1. Not personally used maximum impact, but from what I have read up on is it’s a no no, maximum lowers the heart rate and poppers increase (hope I’ve remembered that right)

  2. It does but it doesn’t have a chat room type thingy

  3. I knew one before but they took it down I love chatting with fellow skiiers

  4. Because I just assumed that there would be one called Smelebam…. If there isn’t then you should start it 👨🏻‍💻

  5. Have edited post hopefully can see the new link?

  6. I found a way that works for me on IOS, go into settings and turn “new chat requests” off, back out and then go back in and turn it on. If it works for you too be sure to pass on the information

  7. Stopped working again well it’s a slightly different issue than before but every time I try and dm a new person get error saying “the user has turned off direct messages”

  8. Mind giving me your account name? I can add u to one~

  9. 100% definitely, the lube is out ready iPad almost charged and the rest will be history 💦💦💦

  10. Woof woof and triple woof very sexy bro damn mmmmm

  11. Hell yeah bro pleasure that coked up penis mmmmm

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