Kid shows up to black peoples house with whip

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[Schefter] After less than one year in Jacksonville, Urban Meyer is out as the Jaguars’ head coach, sources tell ESPN.

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  1. What is the scale after you finish a #3 and immediately toss in another slice of bread? Is a 1 then a 4 or 5?

  2. I literally can't find any players in matchmaking...

  3. Does it even work anymore? I get errors when attempting to start matchmaking.

  4. I normally hate every great player on other teams but not only is he fucking insanely talented, he's a totally decent guy with a great story.

  5. I know, intentionally trying to have the comment come off as ignorant because I really don't dislike the Bucks at all.

  6. My food always tastes better to me the next day. I get so used the smells and tasting it for seasoning that it's never as good after. I think when people say recipes "get better if you leave them overnight" it's really just their taste/smell receptors resetting.

  7. Many foods taste better when they're allowed to rest. Often the reheating process can caramelize the food a bit, add some unique flavor.

  8. For me, it's never been about difficulty, its been about fun. No matter what I make, even if it's good, it always feels like a chore and almost never worth the effort (yes I am aware of slow cookers, I'm just talking about the actual act of cooking)

  9. I've been the primary cook for my family for 15 years now. Family and friends say I'm a "great" cook. They all think I "love to cook"

  10. TV over fireplace always worst place for TV.

  11. All they have to do is take No Man's Sky in its current format, and add a proper single-player campaign, story and character/enemy/planets/gameplay that is purposefully-designed, layered on top of the procedural stuff.

  12. As someone who hasn't touched the game in a very long time... I dont see anything in this video thats different.

  13. Agreed. 10 quintillion planets and after you've seen 10 planets you've seen them all.

  14. Isn't this covered under the Hyundai 10yr, 100k power training?

  15. No, the second player is mostly a clone of the first, they don't progress individually.

  16. I went to view a house of some smokers who had passed away a few months earlier. The house was cleaned, scrubbed, repainted and no longer yellow.

  17. Idk man, those are IQ numbers and this sub seems to think thats starting PG material

  18. IQ is 29% from the field atm and 29% from 3. He's been terrible.

  19. JVG is parroting Thibs. He's not saying anything Thibs doesn't want said.

  20. Confectioners sugar is what you were going for, granulated isn't the way to go.

  21. Whelp. we weren't this year's dysfunctional laughingstock. Thanks a lot for taking the heat Jags bros.

  22. Actually now we're the disaster because they had an excuse, made a correction and the arrow is pointing up for them. We're just wallowing in this shit for years, Zach isn't the guy, Saleh is a failure. A huge mess.

  23. Jets would top this by losing to the Jags with a interim HC and Trevor Lawrence having a career game , just wait

  24. Jets will absolutely lose to the Jags, we're horrible

  25. We have a lot more problems than Zach but he's looked really bad this year. Here's to him figuring it out in year...3?

  26. I don’t understand how anyone could listen to that pansy Rosenberg who adds zero value to sports talk over the fellas. Carton will reclaim his throne.

  27. The difference with Rosenbug vs. Carton is that Rosenburg doesn't pretend to know sports.

  28. Carton is a better for for the morning show. His energy in the afternoon is too much and too grating.

  29. Station is in a rough spot. Anyone hear the sports minutes today? They sounded all screwed up and abruptly ended with no jingle.

  30. Talented and experienced leadership leaves and now they pay bottom barrel salary on weak talent. They don't want to pay for experienced people to run these shows.

  31. JJs podcast is a tough listen, in my opinion. He was much better on the FAH

  32. Reminder to Americans. US has been deflating gas prices for decades, the rest of the world has had these prices for years.

  33. Dogs love them and you can eat them when ripe. They have a waxy coating and are a little bitter.

  34. Need a true roof and insulated walls on that. AC will never be able to keep up.

  35. "The only rule is this is a gift, you are not expected to pay me back and we never speak of this money again."

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