1. The LR4 has a more modern design than the 3, and I think that alone can expand their customer base.

  2. The base where people are willing to pay $1k for a litter box?

  3. Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist. The extent of his "rehabilitation" is a media makeover designed to turn him into a nice guy.

  4. I ain’t saying he’s innocent, but he steadfastly proclaimed his innocence to the point he

  5. Has anyone found a solution to this?

  6. I use the website on the phone, turn it sideways and do mirroring from the control center.

  7. All this tells me is that it’s easy to get under his skin.

  8. Yeeep. That was a sad election to witness. And it wasn't even NOVA's fault like it usually is.

  9. The ruling essentially says “abortion is now something people vote on”. So vote I guess.

  10. No, that’s not what the ruling said. Rather it says that abortion is not an enumerated right under the constitution. In the past, Roe has bothered me every time I thought about how it came about. The only saving grace was that it established as a right what should be a right.

  11. I remember my buddy was driving and stopped at a 7-11 and grabbed a “to go” sandwich. He got back in the car and threw the package out the window. Who the fuck gets a 7-11 sandwich?

  12. Nimmo was awarded second because the umpire “deceived” him by calling him out when he really was safe

  13. But that’s not the defense’s fault. With replay you’re supposed to play “as if”.

  14. I was thinking the same thing about the Lerners. As far as billionaire sports owners go, they are pretty decent. Do they run the best team? Doubtful, but they seem to care about the team/players, and sure seem like normal human beings compared to almost all other sports owners. I'll take that any day of the week.

  15. The Lerner’s aren’t all that either. Remember during the playoffs how people in droves bailed from the stadium because Metro was closing early? All because the Lerners wouldn’t pony up a deposit (which in 100% certainty they would have gotten back) to keep the trains running. This is how they treat their customers. Cheap bastards.

  16. AIUI, Rob Manfred and MLB were behind that. If the Nationals set a precedent like that, then other cities might expect their MLB teams to pay for infrastructure on game days, and Manfred couldn't have that.

  17. I call bullshit on that. If an owner wants something like this to happen, it’s gonna happen. Who does Manfred work for?

  18. There were basically 4 errors on that play I have no idea how nobody in left was able to pick up that ball

  19. I see 3. No errors until the pitcher threw to third. Then E5 on the drop, E6 on missing the backup, E8 on backing up the backup.

  20. It’s beaucoup expensive for what you get. I have an old model, which is essentially the same device except it uses a light timer module to program on/off feeding times. The module broke a couple of times, and I replaced it with a relay connected to my smarthome system. It’s even better than whisker’s gadget.

  21. For this year....yeah. Our rebuild is on track if we play close to that this year. Don't forget what our payrolls are in comparison....

  22. Whereas we don’t even care about a 100 loss season. The Lerners are mostly concerned about settling the MASN dispute so they can get offers for the team and let the new owners decide if they want to spend half a billion on Soto. Fortunately MASN and the Os are down to their last appeal. And when they lose that, that’s it for MASN. Because of MASN’s incompetence and Angelos boneheaded negotiations with MLB they can’t afford to pay the fair market value for both teams. MASN will fold like a cheap suit and the Nats will get their TV rights back.

  23. I love bringing this up to people. If anyone thinks he played that amount of consecutive games without PED’s…I have a bridge to sell ya.

  24. His locker was in between Anderson’s and Palmerio’s. He probably got a 2nd hand juice from that alone.

  25. The idea of making it easier for utility guys or the idea of Guillorme specifically making the all star team?

  26. If he had his current stats over a larger number of PA, probably, but he hasn't quite been an everyday player.

  27. MLB.TV, NordVPN. MASN doesn’t get a cent of my money.

  28. Hell, this is my answer and I’m a gay man.

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