1. The short stay car park is not £30. Check the website, it’s £4.00 for 20 minutes or £8.00 for 1 hour. I use it to pick up my parents as they are older and wouldn’t appreciate a long walk with luggage.

  2. Sorry mate, but most people only watch the World Cup and very few here will watch la liga or ligue 1. You definitely have a point, but you’ll be downvoted to oblivion.

  3. Your such a retard benz is a one season wonder Messi has done everything Benz has done times 2 saying that messi still deserves a downgrade but 88 when Ronaldo is 90 is criminal

  4. Benz is a one season wonder?! Good job providing proof you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  5. “Let’s use our advanced tactics and all get in 1 corner each”

  6. True, it’s a problem worldwide wherever there are incentives to lie and lack of reliable birth records.

  7. how did they figure out his actual age??

  8. Examining your teeth is the most accurate way, as a 22 year old’s will look different to an 18 year old, but there’s no way to know definitively

  9. It is kinda sad but you aren’t at that level of playing $25K tournaments forever (usually). No matter what you do for a living, everyone has to start somewhere and that start often comes with struggling in the beginning, unfortunately. That’s their equivalent to regular people being broke college students then leaving with debt and a low paying job or people starting in the mailroom and working their way up. As tennis players skill level and experience increase they move up to bigger, better paying tournaments. And the bigger tournaments subsidize their daily expenses. Sponsors often pay for a lot as well.

  10. That’s not the reality. You’re probably only comfortably living if you’re near the top 100, and very few get there.

  11. The top 104 players get automatic entry into the main draw of grand slams. Players ranked 105-232 get to participate in qualifying rounds. You get 17k for losing in the first round of qualifying. $25K second round and $37K for losing in third round of qualifying. If a player loses in the first round of the slam they get $72-75k depending on the slam, that’s around 300k a year just from the grand slams and there’s a lot of other tournaments between slams.

  12. “A player not in the top 232 is not good”. Wow ok. Most players won’t get there, and if you do, money spent in qualifying usually goes toward paying your team (coach, physio etc) so you can stay at that ranking or try to move up. Like I said, you’re probably only making a comfortable surplus near top 100 where you don’t need to play qualifying.

  13. Similar I worked with a guy from Poland who was used to -30 or so he said and he said he’d never experienced cold like Aberdeen because of the wind.

  14. Racket lag shouldn't be thought at all. Its a natural occurrence if you excalerate well while keeping your arm relaxed.

  15. Hmm, doesn’t seem that natural watching typical players at club level. I agree it can’t be forced, but it can be encouraged

  16. Yes, it is cheaper. The catch is Aberdeen is not Edinburgh or Glasgow. I would recommend visiting.

  17. I don't mean to sound harsh here but is this an example of you working on your footwork? There is zero movement happening here. You already have decent strokes but your opponents are not going to be hitting down the middle to you in a match.

  18. Likely, but I can't see how they faked it.

  19. The guys leg goes off camera for a few frames could be easily edited

  20. Very fake, there would be blood instantly pouring out if it were real. Plus whenever I’ve seen a leg snap the skin is flexible enough not to break

  21. That's not an inlet, that's a drain off valve.

  22. First determine which one is hot. Dishwashers use the hot water supply. Ten confirm the valve is functional: turn it on and off with a bucket to catch the water. If all is functioning, and the size of the valves matches your dishwasher supply, then yes just hook up the dishwasher line and open the valve.

  23. Im not an expert but I think you have to have an income and surplus to get any benefit. Essentially cars bought through a company are tax deductible, but if your business isn’t making anything, there’s no tax being paid to deduct from.

  24. Hi, sorry I wanted to keep the OP as simple as possible because I struggle to keep my thoughts coherent.

  25. If you could buy a house on minimum wage in a nice area, everyone would be living there. Sorry that’s the reality.

  26. What I hate the most is when people say Kyrgios has "personality" when in reality he's just an asshole.

  27. True but you have to admit sometimes it makes the matches more interesting when there’s a villain

  28. Watching porn and masturbating to someone you know, or someone your girlfriend knows, is very very different.

  29. Rubislaw is not accepting patients. Albyn had closed list as well, they were due to review it this month, but I suspect it hasn't happened yet. I know Woodside is still accepting patients, but can't comment on their reliability (I'd register anyway with whoever is available, majority in the city have closed or plans to close the list)

  30. Agree, register with whoever. GP services are all equally terrible in Aberdeen

  31. Maybe he has watched too many lesbian porns. Sounds like some fetish getting transferred on his daughter? Red flag 🚩 to me.

  32. Worst case: He has a lesbian fetish which also applies to his daughter and children.

  33. Doesn’t make sense why a message she sent (not received) would appear on the homepage. Sounds like you did snoop. That aside, sounds like your relationship is dead and should stay that way. You sound very intense in a relationship and insecure. Take some time alone to know and love yourself more. Keep going to therapy, if you can. Good luck friend.

  34. Never had anything like this happen before, like she’s gone out of town plenty of times, idk what it was with this one, it felt off from the beginning. And brahhhhh I’m chill as a cucumber hahahaha but forreal never been like this with anyone else or her

  35. Your girlfriend is at a music festival with her friends and you need constant responses… you should give her some space dude. Constant gift giving and favours without reciprocation is also suffocating. Maybe you are completely chilled but your actions speak otherwise.

  36. London is basically a parasite, sucking the life blood from the rest of the country.

  37. Based on this research alone? How did you jump to that conclusion. I’d argue that London is a fantastic multicultural city that is a good example of what Glasgow could be with Scottish independence

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