1. i did, i made over $360 but i’m only getting an even $200 and it’s says over $160 went to taxes, even looked at past pay stubs and at most $50 was taken out typically $35 most of the time, like no joke it looks like half my pay check was taken out and went towards taxes it’s insane.

  2. when you go to my info there’s a little “i” in a circle of you click it a list pops up and whatever you click it will take you step by step to that area, that’s how i was able to get to my pay stub and i will need to do the step by step thing again lol.

  3. and the employee lounge room, we have a large box filled with stickers for our lunches, one for each day of the week, then one for each month, it’s weird especially when most of us use a disposable bag as a lunch bag and we write on it with a marker.

  4. i want to know how many tattoo artists denied doing that before he found one that would.

  5. Not sure, but you can always ask your union rep for help.

  6. union! If they don't seek middle ground for you and such, then you go higher than union!

  7. I understand they are possible demeaning or gross questions to ask, but we're they meant to harm you? If you fully believe they were being mean then yes go report them.. but some people just have genuine curiosities and say stupid things with no thought and may have bad social skills.. I would personally talk to them first and if they don't seem to care about how you feel after I would report

  8. keep that curiosity to yourself it’s extremely inappropriate and gross especially at work to ask your coworker about genitals, we all go thru this at training and this could fall under sexual harassment.

  9. Tw: boundary stomping and a hint of golden child Brackets indicate a deleted bit.

  10. i am 20 and still play with legos and have stuffed animals on my bed OOPs point about his kid being into that stuff is stupid.

  11. he’s 13 going thru puberty is most likely uncomfortable in his own body and wants more privacy and distance like any other 13 year old, he’s not boring he’s trying to figure himself out and set boundaries and it’s kind of gross that a parent is so upset over their child not being said parents version of fun anymore.

  12. it could mean that and “one of my friends” depends on context and the social media you’re on

  13. having the same issue came here to see if anyone posted about it, it’s also been 16 hours and midnight for me so it should be live by now based off of what cheddarpants said but it’s still not working for me.

  14. Given its Kroger I imagine it's a flaming pile of manure in IT as they try to get it working. I figure the had some unpaid intern fire it up at midnight it failed and our fellow peons are walking into a disaster this morning. Don't worry management should be rolling in about an hour or to to begin ignoring the issue or passing the blame to someone else.

  15. yah i just tried it a bit ago and each time you click something there’s a pop up, and it won’t stop popping up, like you get the the home page when the site loads there’s the pop up, click personal info there’s the pop up again, go back to the main page the pop up is there once again, and at least for phones it does not load properly so you can’t X out of it or barely see the “next” button.

  16. you’re clearly not gay and/or don’t live in fear of what would happen if you live with your same sex partner.

  17. They also keep referring to 10+ years and his husband, so they're not exactly taking the time to read, either.

  18. they seem like a conservative troll masking as a queer person, like their bio is giving off that vibe.

  19. if OOP is the age he claims he is why is he stuck on something that happened 5 years ago and seemingly has no effect in his current life??

  20. Who has an enemy in the third grade??? What does “she’s an Emily” even mean? What was any of this petty nonsense?

  21. i thought emily was like the new word for slut/whore or like the girl who dates chad, honestly incel lingo is to confusing to keep up with.

  22. i have this over sized (for me) old jean jacket i got off of ebay with sweater like cuffs, and the cuffs are a bit worn, the person who sold it to me even said the cuffs are loose for him and it’s in his size.

  23. awe is the fragile toxic man upset that i’m making a point :(( so he makes up a fake problem :(( awe how sad.

  24. oh i’m fine i just find it absolutely hilarious that you’re so pissed over a women calling out men she’s dealt with and you don’t understand the differences between a generalization and talking about multiple people from one gender.

  25. willing to bet Italians are better drivers and don’t hit almost everything in their path unlike truck drivers especially American truck drivers.

  26. this feels like off brand grooming you’d get at the dollar store, like not actually grooming but looks like it.

  27. I'm not saying you did anything wrong, but it seems like there's some details missing from this story.

  28. yah no, regardless of what happened no teacher or any adult should tell a student or any minor that they’re a whore, way to fucking victim blame.

  29. there was a family thing like this and the pastor legit shoved me my mom and my brother to the ground, my mom didn’t want to go down due to her knees and having trouble getting up especially with a 6 year old and a 10 year old on top of her yet the pastor forced us down and it was obvious she forced us down even to people who were watching the praying thing.

  30. just want to point out that OOP said “my daughters” multiple times and “our daughters” like once, idky it just rubs me a weird way.

  31. This seems like either a horrible "boy who cried wolf" situation or one where OP knows an extraordinary amount of shitty/shady people...

  32. and if he knows a lot of shitty/shady people what does that say about him especially if they’re his friends?

  33. They need someone in at 9 or 10 am. They schedule who's available at that time. Not even going into the complexities that can be associated with seniority if your stores union. Schedules are written by seniority first then availability.

  34. but they don’t, the schedule makers even said that, the HR person said that, PIC even said that and my fuel station lead said they same thing, they have 5 people who can work at that time 2 more than again all of those people have said are needed.

  35. love it when women straight up say what they like from men and men go “nope you actually like this”, like we get it the only experience with a women you have had was when you came out of one.

  36. Any man who claims to be uncomfortable with a woman's cleavage is likely either gay, asexual, or lying. Source: am a straight dude.

  37. yah no, straight men can be uncomfortable with cleavage showing just how straight women can be uncomfortable with guys dick print showing, in both cases y’all need to deal with it cuz most of the time it can’t be helped, and in your case not be a creep bordering on homophobic with that gay and ace part.

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