1. That's a psychological addiction, not a physical one. Don't eat sugar - it's simple...I'd also guess there some daddy issues tied into this

  2. Imagine telling an alcoholic “just don’t drink alcohol” when you know that 99% of drinks are made with alcohol, because the government has subsidized its production to the point where it’s been added to everything.

  3. 1)Alcohol addiction is a completely different thing

  4. You can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

  5. I mean, people routinely spend longer than 3 hours outside so idk about that one in particular chief.

  6. The 'rule of 3's' is a survival thing and the rules apply to severe weather situations...but it's a good general reminder

  7. And rather than call 911 or dpw, guy took out his phone to record video

  8. To report what’s going to be in the thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in damage and loss to the town/city.

  9. That's not what 911 is for - if he was running over people - call don't call 911 for a couple of mail boxes, give your head a shake Karen

  10. Maybe the people around me shouldn't be so god damn stupid

  11. I don't think you understand how snow works

  12. I mean, dude, there's faster modes of transport than walking.

  13. It was a joke my dude. I think what you meant was, you'd walk if you had to. Otherwise, it makes it sound somewhat like you'd purposely take your sweet time getting there, instead of enduring hardships.


  15. This is asshole design - a system unnecessarily implemented in such a way as to gain profit at the expense of the user. In this case by forcing you to enter your e-mail, that they would nEVeR use to send you campaign adverts and whatnot.

  16. Put in a fake email and no phone... it's not difficult..and they're not directly profiting from the design.


  18. They are seperate transactions, they have to refund them as seperate transactions so that their transactions balance. Not asshole design

  19. I thought it was going to be a video of my ex wife

  20. I don't think you understand how the sub works

  21. Do you have any evidence it’s a phone? For all you know he picked up a Handycam to record which would be completely legal.

  22. Actually it wouldn't - I'd distracted driving but seriously? It's a phone

  23. At least he's not using his phone while driving

  24. Like it or not, it was one of the definitive tv shows of the '90s

  25. Why are you assuming that "we" are anglophones? There's a lot of different people on Reddit

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