you take pre workout haha

  6. You see the feature on his closet the other day. About the same size as my apartment. Super dope

  7. Looked like a Finish Line or something

  8. LMAO way to go Brownies. Made one more full circle towards the bottom of the shitter now

  9. That’s what’s killing me the most lol I was like wait we play them week 3 not week 2

  10. Tbh watch them luck into a solid QB scenario and just instantly remain relevant

  11. Across the NFL fandom and outside NFL fandom, Watson is not very popular and the NFL knows this. Many believe Watson should never play a down in the NFL again. They would rather shine a light on the favs and narrative heels of the NFL then someone accused of sexually assaulting 22 women.

  12. Sure. That’s the dominant storyline. Lots of us are also pumped and ready to see him ball out in orange and brown. We are summarily dismissed and must tip toe around it online. That was my point, not saying anyone is right or wrong for their opinion.

  13. Glad you “enjoy it”. There’s 22 women out there that had to suffer sexual misconduct for your entertainment. Sick fuck.

  14. On your cloud of judgement, handing out life lessons to us sinners.

  15. No charges, no indictments, and a scummy lawyer who’s in bed with Texans ownership. The pieces don’t fit. Literally the only “evidence” is a bunch of women who want money, but not jail time for Watson.


  17. Feels like a shift in league dynamics with ‘tanking but not tanking’ as well as timing of when he was available.

  18. It would be super Awesome to throw Suh or Akeem Hicks next to #95, Clowney & our rookies. That's some rough nights sleep for opposing quarterbacks.

  19. Love this guy. We're blessed to finally have someone great. Bernie is my all time favorite announcer/ commentator.

  20. He just keeps posting content too. Didn’t realize how much of a vacuum was there until I started listening to his stuff.

  21. I dunno man I think your Brodar needs calibrated.

  22. I thought so and even googled it after I typed that up haha

  23. Ok what Idiots downvoted this. It's so tounge in cheek that it risk severe facial damage.

  24. Hahaha can’t believe it’s being downvoted

  25. Whole comment section is magnificent

  26. Haha we found the disgruntled coworker

  27. Judging by how this room looks a little cramped, I'm not so sure Perion Winfrey would even fit in this man cave... though the eerie red lighting does seem like a dead giveaway..

  28. Playoff hockey for my local AHL team starts tonight! First time since the Browns-Chiefs playoff game that a team I root for is playing in the postseason.

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