1. I had an episiotomy that was still extremely painful at my 6 week appointment. I told the doctor that think I have an infection that’s preventing it from healing. She did a swab that came back negative, but ended up giving me a course of antibiotics before my results came back and let me tell you, I felt loads better a few days later. Even though I tested negative for an infection, the antibiotics really sped up my healing.

  2. THIS. I had a second degree tear that didn’t heal for 9 months! It was hell. Every time I would move, sit, etc it would reopen and was excruciating. They swabbed me for infection and it came back negative. I was given silver nitrate treatments as well every other week because it kept getting granulation tissue and they couldn’t figure out why. They finally recommended surgery. My OBGYN prescribed a course of antibiotics before surgery “just in case” and it healed on day 5 of my 7 day antibiotic treatment. So glad they didn’t do surgery because it wouldn’t have fixed the issue since it was an underlying infection causing the problem. Also, they figured out it was some Cottonelle wipes that were contaminated with bacteria (they were recalled) that caused the infection. So if you’re using any kind of wipes down there I’d stop because apparently there’s a particular type of bacteria that they can be contaminated with.

  3. In my experience (years of being a FFF subscriber), if you jump on when customization opens, you will have no problem getting the choices you want. Personally, I make sure plan in advance what my choice will be, what extra customizations I might want to add, etc. so that I'm not staring at the screen for 10 minutes trying to decide (ok, well, I still do a little of that when I second guess myself lol, but only a couple of minutes). And I've always been able to get the selections I want. I've been very fortunate to have a job where I'm able to just stop working to go do my customizations.

  4. Do you know if we can add more than one item per category? In Category 1, I’d like both pairs of Kate spade sunglasses, a cooler backpack and maybe the Coach watch band. Is it possible to select one item and then three extra items in the same category?

  5. Yes you can, so long as the item is not restricted (limited availability). In some more recent sales, they’ve allowed multiples to be added for certain items. So say you pick sunglasses as your box choice, then you could add 2 blue coolers. If an item is restricted, you won’t be able to add it as an extra customization choice, but the way around that is to make the restricted item your primary/box choice, and then add the other items. The only time you will run into a hiccup with that is if you want two or more restricted items in the same choice category.

  6. THANK YOU so much for this!! This was so helpful!

  7. Thank you all so much for your input! I decided to sign up as an annual subscriber to ensure I get the items I want. I appreciate your help!

  8. Would you mind sharing what brand of hazelnut milk you like? Thanks!

  9. I’ve heard mic reviews about these. Do you get a decent output with them? No leaking?

  10. Not OP, but just wanted to chime in because I have Elvies as well. I usually pump 2.5 oz on each side with my Spectra, but using Elvies for 40 minutes I can only get 1 oz on one side and 1/2 oz on the other. I use it as my emergency pump now (airplane, car, at an event, etc). If I could do it again, I’d try the new Willow GO. Some people can get Elvies to work well with the paper towel hack or using pump cushions.

  11. This! Just got a bottle of 7 Virtues Vanilla Woods for Christmas because I got a sample several months ago and couldn’t stop thinking about it!

  12. You can take Benadryl, but it could possibly impact your milk supply. I took Claritin for hives when breastfeeding so it wouldn’t affect my milk supply. But I believe Benadryl is more effective for allergic reactions, so if you’re worried your reaction might be more severe, I’d stick with Benadryl. Anaphylaxis is no joke so if your symptoms get worse, you might need to seek medical attention for epinephrine. Hope you feel better!

  13. I’m interested to see people’s responses because my daughter has been on Zyrtec daily since she was around 10 months old for severe eczema (she also has severe allergic reactions to egg and dairy, but those have been removed from her diet). When my 6 month old started to get severe eczema and tested positive for peanut allergy, the same allergist prescribed him Zyrtec daily but I’ve held off starting him on it because he was so young. I didn’t want my daughter on Zyrtec at 10 months old either (she’s 2.5 years old now & still taking it daily), but the doctor prescribed some other much stronger topical medications, which I refused to use on her, so Zyrtec seemed like the only acceptable compromise. I’ve tried to wean her off the Zyrtec without any luck. Whenever she misses even one dose, her skin goes crazy and she itches nonstop. I just wish I knew how to help her because her eczema is so bad and it bothers her so much. Makes me feel helpless.

  14. Geographic tongue. Can be associated with autoimmune conditions, although sometimes it’s completely random and harmless (anecdotal - my mum has this and has lupus. My niece has it and does not).

  15. That’s interesting! I didn’t know it could be related to some autoimmune conditions! I have geographic tongue and also Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism.

  16. Someone (I think it was sumaclover ) in the Selling Sunset sub said that the mod got deleted. They said: “you can post on the subreddit request to request to be a mod on it to reopen.” I’m not sure what that means or how to do it, but maybe it makes sense to you? I don’t understand how the whole mod process works. Thanks for creating this sub though! Was hoping to find a place to discuss Buying Beverly Hills! Loved the series!

  17. she means that since that sub is unmoderated, anyone can post on

  18. Thank you so much for the explanation! That makes a lot of sense now that I get it!

  19. Same! I loved it! I tried watching all the other similar shows to SS and just couldn’t get into them. So I was genuinely surprised that I actually liked Buying Beverly Hills more than SS. SS is hard to beat! But I liked that they actually focused more on the real estate in Buying Beverly Hills. Stunning homes! I found the show to be interesting and engaging. Still love Selling Sunset too.

  20. Mine shed so much I couldn’t use it. I was inhaling so much faux fur. I tried washing it to see if it would help, but it didn’t. So for me it wasn’t worth it. Reading these comments with people saying theirs doesn’t shed makes me wonder if mine is defective though.

  21. Just tested and this works! Go to facebook, search 'fnf2022', there are some kind folks sharing their code. The code works today as well. I'm in Canada. Good luck all!

  22. RECEIVED! Thank you, kind soul!! 😍 Requesting a code please ❤️❤️❤️. I keep trying and just missing them 😩. Thanks so much!! ☺️

  23. I asked my husband to DM you earlier this morning so hopefully he did. He has silver status but only from the Marriott credit card. I believe he only has around 400 points. We have two under two and we’re desperate for a vacation 😅. Sorry you had such a bad experience but thanks for trying to help others in the midst of it all!

  24. My 2 year old daughter got Moderna a week ago and has had zero side effects!

  25. If you want to keep the boots, I would give them a heads up about it after you do your rating and then you get your rating. It’s probably an accidents or possibly someone gave them to sell and they didn’t know, my family gives me all kinds of stuff for my Mercari shop, I inspect everything but something like that could be missed especially since they are new. I know I don’t inspect new things as close as used.

  26. Thank you so much! I think this is a great response and the perfect way to handle this. Thanks so much for your suggestion. This is exactly what I’m going to do!

  27. Thank you!!! I’m getting my son vaccinated with Moderna when he turns 6 months (he’s currently 2 months) and I’ve been trying to find posts to see how babies who are 6 months are handling the vaccine. I got my 2 year old daughter vaccinated with Moderna on Thursday and she didn’t have any side effects at all!

  28. My 8 month old did fantastic. Didn’t cry with the actual shot. No redness, no outward signs of discomfort, slept and ate normally, and has been generally happy and his normal self since. We got Moderna bc I was boosted with Pfizer during pregnancy and wanted him exposed to both.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! I got my Pfizer booster when I was 27 weeks pregnant as well! I’m so glad to hear your 8 month old tolerated the Moderna vaccine so well. I can’t wait to get my son vaccinated when he turns 6 months!

  30. My 2 year old got Moderna vaccine on Thursday! Zero side effects! 4 more months until I can get my 2 month old vaccinated when he turns 6 months!

  31. We got our two year old vaccinated yesterday morning and she had zero side effects! Didn’t even complain about arm soreness or anything!

  32. I pump in the middle of the night because I was told by the hospital I delivered at that it helps with milk supply. I can’t explain it the way they did (something to do with the hormone prolactin), but this website helps explain it:

  33. Yes! I’m thinking about reaching out to a therapist for help because I’m tired of being stuck in the house.

  34. I was diagnosed while being my Mom's caretaker for 4 years while she was dying (I was 20 at the time of her diagnosis). I remember my Mom had stage 4 cancer and she had more energy than I did, and that's when I knew something was wrong. Doctors kept dismissing me and saying I must be in depression because of my circumstances of caretaking for my Mom, but I insisted on tests and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. My antibodies were off the charts.

  35. I've given up on this! I tried for 2 years with my husband after my daughter was born, but it just never occurs to him, and I hate nagging him about taking pictures.

  36. THIS! I ask a photographer to do it 2x a year. The rest of the photos of me and my daughter are selfies. The other 50,000 photos on my phone are of my daughter and husband, ha.

  37. Yes! 37F and have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. I've had Hashimoto's since I was around 20. The non-alcoholic fatty liver was diagnosed with an ultrasound when they were checking my kidneys for kidney stone growth. I also have Gilbert's syndrome (high bilirubin). No one has told me how to treat the non-alcoholic fatty liver. In fact, every time I bring it up to a doctor, they shrug and don't seem concerned about it at all.

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