1. Try Benton airfit it’s mint green and hides my heat induces redness soooooo well!

  2. It’s so weird how different everyone’s skin is…. I had a small bottle of the Neogen micro essence that I use along with Haruharu wonder black rice unscented toner and it literally made my complexion clearer than it has ever been in my entire life so I went and bought a bottle of time revolution unfortunately did not have the same results at all I was really disappointed and I’ve used quite a bit of it so then I switched to “sinic prestige 8x fermented” .. it is a yellowish beige color liquid in a clear bottle with a gold cap…. and that has packed a punch for sure but I still think the “Neogen real ferment micro essence” is my favorite I just ordered another bottle from Stylevana and I was only using one layer of it…if I was able to layer a few layers I think I would’ve gotten better results but what I did get made me love it! I had like three of the deluxe sample bottles and I have a little bit left. I also just ordered “one thing galactomyces filtrate essence”which I’m going to switch out after one of my other bottles is empty. I don’t think I will ever try SK–11 because truthfully I don’t think I could ever justify spending that much on a product that I’m going to go through super fast especially if I have some thing that already works for me. If I try it and love it I may obsess about it. So if you don’t have the money to keep replacing some thing even if you find it on sale I suggest just trying an alternative.I like to use as many layers of watery Essences as I can so I would go through the bottle so fast. I know some people think that Stylevana is a scam website but it’s not I actually contacted a couple different companies to verify that Stylevana is their authorized dealer and they are the only thing is if you need some thing in a pinch don’t expect it to happen you need to be prepared to wait 2 to 4 weeks for your package to come in and you have to make sure that on the listing it says ships out within 24 hours not ships within 30 days because if it says ships in 30 days you’re gonna wait two months for it if there’s something you absolutely want and you don’t mind waiting the 30 days do the order separate from your other items because you’ll have to wait just as long for all of them. I’ve ordered about 12 times from them and I have never not gotten my package and I’ve noticed the more I order from them the quicker i have been receiving packages.

  3. I am a huge fan of allure beauty boxes even when people think the box is a terrible I always use every single thing in it even if I think it’s something I’m not gonna like I always end up loving it but November‘s box wasn’t great and this box I’m honestly completely shocked that it came from allure….this looks like something that Pinch me box would send me for free….or a free Walmart box…I don’t even know what to think….. I really hope they don’t continue like this because I skipped the last two months and this is the only subscription box that I decided to keep because the other ones are terrible now. this is extremely extremely underwhelming especially for December I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve said this about one of their boxes in a very long time but two months in a row was disappointing…..

  4. Also keep in mind that first aid beauty has collidal oatmeal. The toner is amazing and moisturizing!

  5. Are you positive it’s the moisturizer and not sunscreen? Every type of sunscreen does that to my skin but you can go to and put in the list of ingredients, and you can cross check the ingredients against each other and see what they all have in common to find out what is irritating your skin. I was having a really hard time with moisturizers drying my skin out which sounds insane but it’s true and I actually got the dear Klaire’s vitamin E mask MIXED with their midnight blue soothing cream or their freshly juiced vitamin C serum, which is a moisturizer not a mask…and the PCA rebalance moisturizer along with the doctor jart overnight mask and first aid beauty ultra moisturizing cream and I have had awesome luck with all three which never happens. The only other one that I don’t have an issue with is the biossance omega squalene moisturizer it looks very thick but it’s actually amazing for the daytime. The other thing you can do is get the Dr. jart ceramidin liquid which is actually supposed to be a toner but in my opinion it’s a moisturizer and serum in one…you can use just that with an oil on top. if you spray your face with some avene thermal water after you apply the Dr. Jart, the oil will not make your face greasy. The doctor jart ceramadin cream is also really great especially for nighttime when you’re really trying to soothe your skin and builds your barrier back up I tried to skin fix but it made me break out like crazy and there are a tremendous amount of ingredients in it so I returned it which was a shame because I really love the oil cream cleanser but I have super super reactive skin that turns red if I even get a little bit warm it’s so annoying and these are all the products that I had really good luck with. But definitely check that website and you can also go to “what’s in my jar” and it will list all the ingredients, what they do, and what their irritancy level is so you can try process of elimination that way.

  6. Timeless vitamin c is amazing but the 20% is very strong so I would start Lower with the .5 bottle and order directly from the company. It’s cheaper with coupons through them and there’s less chance of oxidizing and they will ship a new one if it does.

  7. Don’t skin moisturizer. The essance has Hyaloronic acid which has to pull moisture from somewhere to make that plumping effect… so if you skip moisturizer it’s going to pull water from your skin which, in turn will cause dehydration in the future. I have the same exact problem with their snail music 92 moisturizer. I’ve tried everything even just moisturizer and it’s fine until I need to reapply sunscreen. I have to keep washing my face and I just don’t have the time for that, nor do I feel like stripping my skin so I decided I’m only using in at night. It is such a shame because it makes my skin look flawless. I find that the gel consistency is the same as The ordinary 10% niacinimide and I have the same problem with that and the Hyaloronic acid. I decided to stop using Hyaloronic acid completely because of the new findings about it actually drying your skin… try Centella or cica ampoules. Their cica ampoule is amazing and it will give you the plumping effects. I also LOVE glow watermelon dew drops and have no problem with pilling and it makes my skin look amazing.

  8. I would take them both if I was closer to you guys.

  9. It’s amazing that you guys went to get them. Gives hope that there are still great people left in the world amid all the craziness.

  10. She may have been trying to sell something or maybe she’s an aesthetician or she has delt with it herself. As someone who has dealt with it severely for many years and made it a point to help other people, and became an aesthetician myself… I would do anything to help someone with acne because it’s one of the worst experiences of my life….so ….maybe she just thought her experience could help you. Maybe she could have worded it better?

  11. I didn’t even notice the 37f I seriously thought you were 18 or 19. You look sooooo young! Good for you

  12. Keep in mind that the moisturizing cream has petrolatum so maybe try the pm cream.

  13. I’ve had severe cystic acne since I was a teen. They tried every Med with no luck then accutain with success but I could only stay on it for 6 months so afterwards I started proactiv and have been in it since I was 17 and I’m now 35. I had to stop using it because I wanted to go on tret for aging benefits but always broke out as soon as I stopped so I added in CeraVe benzoyl peroxide after breaking out like a mf per instructions from my derm and let me tell you! My skin looks amazing! I’m an aesthetician so I have tried everything you can think of on my skin and I recently started using CeraVe moisturizing cream on real dry days but I always use it under my eyes and the pm cream day and night if I’m not to dry and I’m kicking myself for not using it years ago. For people with combination skin like me the pm cream is incredible! It’s like a water cream so it’s not greasy and I have NEVER broke out from either and EVERYTHING makes me break out. I’ve also noticed the syringomas under my eyes (not milia) have started to go away since using the CeraVe cream as eye cream. I also use the CeraVe sa cream on my back and shoulder for acne and knees elbows and feet to soften skin. I have the salicylic gel cleanser that i use once a week to get the SA benefits and it’s strong stuff! I have never used more than one product from a brand and I’m using 5 and I love them all. I’m planning on getting the cream and oil cleanser tomorrow….oil cleanser is new…. And I’m also getting the CeraVe tinted sunscreen. So needless to say if it wasn’t a good brand I wouldn’t keep buying it and I’ve been using all of them for about 6 months now. If I could only choose 2 it would be the pm cream and the benzoyl peroxide wash. It would kill me to let go of the moisturizer but I suppose I could go without if I had to but I don’t so I’ll keep using it. Try it and give it a fair chance and even if you use half the bottle and hate it… return it. You allowed to return after using half but make sure you save receipt.

  14. Don’t use salicylic acid at night. It can lessen the effects of trentinoin. Try CeraVe benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning and first aid beauty pure wash at night. I add in Burt’s bees oil cleanse also at nigh5 but ONLY before a shower because it can be hard to get off otherwise and can cause more break outs. My dermatologist recommended the CeraVe wash because I love proactiv but it’s too abrasive and within ONE day! My skin cleared up. I started it 2 days ago and my jawline is completely clear. My skin atayed clear with proactiv which I love…I’ve used it for 20 years but my skin is super sensitive because of the tret and there’s sandy material in the wash so I can’t use it but the CeraVe has almost the same ingredients but I find it moisturizing because of the ceramides. I also use CeraVe pm moisturizer day and night. It’s the only thing that isn’t greasy and I’ve tried hundreds of moisturizers. I’m an esthetician. Needless to say I’m obsessed with skin and I had severe cystic acne as a teen and NOTHING worked except accutain and I kept it up with proactiv. You name it I’ve tried it and I’m so mad at myself for not trying CeraVe years ago. I wasted so much money. The pm cream is like a gel cream it’s amazing. If you don’t like it you can always return it even used.

  15. Great results. A lot of those photos look like you had some irritation and if you get some skin calming product I think that would prevent flare ups.

  16. Everyone thinks I’m crying but it’s just the sun, or the wind….oh and the air conditioning and pretty much any other type of air that makes my eyes pour tears. No joke. Doesn’t bother my Tretinoin though….

  17. You should submit your work to a fashion agency or magazine. Believe it or not they could use this for many different things. My aunt submitted a drawing to the newspaper and got a pretty great job out of it and she only did it for fun. You could get a good job drawing designers work…

  18. I love dr. Dray. She’s the reason I stopped spending throusands of dollars on skincare that did nothing and started buying CeraVe and Cetaphil…wish I did it years ago because it works so much better for my skin. She’s a fantastic dermatologist and she’s trained in molecular Biology. I’m a huge science nerd. When I went to cosmetology school I went for 4 years and soared through because I love science…it consists of anatomy, biology, chemistry, physiology and like 10 other types of science…. Molecular biology is some serious SH*T and it’s rediculously hard and DR Dray has her phd so not only is she a board certified Dermatologist but she understands every single ingredient in your skincare and how it works. It’s like having a dr who is a md and a pharmacist… she knows what she’s doing and she enjoys it so that makes me even more confident in her recommendations. I hate when people talk about her “eating disorder” because no one knows what her situation is…if it is a eating disorder then shame on them for trashing her… I have a friend who is very underweight due to a gastoentestinal disease and dr dray could have the same issue. No one knows and it shouldn’t matter… if you look at her skin she looks fantastic so stick with the skincare advice instead of trashing someone who may be sick or even worse may have a disorder that with all of the awful comments could make her worse!

  19. I think it’s a great idea. The tops of your hands get a rediculous amount of sun damage from driving and just being outside never mind washing dishes and all the other damage caused by ever day life. So applying on your hand to take from so your not applying too much to your face makes a lot of sense because your not wasting the extra. If I could get a !XLARGE RX!covered by insurance I would use my lotion applicator and do my entire body!

  20. I have also noticed that when I get dysport done….Botox…. My face doesn’t sweat nearly as much. I get it for overactive muscle contractions in my face. I may see if I can try it for skin. If I have any luck I’ll post it.

  21. I gained 100lbs of water while pregnant and lost 115 lbs within 2 days of being on magnesium in the hospital after having him. The dr was shocked. I ended up with preeclampsia which the dr said was definitely brought on by the methadone. My legs were so big I couldn’t walk. I’m 5’1” normally 130 lbs and all muscle. I looked like a water balloon. I’m so lucky I didn’t get any stretch marks but my arms and legs were bigger than my stomach. It took months for my skin to tighten back up after all the water came out. It’s crazy that you mentioned the hormones because they’re saying they think the methadone also screwed up my thyroid but they can’t Medicate me because it goes up and down which is very unusual. I want to do a rapid detox. My friend did it and it worked but insurance doesn’t cover it. He paid $11,000….. I just don’t want to do this anymore. The side effects are too much but I don’t want to get off Without the implant or vivitrol shot. My son is too important to me to screw up and lose him.

  22. Thank you SO much! I’ve noticed after workout my butt off at the gym (I do shape competitions) that my weight gain is water retention. After I had my son I lost it all then two weeks later it was back

  23. Omg this is wonderful thank you!!! I only use mineral sunscreens and I’ll have to give this one a try once I’m out of my current bottle

  24. Me too! I know you will like it, I’ve been the Guinea pig for sunscreens and I keep going back to it. It’s fairly new. I need to find some sunscreen pigment drops for the really white sunscreens because some are awesome just way too white and I look like an idiot lmao!

  25. Neutrogena zinc dry touch sunscreen!! Although I’m always open to new sunscreen recs :)

  26. If you ever want to try a different one…. I used the same one you do for a while. I have about 10 different ones for different weather or situations but the best I have found so far even better than expensive brands is Cetaphil LIQUID mineral spf 50. It’s so sheer and silky and comes out so smooth and beautiful with no pilling. I’m obsessed! It goes on with a very light white/sheer cast which I like so I know where I’m covered and within a couple minutes it’s sheer but what I love is it blurs our pores and redness without any tint, silicone or dimethicone. When you said you were open to recommendations I knew I had to share lol and it’s only $14 and lasts forever. What I love is that unlike a lot of of sunscreens that look good with a small amount and greasy as hell when you use a lot…. This one doesn’t do that. You can put a whole handful and it’s not greasy or cakie…..I found that Sunday Riley light hearted is like satin with small amounts but a grease fest when you put on what your sappose to…. So you have to layer and layer and it takes FOREVER!

  27. I hate to say it but when I did it it lasted months. I had to go back up and I’m trying again but this time I’m getting comfort meds and getting right on vivitrol… make sure you have a plan because even if you get comfortable you could relapse then what was the point? Be careful.

  28. I’m going to go with my theory that the car got tired of waiting for the fire department to show up and made an attempt to drive to the station itself.

  29. I love a good scientific explanation. Now, if the darn ghost hadn't been blowing the horn the whole time, it woulda been a lot easier to hear the starter motor.

  30. Lmfao! If you weren’t sure someone wasn’t in it, it looks like someone was stuck inside trying to get someone to help. Really creepy.

  31. Looks fresh and more natural which is always better. That way your just accentuating your features instead of drawing attention to just one part of your face. I always feel less is better, I know alot if women like tons of makeup but it makes you feel bad when you take it off. I’m a cosmetologist and I learned early on to appreciate my skin and features and now I would rather wear little to no makeup and take care of my skin brows and lashes and put on some shimmery gloss and let me tell you I’m WAY more confident now! In highschool I wouldn’t leave my house without a full face of makeup and I was soooo self conscious without it. You have perfect lips! You should try sara happ lip slip I think it would look great on you…and everyone will be asking what you have on lol I love the brown liner, you look like you could be my sister lol I always use brown liner and mascara if I wear any because it accentuates brown and hazel eyes. I’m not sure if you can see it but your lashes look much fuller and longer without the dark liner.

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