Stabilised footage of the Bigfoot film from 1967.

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  1. Why are you hurt? It's only virtual golf. ಠ_ಠ

  2. Yeah, I'll believe it once they show actual gameplay. When developers hide behind cinematic trailers it makes me doubt the game altogether.

  3. People who pre-order have played a big part in the decline of software quality in the last 20 years.

  4. This is really all you need to know about what kind of piece of shit Poilievre is.

  5. Which is 100% wrong. There were good suits for decades.

  6. Omg, this was part of their viral marketing but it got away from them and they decided to let the world decided.

  7. I pre ordered the system with a handful of games at Walmart. I remember an emulator being released maybe just over a month before the hardware had reached North America. You could play roms of a console that had yet to be released although I remember the emulation lacking sound. Still it ran at basically full speed. I remember wanting to try games but avoiding the ones I had pre ordered as I still wanted that console launch surprise of digging into new games.

  8. What’s wrong with a standard usb-c cable? I know this is a joke but I just use a Switch usb-c cable from the back of the Ps5 and a short on in the front.

  9. Can’t even try it. It’s not available in Canada.

  10. Same, I couldn't pick her out of a lineup to save my life.

  11. Even if the tech develops that quickly, whales have what, maybe hundreds or thousands of things they would ever need to communicate? Comparing that to our basically unlimited amount, translated to English they would at most sound like a small toddler or a severely mentally disabled person. There is simply no reason to think they'd be anywhere near as articulate as the show portrays.

  12. Of course, it's just a show using a sci-fi premise. Funny thing is I just came across this

  13. To be fair every flat earther I know about is a die hard conservative.

  14. I might be in the minority but it wasn't that great. All of the environments pretty much look the same, the game play wasn't much different and in fact we got sort of bored by the time we reached level 15. I don't get the hype at all. We've played a lot of Diablo3 and enjoyed that as there seemed to be much more visual variety and more enemies on screen.

  15. Yeah as soon as they compared the best VR game that exists to a driving sim and an on rails RE game with super limited interactivity their opinion ceased to matter. Next they're going to say Switchback is the best game they've ever played, LOL.

  16. It is though, what exploration are you doing? You can't even interact with anything lmao. You're forced to go to certain areas to progress the storyline. Are you suggesting it's an open world game?

  17. Tell me how you never made it out of the castle without telling me you never made it out of the castle.

  18. We (the planet and all life on it) are the most fascinating and interesting thing in the known universe.

  19. It's a cool idea but so far everything shown could be done more quickly with a simple dialog tree.

  20. American politics would be so much better if Fox News was wiped from the face of the Earth.

  21. I would totally go for a 32-bit super scaler like F-Zero game on the Switch in the same vein as the Konami Rebirth series we saw on the Wii.

  22. How absolutely embarrassing that no one involved in this project had enough brain cells to see this in any of the sample designs.

  23. It’s cool that there’s a movie player coming but sucks that the only option is subscription based.

  24. Lol, thanks for the info…subscription based and NFT are cancer.

  25. This is essentially keeping people hostage for labor? So if you have slaves you get a fine? Fuck that!

  26. Not "essentially". Literally holding them hostage for labour. This is at best human trafficking, depending on the conditions around holding the passports endentured servitude. At worst, depending on key pieces of context, I think you could argue literal slavery.

  27. You are absolutely right and we need a list. There is no rhyme or reason this should be confidential information. I don't care if it damages an entire industry. Workers need to know which companies to avoid.

  28. Imaginary thing is imaginary, more at 11.

  29. OP, the people complaining about this don't matter and likely aren't customers.

  30. American cops don't seem to have the most basic training or any understanding of their own laws. They just act like ignorant bullies and wonder why people hate them.

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