1. SS: safe and effective. but for some strange reason mass deaths occur within a short time after taking covid “vaccines”. while correlation isn’t causation, the strength of this correlation and absence of any alternative and plausible explanation, this pattern cannot be ignored. covid “vaccines” have absolutely not been ruled out as the cause of these deaths, not to mention the injuries.

  2. TLDR so I just went and got a booster since they are safe and effective.

  3. What’s the fear of eating bugs? I eat bugs often, I used to supplement my diet with them. They are cheap, sustainable, and a good source of protein. How is it more of a threat than eating GMO vegetables and hormone pumped meat?

  4. If the same people selling gmo fruits & vegetables and hormone pumped meat tell you they now want to farm and sell insects, why would you assume they won’t pump the insects full of whatever crap they want? this isn’t about fear of eating insects, it’s about the nefarious reasons why the same cabal who sells gmo and hormone ridden meat wants to now push insects in the first place.

  5. With all the chemicals pumped into meat, which do you think can really be used to control the masses. I think theres a reason TPTB talked about eating bugs. They want a viseral knee jerk reaction to keep us eating what ever they pump into livestock. And we willingly do it

  6. 👍Interesting theory, something like reverse psychology. This is certainly food for thought (no pun intended).

  7. Waiting for last weeks paycheque before clocking on again. Soros doesn’t always pay his minions what he promised.

  8. What do you mean “if” they succeed with globalism? They have. We live in a globalist interlinked world. Think you mean a world uniform govt. because the globalization portion minus the governance portion, is already achieved.

  9. I get your point, but there’s still international borders, some sovereign nations (not many) and national identities etc.

  10. That whore left me for an Amazon delivery guy. 😖

  11. SS: Swedish telecom giant Ericsson owns the company that handles connections to emergency services calls. Ericsson has a history of criminal activity including dealing with terror groups. The US Justice Department also has intimate dealings with Ericsson.

  12. They are mindless NPCs but other than that I think the best way of understanding them is that they only grasp simple utilitarian ethics. In each case they believe the positions they support will result in less deaths

  13. True but it’s a cult like belief; ask them to explain how and why a given policy or strategy would work, or why it repeatedly fails to produce the expected outcomes, and it’s either tantrums or crickets. They’re taught to repeat things and not to understand them. Naturally it follows, there is no coherent argumentation.

  14. Thanks for that, this is a reasonable, non sinister explanation.


  16. Point taken and the fact you would be banned or cancelled for saying this in polite society was mainly my point. Ether way, the U. S. is being forced into a death spiral by our "betters" with each passing day. I don't know how old you are, but it wasn't that long ago a sign like this would be pure satire.

  17. Old enough to know what you’re talking about. Death spiral is, unfortunately, an accurate assessment.

  18. I am not saying I have the virtue of being anti-racist. I am saying you are a racist. You see a poster with a minority woman on it telling people like her how to keep safe and it bothers you. If you want people of color to die, then just join the KKK, if you haven't already.

  19. Oh I know what you’re saying, without even knowing anything about me. It speaks more about you than me, that you would make a claim from a position of total ignorance about who I am. Like I said, race card, virtue signalling. That all you got?

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